December 27, 2009

Now and Then

Attended Tini's reception on Friday night. Last weekend, it was Shikeen's. Looking at the pictures now and back then, it was like walking down the memory lane. It was lovely for Tini to put us all ex-UWAFY on one table. The ones missing were Tini herself (duh!), Rizal and Ikhwan. But chatting about how we were 6 years ago and how we are now, it was wonderful.

Just within the span of 6 years, so many things changed, yet some things remained the same.

What more if it's more than 10 years of knowing each other ^^

More of Tini & Ikhsan's reception:
- Abadi's shots
- Mine- Now & Then : UWAFY-Perth-2003, Shila's reception, Zura's reception; Ila, Shikeen & I, Shikeen's reception


December 24, 2009

#miracleboy ?

Hey you,
who turn 27 today~
Please stay as 'genki' as ever,
And do take some rest when you're tired, okay?


December 18, 2009


2 successful intubation. Alhamdulillah

2 packages arrived, from 2 different countries overseas. Yay!

2 Hungarian cookies (which have turned into crumbles). Yum~

I'm a happy camper today

Other two's:
2 'kenduri's on last weekends
2 long badminton sessions this week
2 exams done


To the group, 嵐 who was announced as first ever "CD, DVD 4 category champions" in 42nd Oricon Yearly Rankings 2009, CONGRATULATIONS!

December 14, 2009

... (Lots of 'bleh')

Weeks of frustration. Highlight was on Friday morning. Great, isn't it?
Let's see how it goes on the final week.

What are the odds of getting the chance to do it if you're not even given one with your own batch's project? Bleh.
Professionalism? Apparently the other group was very tired as longer time to 'rest up' was requested. 65 compared to 75 (with the same persons running them compared to more than 2 people per group) apparently was more taxing. Know I know Math. Another bleh.
Kudos to the smaller group; I apologize for not being there to join in the fun.

Two more years? How come that was the first time I heard of that?
Thing like that, there's only one thing I request: Don't say it in front of the only one person that I don't want to listen from >.< This has now become a stressor. Double great.

And perhaps the third bleh.