October 31, 2007


I was moving into one of the junior's place last Saturday (finally found an accomodation, Alhamdulillah- I was stressing the whole week when I got to know that I had to move out). Amal said to me, "Along, you are 'Along' in truest sense, you know?" I looked at her and asked why. "Because you're moving and everyone's going 'Along nak pindah' and all your 'adik-adik' datang tolong..."

In a way it's kinda true I guess. 4 cars full of my stuff convoyed from my old place in CyberHeights to the new one in Cyber Ria last Saturday morning. And I treated them breakfast soon after.

Yes, they call me 'Along' here- started with my sister's housemates (my sister would call me that, of course) and soon everyone's calling me the same. Since this is the group that I'd be spending most of my time with for the next four years, let me introduce some of them, yeah? After all, I'd be talking a lot about them here, I bet...

My Sister (left in white scarf)- Angah (or Ira as other people refer her as). Being a sister, she's entitled to receive the title 'Gossiping partner' kan?
Amal- the one on the right. My Partner in Crime number 1- 'Merapu partner'- (At last, someone who can layan all my 'bebel-ing' and 'merepek'-ing!)

Hannan (or Nuna at times): Partner in Crime number 2- My childish and 'kerja gile2' partner... She brought up the childish side in me and then everyone would look at me and wondered "Along buat tu??!"

My sister's housemates and groupmates (sometimes I'd refer them as M15)- People I'm with most of the time; weekdays or weekends.

Part of the group discussion after school (where we'll be in college till late at night trying to make sense of the day's SCLs)- Me, Nuna, Fizy and Aamir

This was me on 2nd round of 2nd batch's jalan raye... And it would probably still be till Raya's over... So expect lots and lots of pictures to be uploaded (once I have free time la)

Sneak peak of what to come... (perhatikan the direction of our heads)

This is one of the many group photos. This was taken at Amal's place.

October 25, 2007

First week of MusculoSkeletal System

I am writing this, while I am in Auditorium of CUCMS, after chatting with my mom on the phone and now I'm trying to revise for weekly assessment tomorrow... And everyone else (by every one, that means Aamir, Zahir, Hannan, my sis and Fizy) is sleeping... Amal and I are not the only one sleeping (because Amal can't sleep at school and I just need to revise the SCLs)

I guess it's a very tiring week for everyone, with one week full of anatomy and disecting project (which we have to finish by this week). Maybe it's the smell of formalyn... maybe it's the amount of information that we have to remember, or maybe it's the disecting till midnight itself, Amal and I don't know but what we know is every one is very tired, resulting in deep sleep...

That's all the report for this week (*gelak besar sat*)

October 23, 2007

8 days of Raya (Part 1)

For us 5 siblings, it started from the night of Raya- first and I hope won't be the last 'Siblings Conference' in our family...

Pagi raya:

We gathered at Nisa'a's place this year (and only reached there after a few phone calls asking where we were :D) When Mak Long slipped an angpau into my hand and I had this expression in which my cousin Nisa'a looked at me weirdly. "Sorry eh, kak… Rindu duit raya… And I'll be getting this for the next 3 years too!" and I flashed a big grin to her- she laughed.

By the time I was snapping photos, most had gone and we amused ourselves 'layan'-ing little cousin Afzal who was so fascinated with the fan.

We headed back to kampong (which by the way in Kuala Selangor only) that evening. Since we no longer have Fiat Ulysee with us, we had to take 2 cars- Syafiq, Zirah and me in one car. By the time we reached kampong, the rain fell so heavily. Soon as I saw Mak Lang, I said "Nak tuntut jemput-jemput ni!" with a big grin- and she did make them! Then I amused myself again with ‘layan’-ing small cousins with my camera while waiting for the jemput-jemput. Tired of playing with them, I ushered them to go downstairs to eat.

For your info, jemput-jemput Mak Lang is our family tradition on 2nd Raya breakfast in kampong back when everyone slept over in kampong. But I guessed we’d move it to tea instead now.

Day 2:

Our family, Mak Teh’s family, Achik's family and Pak Andak's family went to Pak Ngah's place for lunch. I snapped more photos and I realized I may need one with sharper focus in near future. Yesterday Ummi and I decided to have purple songket for us unmarried cousins of Kak Fiza to wear during her wedding in December and today we insisted on it again.

That evening we went to Tok Su's house in Kelana Jaya- literally behind Kompleks Tabung Haji. Zirah pointed the road to Amal's place.

Day 3:

Orang kampong supposedly came to our house for lunch but they ended up reaching our place around half past 3. Truthfully, I loved family gathering like this. It made me realized that we're quite close (with most of us living around Klang Valley anyway) and during gathering such as this, we're so riuh and bising.

After Maghrib, we went to Pak Andak's place- dinner with the same menu as years before.
Day 4:

Believe it or not, today’s our family spring cleaning session (yeah, smile all you want…) Got rid of unnecessary stuff (which a quarter of them were mine, I have to admit), re-arranged the white book rack into my brother’s room and re-arrange books on the shelves. I looked through my own ‘junk’ and my own eyebrow raised at the stack of magazines, pin-ups and posters I had back during the time when I was into this music stuff… God, I wasted my money on these?! *rolls eyes*

Also found my old diary entries, cards and mementos my friends gave me during raya, before I moved to Kerteh and before my departure to Perth- those I had to keep to be placed into my special scarp-book project (when I can find time to actually sit and do it in the future). Then I found the book where I placed paper cuttings about child abuse and such- things that I was into during the time I wanted to join KCFTC- maybe I could still go ahead with my old projects, this time around as part of Young Mercy’s projects (part of CUCMS’ syllabus)

Pak Long’s family came tonight. I joked with Aween- a cousin of mine who’s my age but has graduated from UTP and will soon be working- Next year it’s her turn to give angpau and equally she suggested for a new rule that cousins of same age (and that means me) won’t be receiving any angpau. Har har…

October 12, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

A planned shopping trip; because Meera was going ‘balik kampung’ on Tuesday; unplanned childish act, though it was surprising to the rest, I wondered if it was something that’s really surprising...

Thinking about it again... NAH! I did that sort of thing in the past, and pretty sure that if we were given a chance to do it again, we’d go for it (us- the Perth batch that have now come home)

Note: Pictures were taken in OU

On that note, I’d like to apologize to you, who are reading this if there’s anything that I did (or did not do), that I said (or didn’t say) or that I wrote (or didn’t write) that has somehow hurt your feelings. I know there were things that I did a few days before Eid without thinking wisely that I now regret, and I’m really sorry about that.

Eid Mubarak everyone, may this Ramadhan was a good Madrasah Ramadhan for us all...

October 7, 2007


Around zuhur time.
The mobile phone rang and she picked up the phone. It was a dear old friend, inviting her to Iftar Jamaie and she agreed. Sure enough, the iftar rekindled a lot of things in her- how she missed weekly gathering and discussion (or some people would refer to it as usrah), how she missed winter gathering and various activities in Australia and how she thirst for ongoing tarbiyyah...

On the other hand, her friend's almost 7 months pregnant! And she saw Miqdad the baby for the first time- such healthy baby, masyaAllah!

Unfortunately no picture was taken so you'd have to imagine it yourself, yeah?

October 6, 2007

Couple of Last Days

We have officially started our 2-weeks break last night.
But not without 2 memorable events:

  • Thursday night: The Grand Iftar in College. They presented the video that Alin and Hannan had painstakingly did last week without even a wink of sleep that night. The result? It was really nice, especially the part where prof gave out raya speech. Have to admit that that was the first time M14 gathered for iftar in college (still, Sheena couldn't make it...)
    That night, instead of discussing like normally we did, we found online questions instead and projecting them in the hall, the group had fun answering the questions (including crossword puzzles, mind you)
  • Friday night: I supposed this sort of batch outing was something that they had wanted to do before but never get a chance until Friday night. Sham counted and there were around 40 people who came and we did conquered a long section in sate kajang area. Pictures? will be uploaded I have them. We didn't actually take many pictures because we took video instead.

And now I'm kinda lost. For past almost-2-months I'm here, weekend is usually equally busy time and I'd be cracking my head for pre-discussion content. But then again, there's (are for some people) the essay(s) and perception to be sent.

Reproductive System Final? Don't ask. I made a big blunder (or careless mistakes if you'd like to call it) and now I don't even want to talk about it *sigh*

October 5, 2007

Thank You

Dearest Amaleena,

Thank you for being an ear this afternoon...
Now it feels like part of the heavy load had been lifted off.


October 3, 2007

Her Confession

She looked around. The house seemed empty despite the other people making noises. In front of her, the laptop was switched on; she stared at the screen as though her gaze could make a hole in the centre.

The she sighed.

At times like this, she loathed herself. At times like this, she felt like shouting and banging her head. Was it almost that time of the month? Or was it simply her pent-up frustration? She didn't know, and it didn't matter much anymore.

Nimble fingers moved. They double-clicked on the YM icon. Then she shook her head. No, she wouldn't do it. This time around, she felt like...

She sighed again.

It was as though the past was repeating itself; she cringed. Suddenly she felt like re-reading that piece; that piece that expressed everything. Oh well, it wasn't with her anymore, she shrugged it off.

It was mixed feelings actually- a bit of frustration, a bit of loneliness, a bit of anger, a bit of remorseness, a bit of blames, a bit of hatred... Why must people assume? Could they try and put themselves in her shoes for a moment? Then there was other issues... where she felt like it was all her fault...
This was when she felt like an intruder. Maybe she had made the wrong decision.
This was when she really need an ear to listen to... yet... yet... Maybe she had made the wrong decision again?

Maybe it was true... you absorb other people's concerns... and you have to let yours out. But to who? How? When? The only place she knew how was when she held a pen.

She sighed again.

She needed to run, just to get away for a while and clear her mind, see things differently for a moment...

But... how?