April 23, 2007

Cancelled, huh?

And so the supposed family vacation to Langkawi had to be cancelled due to the fact that the hotel we tried to book was fully booked. There goes my plan to (finally have a chance) swim next to the fishes again... :( (And my mom's plan to pick up some wedding gifts for my friends too)

Oh well, at least this week my sister's here. So I can have someone to bicker with.

I decided then, my stuff from KL has to be 'shipped back' to SP so that I can finally start on my Perth-scrapbook project. After all, we're not going to Langkawi anymore *shrug*

On the other note, I had a really weird dream last night. And I sort of woke up in early morning and then went back to bed only to have it continued. Come to think about it, it was more of a mild nightmare. Maybe subconsciously my mind is thinking 'the Earth is dying!!' after watching National Geographic's Earth Day programmes yesterday.

Oh, not to forget, to Fhad, Alya and Mar, just to let you guys know that last Saturday's meeting was fun. I'm willing to do it again should there's no plan in my book!! :D Thanks a lot! :)

A/N- I itch to write... but I have no inspiration whatsoever... :(

April 9, 2007


I lost my voice (and my brother couldn't help himself from smirking everytime I tried to talk to him *Gah! It's frustrating!*)
And then I wondered, should I have been a rock singer, could this voice sell?? :p

So to all my friends who are doing GP rotation (or will be doing) or those who have learned pathology, all the best and enjoy your studies should you come across the process of inflammation that caused me to loose my voice. I just came back from the GP with some meds.

Some symptoms for you guys though- productive cough (clear sputum) with an onset of sore throat (felt like sands in my throat this time rather than itchiness two weeks ago) and some runny nose. No fever, no myalgia. Onset 4 days ago, and actually it's getting better now.
Well, of course, my voice is still gone....