November 16, 2005

Perhaps It's Time

Perhaps it's time to view it from different angles from what have been shoved to us all this while.
Perhaps it's time to step out from our comfort zone, get up from comfy couch in front of the tv and do a little research on our own.
Perhaps it's time to 'look underneath the underneath'.

Read: Suicide Bomber, Israel & International Law

Please note that the article is in Malay.

"Budak-budak dah tak belajar belajar sejarah peperangan zaman Rasulullah? Bukankah ianya suatu yang merugikan? Takkan wujudlah lagi semangat seperti Khaulah binti Azur! Harapnya generasi kini takkan jadi jiwa yang lemah; jiwa yang menganggap Hollywood dan Bollywood itu lebih hebat dan lebih 'informative'!"

November 14, 2005


I'm addicted...

To lil 'Widget's

Go to Konfabulator to learn more about 'em.

P/s- I'm using IE most of the time... how come when I open my FireFox, there's already a link to above website??

It's a mystery I'll never know

Oops.. gotta go back to study pharmy... I think I have to buy LOTS of nougat going back home this time around...

November 9, 2005

In the middle of Exam

Woke up this morning and saw a msg in my mobile: 'A'kum. Cis keluar juga foto raya kau. Aku hantar punya la lama, tak keluar juga'. An eyebrow raised. That was new...

So, with a quick search (while printing the past year questions), I found this:

(In Salam Perantauan Utusan)

Click on the picture, or go to : Utusan: Salam Perantauan

And while you are at that, maybe you can visit this as well: Walimah Kami (no, NOT me la!)

For the first time, we have our own open house for raya, courtesy of Alia, Shila, Wina n Yuhana, who initiated it. Since we had Eid on Friday, it was done on Thursday night (because the Commerce students had exam on Saturday).
On Saturday evening, Dini invited to hers. Then we head to Ihsan's place.

All pictures will be put up after exam. In the meanwhile, just enjoy the snippets of it on the banner above.

By the way, to the one who sent the Shearing Shed's picture for Salam Perantauan, Thanks a LOT! Didn't know you sent that picture. Oh, and just to let you know, some of the names are spelt wrongly For instance, my dad's name has double F.

Oh, and I'm going back on 19 Nov. instead of 20th, insyaAllah; with Yuyu and Yan *YaY*