January 8, 2007

A month after that

I'm obsessing after Sudoku.
[After I was forced to be introduced with it during PFK's Treasure Hunt to Ipoh (sampai pening2 kepala and nauseous dalam kereta).]

But only when my sis's around.
Since the 'lil book is with her.
Maybe I should find some online.

Decision... decision... Decision was made, only waiting for official procedures and what-not.
Cracking head of the next steps.. and how to break it.

Former poem stands
If you can understand it.

Oh! Found the website I've been searching for.
Ingatkan hilang terus :p

Guess I'm speaking in puzzles and riddles this time around huh?
I'm still sane, don't worry.
Only I have more on my plate lately.. And a bit nervous/anxious of what to come.

Clue for you: There are 3 different issues I'm talking above. Figure yourself. That's all I'm gonna say. Wassalam