May 21, 2012

Thank You

Past 8 years, I've met with so many great, inspirational people in medical line;
Whose words and actions aspired you,
and make you want to strive higher.

Those people whom I met when I was a student, their names are carved deeply inside my heart
And now I am working, and still am training,
new names are added in the list

I am thankful that I was given the chance to meet these inspiring doctors & staffs,
To everyone in Orthopaedics Department, Hospital Batu Pahat,
I don't know if this message will ever reach you,
but from the bottom of my heart, for receiving this humble-still in the process of learning-creature,
THANK YOU for everything!

May 15, 2012

Treasuring the moments

When you are working under very dedicated specialists and very hard working MOs, you don't mind staying back extra hours just to lend hands so that work could be done quickly and more efficiently.

Today sort of reminds me of those days I spent under the residents, registrars and the whole Vascular & Respiratory teams in Fremantle Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital respectively....

Thank you for your warmth!

May 13, 2012

Hitori Janai Sa

literally means, 'you are not alone'

Got a text from my sister last night, saying she's in KK, eating sushi. Literally went O.o
And when she called later, the first words that I uttered was "WEII!!! JELES NI!!!"
A little while later, Amal tweeted "Bwk org sandakan tgk wayang...but missing the other sister" and I suddenly terribly missing the old group; missed being called the "Zenol sisters" by Amal =P

//Amal & the Zenol Sisters

I envy those people who can make split second impromptu decision and just go ahead with it.

I knew she's kinda planned this ahead and I guess it's easier to take a flight from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu rather than from JB to KK (or BP-KL-KK)
So.... It makes me wonder when will we have the chance to gather again?

//The "Us" back then; missing Shamina here

I envy those people who can make split second impromptu decision and just go ahead with it.
Usually I'm not that brave to take the risks, and chose the safer option
But, maybe one day, I'll be daring enough to make an impromptu decision.

One day.

May 9, 2012

Face Down

どうして? 目の前を閉ざして どうする? 暗い部屋にひとり
手を伸ばし掴もうとしたのは 隠した SOS
四六時中頭を巡る 狂わせてる歯車 lose control
鳴り響く時計の針を 止めてよ 止めてよ

Why? Closing my eyes to what's in front of me; What should I do? Alone in a dark room 
What reached my hand out for was a hidden SOS 
Night and day, it goes around in my head; Like a broken gear that's lost control 
The reverberating tick of the clock's needle; Stop it; Please stop it 

-Arashi; Face Down [38th Single, 2012]

Kinda describe a little of what I'm feeling lately...

Anyway! It's been 7 months since I moved out to work about 300+ km away from home. I'd like to think that I am finally settling in, despite the fact that I chose this place to work instead of being 'dumped' out here. It kinda remind me of the time we first moved to Kerteh, Terengganu from KL. Only this time, I have no parents around to run to immediately. Considering that it's been years and years since that first move, I'm surprised that it's taken almost the same time for me to adapt.

That said, I'm nearing the end of my second posting, so I'm pretty much comfortable with my job scope at the moment. In roughly 2 weeks time (should I pass my viva that is) I'll be in a new posting and who knows how I'll take it, hmm?

Around this time last year, we were in the same position as our juniors are at the moment, cracking our heads up on where to go for our housemanship training. There are many things to consider- family factor, personality factor, homesick, being independent, support from friends, other's feedback on respective training centres... But one thing for sure, it does help to go to a place with a few familiar faces because first few weeks (or months) would be challenging especially when you try to adapt to a new system, new place, new faces (unless you choose the hospital that you did your clinical years in) and the same time being functional.

So,  I am thankful to have met nice people along the way.

I have to admit that with the Flexi Hours, depending on which department you are in, planning for leaves isn't as easy. Forget about weekends; so as long as you don't compare your job with the others who are doing office work, you'll be fine. I made that mistake in the first few months, considering that most of my friends who aren't from the same medical school are clocking in at 8 and going back at 5 and that was somewhat... stressful; but you'll get over it once you stop comparing.

Also if you chose to be in East Malaysia, do consider the price of flight ticket for yourself or your family/friends to visit; like I said getting long leaves could be quite a challenge so sometimes it can be quite costly. And sometimes things just don't go as plan.
In any case, do remember that we're in the phase of training so while taking break once in a while is recommended, do take the opportunity to learn as much as we can.

A great teacher once reminded our batch this and I'd like to share it: Toughen up during housemanship; even when you're tired or completely knocked down, just don't complaint. Do your best, make sure to give it all you've got in these 2 years. Don't  be calculative (exact words were 'jangan berkira sangat') with your colleagues, cover for them, have good teamwork!

Deviating from that, Mom said I should update this blog more... =P

So, finally after that one 'failed' trip to Muar for 'ikan bakar' we went for the second time and thank God it wasn't closed. Sort of remind me of the trip to Bagan Lalang that half the batch went in 2008 if I'm not mistaken.

Food was good; Sabak Awor was worth the trip =D

No pictures of the food because by the time we realized it, all were safely gone in our tummies xD

Like a few colleagues nowadays I'm counting days to go home!