April 30, 2006


28 hari selepas entri Itu

Hijab in OT

Sejak kebelakangan ni, email yg diterima banyak mengenai isu di atas.
Secara tak langsung, saya memerhatikan the struggles of pelajar perubatan perempuan (Muslim) di Eire yang cuba untuk mendapatkan hak mereka memakai tudung dalam Opterating Theatre (OT).

Buat masa ini mereka langsung tidak dibenarkan memakai tudung untuk menutup aurat mereka di OT dengan pelbagai alasan: 'MRSA infection'?? Bak kata Huda, tiada bukti kukuh tentang hal ini. 'You're in the West, you have to conform to our rules'?? Bukankah itu satu bentuk bridging of rights to practice religion (human rights)???

Buat masa ini, kami di Aussie (concentrating in Perth) tidak lagi mengalami masalah sebegini. Atas usaha senior kami (di Perth), kami dibenarkan memakai tudung, dengan syarat kami menukarnya setiap hari.

Jika anda adalah pelajar perubatan di mana-mana sahaja, harapnya anda dapat membantu sisters kita di Eire dengan menceritakan apa yang telah dilakukan di OT tempat anda. Mungkin ini dapat mempercepatkan proses mereka mendapatkan hak mereka. [Email saya di navigator bahagian kanan under 'Email me']

If it can be done in non-Muslim contries everywhere else in the world, why can't it be done in Eire??

April 26, 2006


One word to describe Psych- 'interesting'
It's different, it's kinda vague (still for me) and it's kinda weird.
We talked to a couple of patients today... even taking the psych history is different.
I'm still working around my head with these differences

Last year I did Psychology of Healing as my option
And now coming to Psych, the same feelings arose
These mood disorder, anxiety disorders etc, I really like to discuss it from Islamic perspective...
And things like autism, ADHD, schizophrenia- would that differ from depression, or anxiety disorder if you look at it from Islamic point of view?

April 25, 2006

Jump to: Faisal Tehrani

When I watched Sepet, I was shocked by the 'blunt'ness in some of the scenes
When I saw Gubra's poster, I was thinking 'how can this picture being displayed so freely like this?' (despite the claim of Malaysia as negara Islam (HadHari))
Well, I have no intention to watch it anyway...

Jump to Faisal Tehrani: Gubra Yang Sesat Lagi Menyesatkan

p/s- Yes I do not watch much tv or movie anymore... the only tv show that I constantly trying to make an effort to watch is House

April 21, 2006

Practiced knowledge (And you call that 'maturity'?)

Sat with our Psych Consultant this morning- he interviewed a patient. When it finished, he looked at us and asked, "What did you see?"
The last person in the group gave the exact answer he was looking for- 'a man, middle aged...' Spot on!

When you see a patient- before you look for any psychiatric signs, look at the person- how the person is, the personality and the IQ. And do this to every patient, not just to psychiatric patient, because people tell story- even just by looking at them, before they even say a word.

When the next patient came in, that was what we did.

Walking into the Meeting Room in Curtin Uni this afternoon, I was late. When I went inside, the first thing that came into my mind was 'how unprofessional!'.
Perhaps now was the time to practice the knowledge I learned this morning. So I listened, watched and scrutinized.

'No wonder...' Sometimes I'm just amused with the level of 'maturity' some so-called people around the age of 20s showed.

And so the says 'Female is usually 3-5 years more matured than males of the same age' must be true. How sad- when especially men are supposed to be the leaders.

April 16, 2006


Sms to Singapore from Perth: 15 April '06: Maria, comp kau ade skype x?
Sms to Perth from Singapore: 15 April '06: Skype takde lah tapi nanti aku try check skype for mac

'Hello?? Maria? Kau boleh dengar tak?'

Boleh, boleh.... tapi aku takde mic... kau cakap aje la, aku type

'Laa.... ye ke? Pegi beli la nanti'

Esok aku beli

'Okok... kita sambung...'

Dah bercakap untuk kesekian lamanya (rasa pelik bercakap sorang2, macam org gila je), terperasan ada background sound entah dari mana... Macam bunyi tv... tapi dr bilik aku tak boleh dengar tv di luar unless kalau kuat sangat.

'Maria, cuba kau cakap... aku rasa macam aku boleh dengar suara kau la!'

'Wani? Hello?'

'Maria!!!! Aku boleh dengar kau!!!'

'Clear ke suara aku?'

'Clear! Clear!! La... kau ade mic la dekat komputer kau!'


'Ape ni... pegi check manual guide la, cari kat mana mic komputer kau...'

Gelak lagi

April 10, 2006

It's not about you. It's never about you!

Lepas lunch. Masuk lift untuk ke Ward 9B- my port.
'I want to be a good doctor'
Tiba-tiba the thought bermain dalam kepala.
How ironic... dulu-dulu masa sekolah menengah rendah beriya-iya tak nak jadi doktor- 'even if it's the last job on Earth, I won't even consider it!'

I've come a long way to be where I am now. I still have a long way to go. Make the most of it.
Tak tahu dari mana semangat itu datang, tapi kini di alam 'clinical years' membawa satu semangat- keep on trying!
Bila teringat forwarding email tentang artikel Mengapa Harus Begini: Krisis Sikap di Institusi Kesihatan, teringat kata-kata Prof. Geoff Riley (Associate Dean- Student Affair) on the very first day of our clinical year:
"It's not about you. It's never about you!"
Hanya semata-mata anda pelajar perubatan, it doesn't make you any higher than a nurse. Respect is the keyword.

Tertarik dengan ayat ini: "Mengapakah masyarakat Barat yang rata-rata tidak bertuhan, mempunyai etika kerja yang baik? Mereka berhemah dengan pesakit, mereka bersikap profesional di dalam kerjaya."

Indeed it is very true. Benda pertama yg di-drill dlm kepala kami everytime jumpa patient: Introduce yourself & gain consent!

I want to be a good doctor. And it is not about me. It is about the patient. Above all, they are human first before they are your patient.

April 5, 2006

Rotations and ABG

I'm nearing the end of my second term. Next week will be my last week in General Medicine. If you are wondering how the term works in Clinical Years of Medicine, it's totally different from the rest of undergrad programme where the year is devided into 2 semesters and you have inter-semester break in Winter.

With Medicine, on 4th Year, the year is devided into 5 major terms (well, for UWA anyway). The first term has is 4 weeks. It's the Intro Term (or what we called Core Clinical Methods). I was in Freo Hospital in this term. We had one week Nursing Attachment, learned to take blood etc., practice history taking and doing examination. No objectives, no assessment in this term. Like the name suggested, it's an intro on clerkship rotation that we will have in hosp. I had the chance to watch Endoscopy a few times with this. Oh, this term will no longer be there starting next year.

2nd till 5th term last for 8 weeks each. Here on, we start on Clerkship Rotation, where students are attached with a team in a hospital, and they'll learn all relavent and practical stuff depending on their rotation. With Rotation, what I mean is the different field. In 4th Year, we have General Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery and Specialties (which is devided into Infectious Diseases, Ophthalmology and Geriatric). Oh, we do have regular lectures too. Our lectures are usually on Thursday afternoon.
And yes, PBL (Problem Based Learning) is still on. But don't fret, PBLs are more relevant starting this year seing on how we are now in Clinical Years, hence the approach is a little bit different, but more relevant and insteresting.

At the moment, I'm in the 7th Week of 2nd term. My Gen. Med. rotation in Royal Perth Hosp. is almost finished and I'll head to Charlie Gairdner Hosp. for Psych in 3rd term. After 3rd term, we have a one week vacation (more like a short break) and then the start of 4th term.

So you see, we do not have Easter Break, we do not have 3 weeks Winter break and we do not have end of semester exam. What we have is End of Year examination and that one week break in June.
Oh, and sometimes we do enjoy free hot chocolate or coffee for staff (or free flu vaccine shot last month) at times- only for those in RPH though...

I did my first ABG yesterday, courtesy of my new Resident and the willing patients. ABG stands for Arterial Blood Gas. Hence as you can see, instead of taking blood from the vein, like they usually do for blood test (in which another skill that I love doing), this is the blood taken from the artery. Usual site is from your radial artery- at your wrist.

I'm with the Respiratory Team, so we do quite a bit of arterial blood gas with most of our patients (literally I think all). With ABG, we usually check for the blood pH, partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2).
As you can guess, Respiratory deals a lot with lungs and its function, so we wanna see what's the level of oxygen and CO2 of a patient: what type of respiratory failure do they have, do they need extra oxygen, do we put them on ventilator, is the CO2 level too high etc.
Of course, you also get other info like potassium and sodium level... from there, you can deduce the acid-base balance in one's body <- take note of this you 2nd years!

And I don't know why I am explaining all this in this entry...
If you are that interested, I may make this weblog a partial med-log; in case I inspire you on med, or my explanation helps you to understand med more

April 2, 2006

"KepadaMu kami mengadu, kepadaMu kami berserah"

Borak dengan Angah via YM sambil buat assignment
Hazirah: che wan jatuh lagi
Hazirah: ni angah
Wani Z: ye?
Wani Z: bila?
Wani Z: masuk sepital ke?
Hazirah: baru tadi...
Hazirah: umie called
Hazirah: ambulans br ambik che wan g hospital

My mistake soon afterwards for telling some stuff that has been going on in the hosp past few days... Angah mintak stop cerita... mama tambah risau... *Great job Wani, for making mom more worried !!
Hazirah: along...
Hazirah: angah nak g mandi lu la...
Hazirah: juz in case kena blk kl
Hazirah: talk 2 u later...

Nak balik KL gak... sibuk belajar Med di sini... nenek kat M'sia tak terjenguk saat2 mcm ni...
"Ya Allah........."

Nasi lemak, anyone?

Semalam pagi Intan, Yan & Shu datang
Nak ambil kereta merah ('yang unggul' <-quoting cik intan)
Sambil-sambil menunggu, buatkan breakfast utk mereka
French toast and hot milo
Tetiba Yan menyuarakan hasrat nak makan nasi lemak
Pastu semua pun rasa nak nasi lemak..
Last-last janji kat Shu utk masakkan nasi lemak utk dia before end of year..
Ye la.. dah final year kan?? Bila lagi nak bagi Shu makan nasi lemak

Malam tadi rasa nak buat pancake
Teringin nak bawak ke rumah budak-budak Mara
So pagi tadi kami breakfast pancake a.k.a. lempeng
Makan ngan honey, cicah ngan gula
Tetiba entah siapa ungkit pasal nasi lemak balik
"Jom buat nasi lemak! Makan lunch kat sini"
Beriye-iye aku ngan Ima
Last-last kami berdua pergi Broadway Shopping Centre beli barang

So tengah hari tadi kami makan nasi lemak
Hilang kempunan semua orang

Authoress note: Visit- http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8596690458731858361&q=30+days&pl=true