September 24, 2005

Spring Break... Spring Sonata Kite

Will be away for 5 days starting today up till next Wednesday. So no entry up till we come back from our safar. We'll be travelling down South to Bunbury, Busselton, Yallingup, Margaret River, Augusta, Nannup, Pamberton, Albany and back up via Katanning.

Pray for our safe journey, yeah?

Until later, wassalam...

September 19, 2005

Monday Post

Kata Zura, "Kita berdepan dengan 1001 cabaran kalau nak buat kebaikan, tapi 1001 kesenangan kalau nak buat kejahatan" -sebenarnya dah ubah sket... tapi takpe kan??
Begitulah analoginya pabila kami berlapan mahu ke Masjid Rivervale pada suatu Ahad pagi utk mendengar ceramah dr Ustaz Ismail Kamus... Dari kepayahan mendapatkan bas yg cuma dtg setiap jam sekali, hingga tersesat-sesat!

That night Zura, Shu and I went to Untie Lily's house to take care of her four children (who are still here) before they go back to Malaysia on Thursday. Since their aunt, Untie Aziah (Raiyan's mom) was still there, the four of us had a loooooooong talk... Well, actually she was the one who talked most of the time, the three of us were just listeners. It was a night full of wise and wisdom. I realized how much I missed their family... -Ma, Untie tanya, bila mau dtg Melb melawat derang??
In case you were wondering, Untie Aziah was there for her son's graduation last Thursday, which fell on the same day as Maria's graduation day. Will post the pictures once I got 'em from Maria, insyaAllah.

On Friday, we had lunch for all the Muslim girls in Med. After much discussion and search, we found a nice picnic spot near the hospital. Unfortunately Yuhana couldn't make it, and we only learned that there was another Muslim girl in second year. Nevertheles, it was fun, especially celebrating Alya & Nooshin's birthday!

Afterwards, I rushed to Psychology building in main campus, having promised to become Silma's 'guinea pig' for her group research project. I loved all the tests though! Then Dini and I went back to my place for solat before going out to Gelato in Subiaco and eat ice-cream. Marzu and Silma came to join us an hour later... It was a good catch-up time with the Singaporeans.

P.s- Hey hey, what do we have here?? Click!! Hujan Edisi 1?? Ape tu??

September 13, 2005

... [2]

Walking back from uni, I told Zainab of one email I had from a friend. One of the links really made me sick that I felt like throwing up. I didn't even need to finish reading the article when I was filled with rage... "Ya Allah... mereka menghina KalamMu!!"

Somehow we got to the issue of Iraq. And suddenly she said, "My uncle was being taken away by the US army. They take just anyone now. It's really not safe to go out," And suddenly I remembered how her cousin died defending the land... it was his wish, to become a mujahid. And suddenly I remembered the video I've seen regarding merciless killing in Palestine.

Still... I'm here and enjoying myself?

When she turned and asked me a question, she abruptly stopped. "Are you going to cry? Why?"

And here I thought nobody could see it beneath the glasses... Shaking my head, I whispered, "Just... what's happening there, you know..." And she nodded. We stood in silent for a while, waiting for the bus. I don't know why it felt as though it was my family member who was being taken away.

Then I turned to her, felt that I need to change the topic. So I asked her the same question she asked me before, "When do you think you're gonna get married?"

I'd also would like to apologize to certain few people if I offended them last night. Truthfully, I don't have any intention to do that, making you guys wondering and waiting. I wasn't feeling well, and still am having this sore throat. Think I'm coming down with fever. Afwan, sisters.

September 12, 2005

A bit of PBL and The Lost Syifaa'

Niatnya nak menulis panjang lebar pasal PBL (Problem Based Learning). But the workload at the moment is too much that I don't have spare time to write about PBL in detail.

But just briefly, PBL is the new curicular in Medicine course. I'm pretty sure that most university now use this system. The purpose is to expose medical student to real life medical situation, to integrate theory they learned in class and lectures AND what's happenning in real world- that is the mental and social impact of medicine, onto medical practitioners and also on the patients and society as a whole.

In UWA, one of the objectives of PBL (which is combined with Clinical Skill Session and Fixed Resource Session under the unit of Foundations of Clinical Practice) is to 'develop personal and professional development'.

Some argue that because too much time spent to train the tutors and too much time the student spent on this unit, other important sylabus such as Anatomy and Physiology are being neglected. PBL is mainly self directed study, where student research informations, guided by tutors.
Although some argue that graduates under this new system are more independant and have developed ability for critical thinking and self-improving, some presented contradictory evidence that there are no difference in profesionalism between the two systems (conventional and new). In fact, they lack of basic anatomy skills and such.

Personally? I don't know. I haven't been in the old system to judge this new system of PBL. Sometimes I do feel I enjoy PBL. Sometimes, I also feel it's a nuisance, with every two weeks of presenting, or now a debate for every fortnight... In a way, it does help you with your research skills, presenting skill and communication skills. Also, it allows you to look deeper into ethical issues and social factors of medicine. Some guest lecturers were glad that medicine now incorporated this sylabus, because student needs to know arising issues, not just what's in the text book.
But most of the med students I know don't like PBL... Some even hate it to the core (?) Okay, maybe I am exaggerating here but yeah, I remember one guest lecturer actually said that PBL is not doing what it's supposed to do- you are supposed to LOOK, UNDERSTAND and FEEL about the patient- not just simply discussing about general factors and stuff.

Simply because each patient is different.

So, when I was reading an article in the paper (online) not too long ago about how the graduates (back home) don't have this charisma or personality as a university graduate, I simply stared at the screen and later on opened up discussion with some friends about this matter. Does this kind of sylabus (PBL) needed to be incorporated into every faculty to develop professionalism into every graduates?
Or it is left to the student themselves to decide if they want to build their own character through their involvement in the extra-curricular activities that the university has offered?

I'm still battling with my inferiority complex, despite what PBL forced me to do. Sometimes I blamed the education system back home (primary and secondary school) that doesn't encaurage the students to speak their own mind. I think school should build these kind of characters, not just leave it to the parents to shape these kind of characters into their children.
But then again, as one grow up, one can think about what's good and what's not.
However, when for the past 17 years (ok, maybe less) you are thought to accept and not to question, it's hard to break the shell.

3 years with PBL now... Wonder if I can break out of my 'nut shell' once I graduate.


Poor Maria got sick (suspected stomach flu, yeah?) when she reached Perth. Slept at my place on the first night, yet we didn't stay up like I wanted to because she was feeling nauseatic and had this splitting headache for the whole day. We did catch up though... I've missed her.

On Friday, after I got back from school, we went to the city. She treated me lunch/dinner. I had the temptation to shop for shoes and sling bag. Then I looked at her "Ni sume salah ko la Maria... Aku tak plan pun nak shopping!"
She gave me this big grin, "You've been warned!"
Well, can't help it- I've been deprived of shopping since the semester started. However, I didn't buy those things! Still had my control!
Afterall -I said to my mom- if I wait and buy those things back home, I'll get it for free!!

That night- the original syifaa' met... I missed those times....

P/s- I DO need those items... mine already worn out though still usable

September 8, 2005

Rambles on one Thursday morning

Listening to: Supplication by Sami Yusuf
At times stuck with...: Serenade (Elegence of Pechelbel)

Had a short chat with Alia last night while eating dinner (nasi lemak! *Yum*)... and yes, for those who still don't know- I will be attending the reorientation session at the end of this year, insyaAllah. At least- I thought silently- my decision last winter to not to fly to Melbourne will be patched seeing my lovely friends from there during the two weeks program, insyaAllah Wonder if the gals from Brisbane will be there as well.... Doesn't seem like it though...

Oh, and Maria is coming from Singapore today! Her graduation is this weekend. Maybe I should go to Woolies and buy some food since she's sleeping at my place tonight... And, I don't have any food! *Horror* I just realize how lazy I am at cooking now... This is bad...

Debate topic this time around is 'Practicing Medical Doctors Should be Routinely Tested for Drug Abuse'- Affirmitive side. Truthfully, I was shocked when I first learnt that doctors actually have one of the highest rate of substance abuse (i.e drugs and alcohol) However with easy access, high stress work level and false confidence, it's not really surprising. Wonder what's the scenario back home?

Also learnt about what happened to our Muslim neighbours in South of Thai I have the urge of asking a certain Thai friend of mine on what he has to say about this... Maybe I should

Wonder if my mom has done what I requested a few days back. And still waiting for her email as well. Maybe it's time to call home... Oh yeah... I have an essay to be handed in next week, which I haven't really start on... *angry at myself*
Also that lunch the third year Muslimah is having for all Muslimah in Med_UWA next Friday... Oh... gotta thank my 'boss' Steph for amending the ads for MCW... I'm really bad at writing ads

Hopefully I'm in final stage on rearranging the itenarary for 'Spring Sonata Kite'. Having hard time to find exact km for each distances and guessing the distance and duration of journey won't help as well. I want to read more about Khaulah...

This is a useless entry...

September 7, 2005

Bukalah mata anda, kaum muslimin!

Diforwardkan through ym & di-announce through one yahoogroup... Singgah sebentar melihatkan perkembangan terbaru dunia (takde la terbaru sangat pun kot... )

Bukalah mata anda, wahai para muslimin. Bukalah mata anda jika anda mempunyai jiwa yang sensitif. Bukalah mata anda jika anda seorang yg ingin mengambil berat akan hal-hal saudara-saudara anda di bumi Palestin. Sesungguhnya dunia itu bukan berlegar di negara anda sahaja. Mari melawat: Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka... Gaza

Tak lama dulu, terpampang di kaca television through National Geographic's 30 seconds from Disaster (kalau tak silap la nama program tu), yang memaparkan saat-saat Boeing 757 melanggar Pentagon. Mereka akui mereka tiada that one crucial 'one moment' snap on the plane hitting the Pentagon wall. Dan apa yg dibawa balik dengan message program itu ialah kegagahan Pentagon bila mana cuma sebahagian kecil bangunannya musnah.

Adakah apa yang dipaparkan oleh National Geographic is the one and only truth?
Mari tengok flash animation ni:

And this is the blog:

-Courtesy of Phadi & Pakdi-

September 5, 2005

Nak alternatif?

Mari baca komik sambil mengenal serikandi Islam- Khaulah binti Azur. Sila ke: Navigation Log: Shhh

Dan mari mendengar lagu tentang seorang lagi serikandi Islam dengan gelaran Humaira. Sila ke: A s b a h : Unision- Track 3. Humaira

Nak tengok movie? Sila klik Iklan (11th Hour) di navigator di sebelah kanan window...

Siapa kata tiada hiburan dalam Islam?

September 1, 2005


Dulu isu France banned pakai tudung ke sekolah...

Beberapa hari lepas, kecoh pasal poll in Australia/WA tentang banning of hijab in public school. Baca:

And now, German is joining the list. Baca: German State to Ban Teachers From Wearing Hijab

Yesterday and this week we had lecture and debate session about Indigenous people & 'Human Rights'. And one can see how much prejudice, racism and discrimination are happening at the moment, and one example that was being given was the issue of banning the headscarves that was being talked about on the net and television.
Touching on the declaration of Human Rights that the UN has put upon, it was shown how some signatory countries still violated and act contradictory to what has been proposed... i.e on Aboriginal issues. And one of my classmates boldly asked if the UN has ever had any power at all, seeing how the US invaded Iraq not too long ago?

Images... when something has been potrayed falsely, and this is passed on to the next generation, then there'll issue of racism. Nurses refused to treat Indigenous people because they assumed these people are trying to rip off the Government's money, a lady was referred to psychiatric ward due to her ethnicity when she actually had a condition, and students afraid to take patients' history just because they were Aboriginies. False images has been casted, hence even medical professionals, who weren't even supposed to have any descrimination look at them differently.

And now the image of the purity of headscarf is trying to be ripped apart; saying it has association with terrorism and such! I'm disgusted and I can feel anger rising up everytime these issues are risen. Oh, how people try to act all-mighty, feeling superior and say they have freedom to do this and that. Yet at the same time, they contradict themselves, choosing whatever kind of freedom they think would be the best for them and imposing the opposite & oppressing the others... They lie in their own fears!

And no one wants to admit that the Law that the Lord has put upon us is the best practice... How sad...

p.s- Turned on the t.v before falling asleep on the couch the other night... and saw the news about Hurricane Katrina in the US... So, another storm striking there? Baca: