December 6, 2015

[ Digitalian : Kimi no Yume wo Miteita ]

めぐり逢うすべて ひとつに重なる 
ありふれた日々 それだけで奇跡 一度きりだから愛しくて 
Everything you come across Put it into one pile 
Those ordinary days Even they were miracles Because they only happen once, they are precious 

Day 11, April 18th: Last Round in Tokyo
Our check out time was at 11 a.m., so we took a walk around in Harajuku and Omotesando while Izzat went to explore Meiji Jingu Shrine- Ija, Zirah and I went there years ago and Nik just had enough of shrine visit already. Since we were out so early, the shops were of course still closed... waited a bit in Takeshita Dori for Calbee and Daiso to open, before Ija, Izzat and I rushed to Johnny’s Shop. I’d have to say, perhaps it’s a good thing we couldn’t spend too much time in there because... err... I’m pretty sure I’d buy more... =P Izzat’s flight was earlier so we parted in Harajuku after checking out.

Police station

The still empty street on the way to Omotesando

Takeshita Dori, early in the morning

Takeshita Dori, waiting for the shops to open

Yummy potato chips with different topping!

Made our way to Hamamatsucho to keep our luggage in the coin lockers, and then we headed to Shinjuku, to meet Annys and Mel for lunch. Visited Tower Records for a bit while waiting for our turn at The Dancing Crab. We were just thankful that Annys and Mel were there to help us order, but boy, 2 sets from their crab menus, and I was full like anything! I don’t think they have branch in KL, but something akin to this would probably be Shell Out in Kota Damansara and Crab Factory in PJ. 

Anyway, after the awesome seafood feast, we thought of going to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in which their observation deck is free for entry. Dah last day kan, sape la nak jalan bebanyak lagi... but Annys was like "1.2 km je, that’s near!" We looked at each other and went, IS SHE FOR REAL?! Hahahahaha! Anyway, we did walk to the building from Shinjuku; didn’t feel that far since we were busy chatting away.

Jalan pun jalan laaaaaaa~

The view from the observation deck

Walking back to the train station

Still had some time to kill before heading to Haneda Airport, we went to Shibuya, for the killer ice/hot chocolate from Lindt. It was awesome!~ But since the cafe was full, we had to take-away. We walked back to Shibuya station into the Tokyu Food Show where Ija bought dorayaki. Finally, we parted with Mel and Annys here, half of me can’t wait to go home and just rest, another half already missing these remarkable places we visited during the last 10 days...

Lindt's ice chocolate! 

The famous Shibuya crossing during the day

Senyum terpaksa, on the way to the airport... dalam hati : Takmo baliiiiiikkk T_T

We arrived at Haneda and had more than enough time to pray, rest, freshen up, re-pack and check in. Oh, not forgetting to buy some last minute souvenirs at the airport itself. Tiredness showed on our faces as we waited to board the plane. Zira and I were separated from Ija and Nik in the plane due to our seatings but as soon as I settled everything and buckled by seat belt, I peacefully dozed off...

See the plane outside behind us? Already arrived and we're ready to board~

Getting ready to sleep in the plane!
... until they announced that we were landing on our homeland: “To all Malaysia, welcome home =) ” Don’t you just LOVE that welcoming note? :D

We prayed Subuh after we collected our luggage. Nik was the first to say goodbye since her parents were already there. We bid goodbye to Ija soon after, and she took the train back to Bandar Tasik Selatan, while my sister and I bought coffee at Gloria Jeans while waiting for our parents.

On the first day of work 2 days later, I was already literally sick and losing my voice- I called it ‘home’sick... for missing Japan and the wonderful companies while I was there. You know the little wish-list I have at the side of my blog? Yeah, one of it is visiting Tokyo again... I'm leaving it still there, it's still in my list of places to visit. Again. I left out a few spots during this visit- namely Tokyo Tower, Kamakura, Tokyo Character Street, Keikarou... Kyoto is a place definitely worth visiting again, we didn’t go around Osaka much and I’d love love love to go and visit USJ again! So yup, Japan is definitely still in the list.


Phew! That took some months to finish up!
Next two posts will be our (me and Ija) short trip to Singapore (with little tips and tricks in USS) and ChocoMon's travel in Penang our trip to New Zealand in May 2016. I'll post the short trip to Singapore and Penang later on.

December 5, 2015

[ Digitalian : Bittersweet ]

知りたい 消えない想い出なら あの日のまま包み込んで 
I want to remember So these memories won't fade, I'll wrap up those very days carefully

Day 10, April 17th: Back to Tokyo

Sham and Zeze decided to stay back in Osaka and wondered around before heading to Haneda to board their flight back. The rest of us took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo that morning and checked into our apartment in Harajuku. We skipped the plan to Kamakura, in favour of going to the places that we couldn’t spend enough time at previously: Kit Kat Chocolatory Shop in Ikebukuro then dropped by Sultan near Otemachi station to eat lunch before heading to Ameyokocho street and Asakusa to buy souvenirs. Izzat however went on a separate route to visit places she hasn't gone to.

The Apartment :)
Takeshita Dori- the view from Harajuku Station
Kit Kat Chocolatory at Ikebukuro Station

The best naan ever! 

Ameyokocho Street

The fresh goods

Asakusa; notice the sky was getting darker

We met her later in the evening at Odaiba, to take picture with the big-ass (life sized) Gundam. You can get to Odaiba via JR Saikyo Line / Rinkai Line, or Yurikamome from Shimbashi. Yurikamome will have a more scenic view on the way though.
It was already raining when we got there, so we discarded the idea of going onto the Ferris Wheel and decided to find dinner at Ippin restaurant- a distant walk from Ebisu station. I had already felt sick at this point- having some chills and worsening of arthralgia and myalgia, my throat started to burn and I was feeling worse every second. To be honest, I could only picture one thing – bed with lots and lots of blanket. Somehow that reminded me of our F4 trip to Kuching, where I was so sick upon reaching Suntubong that I spent the whole afternoon in bed...

On the way to Odaiba, in Yurikamome
The evening street, the view from the train heading to Odaiba
The walk to Diver City Tokyo from the train station

I don't need to explain this, do I?
You can see the beautifully-lit Tokyo Tower from here too

Fuji Terebi building

Odaiba Illumination
Little Statue of Liberty?
It was drizzling, yes, but the view was still spectacular

Luck wasn’t on our side- Ippin Restaurant was closed due to a reservation... so we decided to just buy some Kebab in Harajuku on the way home. By the time we reached the train station, I just couldn’t walk in the cold anymore so my sister accompanied me to head back to the apartment while Ija and Nik went and bought dinner. I collapsed soon after reaching the apartment, just managed to have 2 bites of kebab when the girls came back and resumed sleeping afterwards- until 2 a.m. when I started to sweat due to the thick blanket and heater. It would be nice to take a shower and go back to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure how to switch on the water heater (and it was bloody cold, the water) so I packed the luggage and went back to sleep after praying... ^.^;

Next: Last Round in Tokyo

October 4, 2015

[ Digitalian : Hope in the Darkness ]

今 夜が明けて行く 聞こえるか?
導かれてく 目指すべき場所へ
光と影 , 反比例
馴染むことなく絶え間なく 揺れて
新しい風の薫りがした 海の向こう
加減知らずの情熱だけを , 信じたなら

Beautiful like a flower that gently blooms on the ground
Now, the dawn is breaking Can you hear it?
Being led to the place we should be aiming for
Light and shadow , Direct opposites
Without ever blending in, yet always wavering
From beyond the ocean, there was the scent of a new wind blowing
The passion that you didn't know how to hold back , If that's all you believed in...

Day 9, April 16th: Arashi! Arashi! For- Eh... I mean, Arashiyama & Nara

From Shin-Osaka, we headed to Kyoto, then took the JR Sagano line to Saga Arashiyama. Then we bought the Sagano Scenic Railway ticket, before walking to Tenryu-ji Temple. 

Ija was so confident in leading the way and we of course had no doubt following her... until someone stopped us and asked where exactly we were going because guess what? It turned out that we missed a turn and was heading on a completely opposite direction! LOL!

Walked a bit further down the road when an Obaasan stopped us and showed us the CORRECT direction to the Tenryu-ji Zen Temple! XD

Finally here!

Once you find the entrance, you will be led into the temple area facing the lake and the zen garden before going into the garden with varieties of flower. Anyway, the garden and the flowers in Tenryu-ji were beautiful. Why don't I just let the pictures speak for themselves, hey?

Ukon Cherry

Chinese Redbud

Lilac Daphne

Bridal Wreath

Flowering Quince

Resurrection Lily

Royal Azalea

And the main attraction was of course, the Bamboo Forrest. 

It was surreal, walking through the tall, majestic bamboo trees. We exited the Bamboo Forrest and boarded the Sagano Romantic Train from Arashiyama station, using the ticket that we bought at Saga Arashiyama station (you'll be given your seat numbers when you buy your ticket). 

Arashiyama & Arashi fans XD

I reckon coming here during Autum would be really romantic!

The Romantic Train

We were lucky to get the seats in the open car!

There's the boat ride too if you want :)

Riding in the open car (only for car number 5) across the bunch of sakura trees, into the cold tunnel and next to the river, the scenery as you can see was SPECTACULAR! Hopping off at the last station, Torokko Kameoka, we walked to Umahori station to take the JR line back to Kyoto, and then took another train to Nara.

Interesting sign, worth a photo of its own!

So, what’s interesting in Nara? The Nara Park, of course! 
Nara = Deer
So petting the deer loitering around is A MUST! =D We walked around the park, then to the temples and shrines before heading back to the station to return to Osaka.

Don't you just LOVE the road sign!

Initially everyone was a bit reserve to touch them...

But who could resist them?!

BUT! Once you hold the deer cookies, they'll crowd around you until you give ALL your cookies to them, these hungry lot!

One of the small shrine nearby

It says, World Heritage, Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara, Todai-ji

Sharpening your teeth, dear? XD

Deer walking around

Trust me, they KNOW how to pose for cameras too, ok!

Deer on the hills

They are literally EVERYWHERE!

Had fun reading the wishes :D

The 'Street Lamps'

Hungry, and seeing how it was our last night in Osaka, we went to Muqam again =) And ice-cream for dessert at the hotel! Sadly, I can't find this in Malaysia , the same with the Azuki Haagan-Dazs :( 

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