February 28, 2011

Secret Eyes

It’s interesting to see things from different people’s perspectives. Just by doing that alone, you can see some sort of the big picture.

It’s unfortunate however when the other parties refused to do so, just couldn’t be bothered or at least make an attempt to listen to others or just don’t want to speak up or explain. In the end, people choose to be egoistic. And in the end, everyone is angry and frustrated.
...because we let this thing call 'pride' to be our defence mechanism and we refuse to 'lower' ourselves a bit to everyone else’s level.

It’s a pity. I think if we’re ready and willing to listen to every angle’s view and not letting our emotions rule our mind, perhaps we could come to a solution for everyone’s interest. It might not be the best for everyone, but it would be something agreeable by all.

We were taught to listen and look from different angles when we were younger yet in reality those who taught me practice differently and those who were taught so threw it away because it won’t produce the results pronto.

Gen X vs. Gen Y

I think the collateral damage would be more than the actual issue's damage.

February 27, 2011

Pictures Archive 4: Buildings

UWA, Perth, 2004:

Kemensah Height, Kuala Lumpur, 2008:

Cinderella's Castle, Tokyo, 2005:

//During the day

//At night