March 17, 2008


6 years ago;
we met daily during classes that started at 8 a.m.; Then we went for lunch in Red Rooster, or sat underneath that lone tree and ate out packed lunch that we made ourselves.
Some of us went to the city, particularly the Alexander Library to study on the weekends, while another half chose to find solitary spot in Murdoch Library to do our discussion.
International Luncheon, Veledictory Dinner and College's Ball were part of us; we had 2 English teachers, 2 Maths teachers and a Science teacher whom all were like friends instead.

UWAFY_April Intake, 2002

5 years ago;

We resided in Currie Hall and Trinity College; and soon all in Currie Hall
We met on daily basis during lunches, dinners and breakfasts on weekends
Birthdays were occassional must events;
And we even went to the beach during end of summer, before school re-opened.

UWA_Currie Hall, 2003-3004

3 years ago;

We moved to Mounts Bay Apartments in Mounts Bay Road,
No longer common lunch hours, no longer common dinner time;
Occassionally we met when our Student Advisor paid us visits,
or on various outdoor activities, or when we bumped into each other on the streets downstairs or in the city, shopping

UWA_Mounts Bay Apartments, 2005-2006

Less were us in Fast Eddys
But once we gathered on the eve of Eid-Fitr
G20 was the meeting place.

2 years ago;
everyone went home- most are working now,
saved for one- who's still in Perth
and a few like me, who's still persuing our ambitions

And now;
We rarely meet- you guys travelled in work, or stationed in high-rise buildings;
I have schedule to follow; and Tini and Abadi are in Penang

We rarely meet nowadays
Until one of us called-

For important events like these:

Congrats Shila & Gundat! May Allah blessed the both of you as husband and wife

Congratulations, Zura! May you be happy beyond the day it's officially tied...

You... you who I've lost contact after you've settled in Sydney,
Now with a Masters, yeah?
And now you've come home,
And once more we chatted like sisters...

Congratulations, Shu! I'm glad you found someone who could cherish you ;)

We rarely meet now
Everyone's leading their own path
But occasional events like this
And these pictures of memories...
This is when we meet;


[Petronas, UEM, KPMG, CUCMS, PMC, UWA] (Ok, so the last one is not in M'sia...)

March 3, 2008

Defense Mechanism

We were irritated (and perhaps angry) at the fact that we could no longer park the car inside despite the fact that we live there. Well, who could blame us when we're just tennants and the landlord is away overseas and can't get the new sticker for us?

Despite the annoyance felt, we reasoned out that maybe the guards were just following orders (but if they were just more polite and nicer and more tactful in not letting us in, we wouldn't be just as angry towards them and the management as a whole).

So we found another place to park.

And despite the longer distance that we have to walk, I'm glad that we could still be laughing about it. Surrounded by the chilly night, we walked (and felt ridiculously funny with a big bag pack on my and Hannan's backs) towards the town villa with giggles and new resolutions.

I'm glad we chose "reaction formation" as our defense mechanism (Yeah people, I looked through Behavioural Sciences notes for this)