December 13, 2005

On Temporary Hiatus

I'm off to Reorientation programme in Sungkai Perak end of this week till Dec 26th..
Then I'll be in KL till early January '06 before moving into the new house in Sungai Petani...
Till then, I may not be online nor will I have anything to post in here...

Besides.. kekeringan idea la lately... nothing interesting happened
Unless you call taking care of the house with my younger brother and sister is interesting..
Of course, there were times when we were cooking or lipat baju and were were laughing non-stop...

Maybe I'll miss this sort of things in the future.
Till then... ja!

December 6, 2005

From East to North

It seems like world is moving fast. This time around, coming back home meaning a time to pack my stuff and haul everything to Gurun, Kedah. 6 years ago, the prospect to moving wasn't so bad at all (although it took me almost 6 months to adapt); maybe because I wanted to move...

This time around, it feels different: heavy, sad, reluctant.
Maybe because this small town is the place where I learnt about the world, a different new phase of life, bonding with friends who till now I believe hold 'We sink and swim together'.

Maybe because within the first three years in Kerteh, I've had so many memorable memories, and built up the characteristics and principles I have now.

Then I wondered, if it's so hard to leave this place: a place where I was here for only 6 years yet it's so precious;
it must have been harder during Hijrah period, where the people of Makkah moved to Madinah, leaving EVERYTHING behind...

Mom couldn't help it when she couldn't go to Hasni's walimah because my brother still had a paper after the wedding ceremony.
So from East, Ima, Farah and I went to KL and from then on we took a bus to Alor Setar with Shu. A few hours at Shu's place, then we head on to Kangar, with Yuhana tagging along.

Reciting the tentative in the invitation card: Perarakan menyusuri Sungai Perlis?
Anticipated... what would that look like?
When we got there, 'Oh... meriahnye!'

And that also marked the first time meeting face to face with someone whom I've only heard through the others and internet, Nawar. Syukran sister...
That night, I took the bus back to KL. Next day, after spending hours at PC Fair in KL Convention Centre, my dad and I drove back to Kerteh.

On Monday, my brother called me, "Along, kawan kau yang kahwin tu keluar surat khabar.." O.o

Mingguan Malaysia: Ahad, 4 Disember 2005

A/N: Couldn't help myself to upload this onto the net. Zura, as promised, here's the paper cutting. As for the rest of the wedding pictures, later when I got them off the people who have them...