August 31, 2010


I'm borrowing someone's secret special code of saying thank you~

To my family, batch-mates, my sister, Zeze, Alin, Farah, Nisa, thank you for the wish and cake ♥
To Rachie, who sent the text 7 hours earlier, thank you ♥
To Rhi, who made that beautiful rainbow for me, thank you ♥
To Chii, who tagged me in a post in fb, thank you ♥
To Ames, Sham, Aniera, Ai, Zhafri, Syafiq, Alia, Zahir & J, for the thoughtful texts, thank you ♥
To Ija, thank you for the cake ♥
To Ija, Chika, Rina, Ili, Anis, Anim, Diana & Lina, for taking all the troubles to come along and for the card, thank you ♥
To my cousin, who wished me through Mom's phone, thank you too ♥

To Zirah, for (way) early present, following my selfish request, thank you ♥
To Mom, for the lovely sparkly present (and the price got leaked out somehow), thank you ♥

I still have a parcel waiting for me at the post office home now... Once I figured out who the sender is (going home this weekend) I'll thank you properly too ♥

Oh, and to you who celebrated your birthday on August 30th, Happy 27th Birthday!

 *stealing off what Rhi gave me* 
umm... is that even considered as stealing anymore? o.O

Truthfully, turning 26, it doesn't make any difference xD

And now that my clinical exam is over, off to finish up the EBM case write up~ Next week will be a new posting, Orthopaedics!

p/s- The brat is coming home this Friday! ♥

August 24, 2010


From today onwards, don't ask me what I would want for my birthday.
Because I'll give this as the answer: Ohoku's Goods from TBS!

Click here for pictures


August 23, 2010


Got a phone call from one of the close friends, to tell me a very good news indeed.
It's been a while since we talked to each other so it was a very pleasant surprise
And when I receive such a good news, I get extremely and exceptionally happy,
I couldn't stop smiling... even until now =D

Almost 2 weeks ago, I received similar news from an ex-housemate about one of our friends
It sounds like I'll have more visits to do next year
Also, I'm adding another date for wedding reception to go to next year~


August 22, 2010

Today's schedule

Sahur - took nap - prayed - got ready
40 minutes drive - 4 hours class - less than half an hour discussion afterwards
Picked Ijajikins - dropped by house - set off

Got lost. Going round and unsure. Called for direction
2 hours *headdesk*

Finally found the place - browsed around
Didn't find items wanted - saw nothing interesting

Decided to go home - discussed potential plan for next week - sent Ijajikins to KL Central
Got home - time to break fast - prayed
Watched a bit of TV - checked emails and updates - deciding goods to buy... tough decision, lots of rationalization
Chatted with Ames and J - sent text spam  to AiAi
Is typing practice questions - thinking of the loads of homework & readings

Time to sleep?
Not yet
It's already 22nd of August though...

Starting to feel sleepy.
It's 12.08 a.m. now

August 16, 2010


What would you do when you feel like talking to someone and yet... that someone isn't there, or more accurately doens't exist?

August 13, 2010

Gift <ギフト>

Double meaning:
- It's one of the touching songs I found on 僕の見ている風景 Yup, my copy has arrived~ ^.^
- It's half an hour before the date changes and my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, this year, I haven't decided what to give to her yet, nor do I have anything at all in my hand as a present... not even birthday card >.<  How bad is that? I'm starting to wonder if I'm that busy?

Today, we decided to come home to catch the break fast with our family, especially since our parents are going back to KT tomorrow noon. It was a nice surprise to know that our younger brother who's studying in Johor is also around. So tomorrow morning, during sahur, everyone (except that brat who's still overseas ^^;) will be here too ♥ 
After 3 days of fasting, finally today while breaking fast only I feel like how fasting in the past was like. It was nostalgic.
Umm... we have to head out early, back to CyberJ though... for class at 8 a.m. =P

But in summary, I'm happy. By the week before Eid, our youngest brother will be home as well, so then the family is complete =)

August 8, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 31 (Food Outlet Rec)

//This is some fish (Dory?) with white sauce and believe it or not, banana fritter and jam (pineapple, or apple, I can't remember) Weird combo? Yeah, tell me about it. BUT! It tasted really yum~! Everything fit perfectly, even the banana and jam. Seriously. I can't remember the name of the dish but... err... I guess you can read the menu and the description? =P

And so you'll ask where was this taken? Picture below will answer your question: 

Location? Prangin Mall, Penang. I'm sorry that I don't know any other branch/outlet other than this one...
The other food was good but my recommendation still goes for this specific fish ^^

On the other note, I'm starting Paediatrics tomorrow~

Oh, and before I forgot, to all Muslim, Ramadhan Kareem~ May this blessed month brings a lot of goodness and rahmah. May it be a month for us to reflect and better ourselves, insyaAllah...

August 4, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 29 & 30

// During Le Tour de Kedah 2 (Sunathon) @ the house where we gather before departing to Penang

// After Le Tour de Kedah 2- Dessert @ Bayou, Alamanda. Initially we wanted to order the chocolate lava cake but apparently the cake isn't there in the menu anymore but there's the mudcake (picture above)

On the other note, I read in fb that a friend is posted in Sarawak. All the best, there!

And on the different side of another note, I received an email saying that my copy of 僕の見ている風景 has been shipped today =D *waits patiently*