January 29, 2012


missing peaceful & relaxing moment like this
missing the good old, happy days
missing my family & friends
can't turn back the time
but thanks to treasure memories to cherish...
thankful to be alive today
and learn many new things every day
pray that in every single thing done
is blessed with barakah,
and will at least give some points
for hereafter, insyaAllah...

January 24, 2012

Dear Sisters...

Dear young adult women & pretty teenage girls,

Life is so precious. You have to have self respect and self value for yourself. Don’t throw away you life away with one single mindless decision or in the name of having ‘fun’ or ‘love’... Having a child isn’t like buying a cloth or a pair of shoes. It means you have to feed two mouths and you are responsible of making sure the child grow up to be a person.
Please think about your future AND the future of a life that you are going to create. Feeling scared or even guilty after what is done won’t change things unless you change for the better...

I’ve seen too many cases of unbooked and unscreened with single marital status in such a short time that it scared ME of what is becoming of our future generation.
My heart bled for the tiny beings who know nothing at this point.
My heart cried for what will become of their future; will they be angry, depressed or lead a successful life? Will they blame you? Will they blame themselves? Will they blame God?

So please, dear intelligent friends, you are smart, you have self value...
Please do think about your future... Not just the future in this world, but the future in hereafter as well...