December 9, 2007

4 cousins, An Aunt and An ABC Place

Friday night. After 9 p.m. Somewhere in KL.
3 cousins, an aunt (or the mom for two the two girls) and another cousin to join a bit later; sitting on a round plastic table by the road, eating ABC and having Girls Night Out- 'The Cousins-Aunty Style'

Drawn by the topic of marriages (one of our cousins just got married last week and another would be by next year, insyaAllah), we talked about the food served- and it made us all laughed like anything: satu bungkus nasi lemak, teh tarik and cucur pisang as favour! That would be most cost effective and easy, ain't it? Give plastic fork and spoon and paper/plastic cups, there'd be no issues of having to wash the dishes. Ok, one may want to serve some kuih around too.
There's no rules saying we have to have nasi minyak, right?

If just someone's brave enough to set the trend, maybe in future we'd have morning tea instead of lunch hour kenduri =P

*P/s- this entry's meant for jokes, unless you want to perceive it as serious topic.