January 29, 2006


Najwa and Shikin were going back to M'sia on Saturday, so on Friday afternoon, we (the two girls, Fhad and I) had a picnic in Kings Park. Fortunately I only have one workshop session in the morning too.

It was a lovely sunny summer afternoon to sit and eat, though it was a bit windy.

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Since I have to go to Fremantle on Monday, and to take public transport to reach there, us girls at Mounts Bay timed the journey to get to Freo Hospital via the train- one hour from our place. Then we head to Kailis' for lunch, bought mussles, garlic bread, parsley and oregano- Ija will make chilli mussles *YuM* and travel back home.

While Ija and I were looking at the garlic bread, an Aussie woman came behind us, pat our back softly and said "I love to see you girls dress with modesty. Thank you!" Then she walked away.
Ija and I looked at each other- we've never been complimented that way- by a non-muslim- for wearing hijab and all.

I recalled a conversation we had with a lady whom we had a night at her house in our trip down south last year. She asked what's the reason for us to wear hijab, and Hasni without any hesitant answered, "Because it's what God wants us to do- it's in the Quran."
Aunt Zaleha (the lady) smiled and said that was the first correct answer she's heard with every girl that she asked the question.

It doesn't matter what excuse or reason you give for wearing a hijab or not. The main thing is it is what Allah has command us, stated clearly in Surah an-Nur, ayah 31 for us women to wear hijab. Modesty, protection etc. just come along as advantages of doing what Allah has said for us to do.

After all, isn't al-Quran a guidebook for Muslim to live on His land?

January 26, 2006

Editted: One day break- Australia Day

3 days of intense procedural skills training, and today is a holiday- Australia Day.
I've never been thankful for a day break- last 3 days was packed: 9-4 in uni, and only one hour break in the middle.

At least I know I can draw blood, insert IV, do resuscitation and insert a catheter now

When I first heard of phlebotomy, I instantly thought it has something to do with mosquito Rupe-rupenye, process drawing out the blood...

One short session tomorrow on patient handling, then next week I'm off to Fremantle Hospital.
Wish me all the best!

But let's watch the firework tonight first in the mean time...

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January 22, 2006

Islamic Medical Oath

Perhaps I shall put this- for interest of those who are interested. A present for being 'absent' for 'too long'

Islamic Medical Oath


'Praise be to ALLAH, the Teacher, the Unique, Majesty of the heavens, the Exalted, the Glorious, the Eternal Being Who created the universe and all the creatures within and the only Being Who is eternal and infinite.

We believe and serve in no other god besides You and regard idolatry as an injustice.

'Give us the strength to be truthful, honest, modest, merciful and objective. Give us the fortitude to admit our mistakes, to amend our ways and to forgive the wrongs of others. Give us the wisdom to comfort and counsel all towards peace and harmony.'

'Give us the understanding that ours is a profession sacred that deals with your most precious gifts of life and intellect.'

'Therefore, make us worthy of this favoured station with honour, dignity and piety so that we may devote our lives in serving mankind, poor or rich, literate or illiterate, Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white with patience and tolerance, with virtue and reverence, with knowledge and vigilance, with Your love in our hearts and compassion for Your servants, Your most pious creation.......'

Back from 'vacation'


I'm back!
Back to Perth, back online and back to continue blogging!

There are a few thing I've been wanting to comment and jot down here (such as how I don't like SP as much as I like Kerteh ), but time doesn't permit me.

Just a couple of things to announce- I no longer use my old yahoo mail account (Music_n28). Can't seem to open it, so any email to me, please direct them to my new account- hazwani.humaira@yahoo.com. The same goes with my YM- please use the new ID.

Also, I'd like to apologize to those whom I didn't contact while I was back in Malaysia- plus a big apology to all GeJu members who went to the Gath on Jan 1st '06 for not being able to come and get to know you guys- I had to drive to our new house in Sg. Petani, so it was impossible to be in KL.
Mungkin tahun depan ada rezeki.