February 22, 2005

I need sleep

I think I'll purposely wake up late tomorrow
I really need a good rest, especially after yesterday's orientation... been in uni since 8 a.m. till 9 p.m.! Well, the night was for the City Lights Tour anyway. I didn't go for mine during my orientation, so it was quite interesting taking some new students to Utopia in Northbridge for bubbletea, along with Varun and Branden.

Today was a more relaxed day. I just came to make sure everyone in my group enrolled correctly. Afterwards, I settled my own stuff namely getting the Guild sticker and diary, getting the Transperth sticker, renew the OSHC and update my ANZ info as well as got exemption from the interest fee... That's done, I can relax for two days before going to Friday's O-day. I just hope that I didn't make a lousy leader

It was fun though. In a short time you make a lot of new friends and aqquiantances (sp pls?). In a way, I discover a new side of myself... I know I can go all bubbly if I'm in the mood, but I don't know that I could just go to some people and say, 'Hey! Can I help you?' :p And there are a lot more muslims I see around... I really treasure this as one of the most unforgettable experience. If I have a chance, I'd do it again without thinking twice, the pleasure you get just by getting people to feel comfortable cannot be described. Unfortunately, next year insyaAllah when I start my fourth year, I won't have the chance to do this again as we start early... both Branden and I were quite sad :(

Helped the International Student Service (ISS) with the Sausage Sizzles as well this afternoon, and made a few more new friends. One of the reason was because I haven't seen Tasha for quite some time. It's nice to catch up on some stuff. Before I went back to Mounts Bay, Tasha asked me if I have gotten the ISS t-shirt, and I said no. Well, I'll get one anyway soon 'cos she said she'll give one to me *YaY*
I came to help because I was bored, doing nothing in the library while waiting for it to start, yet, I'll get another free t-shirt! Nice, eh?

Now... I need a good sleep!

p/s- Thanks everyone to drop by, namely Huda, Shila, Rabbit, wanzhaf n shifak... Alhamdulillah I'm good here, Shifak... Miss you guys there!

February 20, 2005

I Dream of...

Geannie... :p

Nah... that was a title of a classic series my mom used to love, I believe

I'm back in Perth right now. The day after I arrived, I went to the med library to meet my two wonderful sisters who helped me a lot in early January. We met Jess as well. We were discussing about the course and books, and for a moment I was tempted to change my option to forensic... but I stick with psychology.

The day after, the new students of Petronas came. 9 brothers and 1 sister. Ija, the new girl shared the apartment with me and Alia. Shamely she had to see the 'disasterous' state of our unit due to me just finished removing the boxes from another unit to ours. We're at ease with each other, but I guess we still need more time to really get comfortable. I wonder if Tini, Alia and I were in the same state when we first came to Perth almost 3 years ago.

The next day I had briefing for the Orientation Group Leader (OGL) in UWA. I'm happy that I'm doing this at last. It has been a wish since I started uni. Before going for the briefing, I stopped by at Currie (haha... I really miss that place now!) and met the MARA newcomers. 2 of them got my and Alia's doubleroom. Again, we were at ease, but still need more time to bond. I wonder if I took a long time with Shu or not... Afterwards, I took them and the whole lot of Pet jr. (minus two brothers) to the city to shop for their stuff. Never been so tired this year... yet!

Friday proved to be all physical work in the second meeting of OGL. So this was how they prepared for our orientation! Finished earlier than estimated time. With me, I took back the list of my 'subordinates' for Monday, as well as Varun's for he wasn't there on Friday. I'm still wondering what should I do in 'Ice Breaker' slot on Monday... Should I pair them up or should I just ask them to introduce themselves individually... Quite boring I must admit... Maybe I could use the technique they used our batch Petronas orientation? And maybe I could add the game during the first MSA lunch last year? Yeah... that might work.

Got a phone call from Rai, saying a new student coming in, in need of accomodation. If it was a sister, I think I might know the right person that need a housemate as well... but it turned out to be a brother... oh, that reminds me I have to tell the brothers about it... Must get that in my 'To do List'.

When you thought that you're over with something, and thought that everything's perfect at the moment, you just didn't expect that that feelings came again. 'Enough is enough' as I told Ruby this afternoon. I wonder when will I perfectly get over it because it's too tiring already. And at times like this, I just wish that they are people whom I could talk to, namely Alia, Shu, Ruby or even my 'sister-in-law'. Again, there's the urge to go and sleep somewhere else.. Unfortunately there was no one around. In the end, I turned to Him and open up the Book of Guidance (Quran) to soothe the pain and weird feelings.

I'm to meet Kak Lin and her husband who're arriving tomorrow. Now, I'm wondering where the heck is YMCA in Perth. And looking at the Unistart booklet I receive for OGL, I'll have two full on days next week... Luckily I'm not involved in Host Day on Weds and Thurs... I'm thinking of becoming the mentor/host day leader though next year... Sounds like fun...

p/s- Alia... cepatla balik!

February 3, 2005

You don't always get...

...what you want or what you planned.

And at times like this, my heart usually beats faster than normal.
I guess if I were to take my BP and pulse rate, I might have the sign of hypertension

I wished to stay longer here.
And when I have the word 'holiday' in my mind, I imagine the world of doing nothing except lazying around at home, eat, watching junk programmes on the tv and read some books peacefully.

I have always wished to have a useful holidays, filled with activities and programmes.
But all I wanted this time around was to stay at home without anyone disturbing, so I'm free to do whatever I wanted (or more like doing nothing) at whatever time I want.

But I guess things won't always go as your initial plan.
And I have to reconsider every move I'm going to make.
And at times like this, you just somehow have conflicting thoughts and ideas with your father.

Which frustrate me even more.

Kalau ini ujian, aku redha