May 30, 2009

Today's Memory

Stress will either make me run away from that place, write or doing something impromptu..
In this case, I vented out by drawing using something that I've never used before- chalk pastel :P (The flower comes from a PV- Ashita no Kioku)

Memory of Today

And this is my new toy chalk pastel XDD I used them on the mounting board (the black board)


May 29, 2009


Every adult has child-like and childish character
No matter how hard they try to pretend not to
It's there


I want to write... I want to continue Escape... a sequal, or make it an ongoing one...
I think the stress in PH made me feel like writing
It has always been like that... stress => writing
I just don't have time to spend the entire night writing!

I want to go home. Sunday is HIP but I think I'll go home tonight- haven't been back for 3 weeks and I'm homesick already
Even for one night
(and borrow my bro's D60 for the programme)

On the side-note, we're moving to Kuala Terengganu! *Yay!*

May 21, 2009

Lunch @ Bayou

This entry is inspired by Arashi no Shukudai-kun's food segment (I think the food in there actually pushed me to do this)[Until there's an official page of where I can report my own food 'shukudai', I'll do it here]
Last Friday, Amal and I decided to try the food in Bayou (we've been eying the Mushroom Fettuccine for quite a while)
I'm not sure where else they have Bayou... but the one in Alamanda is love ^^

Bayou Veggies of the day
Somehow, the veggies of the day had some parts burnt a bit... this one is saute and sprinkled with salt and pepper

Mushroom Fetuccini Poached Peach
Left: Mushroom Fettuccine... A bit dry, but there are a lot of mushroom and that itself made us happy.
Right: Dessert- Poached Peach... Sorbet-like dessert with vanilla ice-cream. The ice-cream actually soothes the acidic taste of the peach... somehow, if that makes sense

Coffee = Bayou@Alamanda
And what can I do without lovely coffee?? XDD

May 14, 2009


First episode of Smile shocked me...
I found myself looking forward to it now more so compared to The Quiz Show
(it was the other way round just a few weeks ago)

And I like the background music in Smile too.

Maybe I'm not in the mood of watching mysterious/thriller at the moment?

May 13, 2009


It came, slowly building in...
Reached the highest peak at one point and the bubble was burst with happiness
A few moments later, after huge sparkle spreading amidst the darkness like 'hanabi' on the dark night sky
... everything was lost...

Now it's empty...
Like wave crashing down, smashing the white sand away,
Disrupting the harmony of the once peaceful pattern...

Now... confusion set in...
Behind the mask was hurt... Penetrated deep,
Like it was not worth it
Especially when the feeling is like being left out

To leave or not to leave?
To open door and and give in to being soft-hearted?
There's a small voice, asking for a second chance
But the hurt that remains is still quite painful

That's how it feels now~

May 11, 2009

To write again

I guess I've been on hiatus for too long
I missed writing
Being in Sepang, it's almost feel like isolation... except, I have another 14 people with me
Maybe Public Health is just not an area of medicine for me...

Sleeping at 3 a.m. almost everyday?
Isn't that normal now?
A friend asked how do I function... truthfully, I don't know... :P

In any way, I'll probably start writing here again...
It will probably sound different this time around... I think
And I'm thinking of revamping the whole layout too... or maybe that can wait... till I can find some time to really sit down and concentrate on this. At the moment, I have mountains of work, pending... and it's giving me headache already...

The new title? It's aspired from (or more like direct translation of) 'Ashita no Kioku'
I like it... So I think I'll stick with that for a while...
(But I hate the current banner... I'm changing that later on too)