May 8, 2007

Perlis and Tree Top Walk

We wanted to go to Langkawi at firts, but the hotel that we wanted was fully booked. So instead, we went to Perlis on the first day- shopping at the duty free shops in Padang Besar (bordering Thailand) and then went to a cave and two lakes.

On the second day, we went to Tree Top Walk.

Yes, not only Western Australia has a Tree Top Walk down in Valley of the Giants, Walpole; Malaysia has one too in Sg. Sedim Recreational Forest in Kulim, Kedah. Apparently, the two use the same technologies- only two in Southern Hemisphere (if I'm not mistaken). *and I've been to both * -grinZ-
The only difference is while the one in WA is the highest (about 40m high I think), the one in M'sia is the longest- about 1km (930m or 960m... I can't remember). Oh, of course, there's also different scene surrounding both Tree Top Walk. They both have different type of forest anyway. And while in WA has Walk of the Ancient Empires (of burnt tingle trees- you'll see the pictures below), we (in M'sia) have scenic river down below and the water was so cool that I felt like jumping into them instantly :p
The left one is Western Australia's Tree Top Walk, while the right is Malaysia's one- for those interested to see the similarities and differences.
-See the different types of trees??-
-At the highest peak of the two TTW-
-If you look down, you can see tree tops in WA and river in M'sia-

-The burnt tingle tree I mentioned is on the left and the cool river is in M'sia-

On the other note, my dad has successfully booked our accomodation in Pulau Redang in less than two weeks time. And then I'll be attending one of my friend's wedding; so we'll be gone for quite some time.

Don't miss me :p