December 27, 2009

Now and Then

Attended Tini's reception on Friday night. Last weekend, it was Shikeen's. Looking at the pictures now and back then, it was like walking down the memory lane. It was lovely for Tini to put us all ex-UWAFY on one table. The ones missing were Tini herself (duh!), Rizal and Ikhwan. But chatting about how we were 6 years ago and how we are now, it was wonderful.

Just within the span of 6 years, so many things changed, yet some things remained the same.

What more if it's more than 10 years of knowing each other ^^

More of Tini & Ikhsan's reception:
- Abadi's shots
- Mine- Now & Then : UWAFY-Perth-2003, Shila's reception, Zura's reception; Ila, Shikeen & I, Shikeen's reception


December 24, 2009

#miracleboy ?

Hey you,
who turn 27 today~
Please stay as 'genki' as ever,
And do take some rest when you're tired, okay?


December 18, 2009


2 successful intubation. Alhamdulillah

2 packages arrived, from 2 different countries overseas. Yay!

2 Hungarian cookies (which have turned into crumbles). Yum~

I'm a happy camper today

Other two's:
2 'kenduri's on last weekends
2 long badminton sessions this week
2 exams done


To the group, 嵐 who was announced as first ever "CD, DVD 4 category champions" in 42nd Oricon Yearly Rankings 2009, CONGRATULATIONS!

December 14, 2009

... (Lots of 'bleh')

Weeks of frustration. Highlight was on Friday morning. Great, isn't it?
Let's see how it goes on the final week.

What are the odds of getting the chance to do it if you're not even given one with your own batch's project? Bleh.
Professionalism? Apparently the other group was very tired as longer time to 'rest up' was requested. 65 compared to 75 (with the same persons running them compared to more than 2 people per group) apparently was more taxing. Know I know Math. Another bleh.
Kudos to the smaller group; I apologize for not being there to join in the fun.

Two more years? How come that was the first time I heard of that?
Thing like that, there's only one thing I request: Don't say it in front of the only one person that I don't want to listen from >.< This has now become a stressor. Double great.

And perhaps the third bleh.

November 28, 2009

Cameron: Part 2

I just got the photos of our family trip to Cameron Highland (in which, that's my SECOND time going there THIS year). Most of the pictures were taken by my brothers. And since I posted the first set of Cameron with lots of flower micro shot, I present to you the drool-worthy reasons to visit Cameron Highland!

I took this photo because of the bee inside the flower. Can you see it?

This wasn't taken by me. But I loved this shot. It would probably have been nicer if I enhance the green in photoshop. But I'm tired of using photoshop for one whole day already =/

Hello, Mr. err... Fried Crab. Found in the famous Night Market in Brinchang. Trust me, this guy wasn't alive anymore.

Brownies @ Cameron Bharat Tea. Two main tea plantations that you HAVE to go: Boh and Bharat. Boh Tea plantations are situated at 3 places; choose one but I loved the one in Gunung Brinchang- the scenery was exquisite. Bharat's situated alongside the road from Ringlet to Tanah Rata. Okay! I'll stop promoting that place now =/

Steawberries and more strawberries!!

The rest of Cameron Part 2: Family Trip is here

We have started new posting. I'm doing Specialty posting at the moment. It include 4 disciplines- Anaesthesiology, Ophthalmology (I'm doing both at the same time for a month now); ENT and Radiology (for the rest one month left). I've done Ophthalmology before. Anaesthesiology is something new and I was really looking forward to it.

What surprised me though is, I found that I like being in the OT (operating theatre). It doesn't matter if I'm on the surgical side or the anaesthetist side, I just like OT's atmosphere. I'm interested in anaes at the moment, probably because I'm intrigued and confused about the drugs. But intubation excites me; and I wanna get the chance to mask and bag and intubate too. Okay. I'll stop before I bore everyone to death.

I got 2 wedding invitations on December 12- one in Semenyih and one in Klang; one of childhood friend, and one of high school friend. And 12th is also my best friend's (of 18 years) birthday (and I still have no present >.< ). PLUS, I will probably be just arriving from Sungai Petani Kedah, that morning, depending on if we're driving, taking the flight or bus (in which, I have to reconfirm with the partner in crime).
I hate dilemma.

November 18, 2009

Favourite Shots of the Moment

Since this has been neglected, I present to you some of my favourite shots at the moment. These were taken in Melaka while we had our Psychiatry posting and had our Mental Health Community Project.

I liked the background, how it turned that way after a colleague suggested to change the setting, so i snapped this (above) and this (below):

and I'm still not too happy with it =( I wanted to experiment more but I planned to take pictures of the rest of the group there too so I delayed it (the experiment). Unfortunately, it rained soon after. That was the only free early evening that we had in that one week, sadly.

Don't you just love the coulourful pens? It's my laptop's wallpaper at the moment =P

Just because.

This week is Week 8 of Psychiatry. I liked this posting, had lots of interesting encounters and it did change some of my misconceptions (even though I did Psychiatry in Perth already). And 2009 is almost at the end as well. Interestingly, I met lots of lovely new people, traveled TWICE to Cameron Highland, had a blast in food-hunting (I fear that it will not stop even though Psychiatry is finishing soon) and attended International Humanitarian Conference at PWTC last weekend.
My cousin gave birth 2 days ago, I have a couple of wedding invitation before this year ends AND there's still Le Tour de Kedah that I want to join.

And something to look forward to this weekend! Something similar to this:
I haven't met the girls for a while now, I hope it would be fun meeting them again ^^

P/s- I've learned one definition of 'sleeping early' yesterday- yes, indeed, 1 a.m. is early.
Please note the sarcastic remarks in there

I promised I'd post something about food shukudai here, right? >.< will do that this weekend, I hope.

October 28, 2009

Popia or Cakoi?

'Ayah' said this is 'popia'

People, meet 'popia'

No. That was a joke. This is called cakoi. It's really nice for evening tea.
With hot tea, of course.

October 3, 2009

Photos: Purple Flowers

This came on August 28th, at around 3 p.m. when I was about to go out.
I've been outsmarted this time... but it was really a pleasant surprise!

Tidbits for the day:

Opthalmoscopy- looking into one's soul~

This is not a quote from anyone, just some lame joke I made with Amal. Doctors use opthalmoscope to look at the retina and people say eyes are windows to people's souls. Put two and two together and you get the lame joke I'm trying to give.

(p/s- can I look into certain someone's then? xD *flees*)

September 30, 2009

Tidbits for the Day

"Dia" = right through
"Gnosis" = knowledge

"Dia+Gnosis" = Diagnosis


Lecture by the Dean today sort of reminded me the reason why I chose to study medicine in the first place. Insert stories by him are always FTW <3 I didn't feel sleepy at all in his class today- alhamdulillah. Yay for me.

But having students from 3 unis in the same ward... o_o. And tomorrow's on-call >.<


Rhi & Rachie received the letters. So did Silv, Ana-sensei, Diana, Kak Fad and Ija. Earlier was Pan, AiAi, Kitten and Angel. I'm aiming for Adrumon & Nelly next; maybe Kato-poo too- I just have to figure out what. Pan's bday is coming in 6 days- self reminding.

On the other note, I was studying in the kitchen/living area when I felt the dining table moved/shook. And when I looked on the floor, I realized the ground was moving. I seriously thought it was the house, until I saw Denise's post on an earthquake in Sumatera O.o
Sham felt it too, so we weren't imagining things!

coming post- Photos: "While Waiting in the Car" ; Food Shukudai: Coffee @ Boston
list of things to do: psy-catching up/assignments, lj-catching up, sending the youngest one to KLIA, raya-open houses(?), crimson & circle

September 12, 2009

Photos: Mom's Little Garden

Theme: Mom's Little Garden
Venue: KL Home, Kuala Lumpur
Date: August 28th, 2009

On the lighter note, I guess I post this here. Got a phone call from a friend of 18 years (2 more years and it'll be 20 years of friendship! yay!) and that somehow lightened up my mood.

I've been wanting to capture some of these since the plants were sent from Sungai Petani last June. When I took the camera out to take the purple flower shots Rachie sent, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get some from the garden too; after all, the evening sun was lovely. Please enjoy this~ ^.^

Yes, if you're wondering, I love macro shots. Another favourite of mine is capturing people- candid, because I think that's when the emotion comes out. But of course, with capturing people's picture, it'll be more of personal collection, right? Sometimes when I look at some mag scans, I wonder if I can pictures like that too.

At the moment, in our (read: me and my brother) wish list is the 18-200mm lens... but err... yeah, that will take some time seing at how it's out of our budget at the moment.

Next: Purple Flowers // While Waiting In the Car...

September 11, 2009

. . .

I feel like I'm being forced to choose between something that I cannot choose.
. . .

Fine... If I do it, will you be happy?

It breaks my heart, but it doesn't matter now, does it?
I hope you are happy

August 28, 2009

Special Education

It really is disheartening when you see bullied children in school. There are two big categories in here and my heart goes to these two categories. It really is sad when you think about it, especially when school is supposed to be the place where kids' potentials are explored. To actually take the responsibility to shape a person is big and I salute teachers because they are brave enough to take this responsibility; especially because children are Allah's trusts to us.

If teachers realized of how big their responsibility is, I'm sure they would be and are great teachers who nourish and flourish their students.

Therefore, it is really heartbreaking when the teachers themselves are involved in student bullying- be it physical, emotional or verbal; or when teachers closed their eyes on the bullying cases happening at school. Bullying is another issue that I don't understand the reasons behind it. Bullied person will end up either being a bully himself or it will make him or her inferior person; in which both are no good. And the fact that people hide behind phrases like "We could survived bullying back then, why can’t you now?" is just utter rubbish.

Where in any religion teaches bullying?

Back to the topic, when I said two big categories, it's referring to the normal kids and the special kids i.e. kids in special classes. With regards to special education in Malaysia, it is in my opinion that we are way behind compared to the other developed countries, or perhaps even compared to Singapore.

No doubt it is good that we have Special Education for these special children but there are more that needs to be done. When I mention special children they refer to LD (Learning Disability; known as Mental Retardation or MR before), CP (cerebral palsy), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), Down's syndrome, Asperger's Syndrome, autistics, GDD (Global Developmental Delay), and many more. These children, they not only need special attention and special care, but they also need specially trained teachers to handle them.

Sadly in Malaysia, we are very behind in our knowledge on these children. What we have to understand is each and every one of these children is different. Each of them has their own abilities and weaknesses. And most of these children can't be dealt with punishment; and what I mean by punishment include hitting and yelling. Children like those with autism are very sensitive to yelling; it would set them off and yet many can’t understand it.

I guess it all comes back to the root- accepting these children. You know, for the parents to be blessed with these special children, they are among the strongest people I've met in the course of a few weeks spent in Child Psychiatry clinics. For us, we only see these children in the short hours in the clinics. And even in school, they are only there for half a day. But these parents are taking care of them for the rest of their life. Every parent wants to see their children soar high in the sky and with these children, even with these limitations, the least that they could hope is for them to be able to stand independently and live in the society.

And truth to be told, our society is NOT ready to accept these children yet- with the comments of 'leave them at home', 'don't bring them to the shopping centre' and what not. Do we realize that when we are not accepting these children, we are indirectly not accepting what Allah has given us?

The reason behind this article would always be the cases I've seen in the clinics. My heart breaks especially when a case of bullying came and the parents have to fight tooth and nail for the right of their child. Hearing comments like "they were advised to not to go to school" is just disheartening. Seeing how distress a child is when school is mentioned is heartbreaking. Seeing how a chid refuse to speak up the truth because of fear is saddening.

If this is to be translated as a painting, it's as though the existence of special education is just a cover-up. It's frustrating to see that sometimes when the higher up people have vision of having better education, it is not conducted well on the prosecution level. And when matters are highlighted, everyone is afraid to speak up or even speak the truth because of fear, pride and unwillingness to take the responsibilities.

These children deserve the same education and treatment as the other children. Sadly, we don’t see that because our eyes only see their 'flaws' when it is not even 'flaw' but gift.

These parents with gifted children, I have much respect. Some even go all the way to stop working to give their full attention in training these children to better equip them for real life. Some may even consider going overseas for better education. Some even risks their jobs to fight for their children's right.

Are we not touched?

Why don't we put ourselves in their shoes? What if God gives us these special children? Will we be able to love and nurture them? Will we know how hard it is to give them the education that they deserve? Can we even accept them and how they are?

There are a lot more issues if I were to write about children. But one thing for sure is how parents treat the children and their influence makes much difference. The same would go to the next levels- teachers, peers and the society.

The case today, if I were to talk about, I probably will end up with tears. And these tears would be tears of frustration. It instantly reminded me on a character’s fight for her adopted child who was a Down's Syndrome girl. It’s as though I'm seeing the storyline in real life; the parents will face a lot of challenges, prejudice and perhaps isolation. But if they don't make their voices heard, if they opt for the same as everyone else who choose to shut their mouth because they are afraid and ashamed, then forever will these children be ill-treated and mis-treated, behind all the pretence of the goods that are 'done' for them.

In the book called The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the character fights not just for her child, but also for the future of the children who are like her child. This unselfishness is something that we should applaud them on.

You know, school is supposed to be a fun place for children to learn and explore different skills. When it’s becoming a place of restraint, we are actually limiting their potential.

Worse, what will be our answer to Him on the Day of the Judgement?

Now, in saying this, I'm not accusing teachers; I'm just saying that we need more specially trained teachers to teach these children because ideally for the special needs children, the ratio of teacher to children is 1 to 3 -5 students. Placing teachers without special train would also stres them out and hence it could lead to bullying like this.

August 8, 2009


The two kindest people I've ever met, husband and wife and both whose profession is noble,
We were helping them moving the few things left behind,
Tiredness was clearly shown, and we were worried.
For these two kindest people, I really pray that their life is blessed and happy till the end of days
Because even when we're no longer learning under them officially,
they still offer their humble hands, smiling and wanting

One of the many reasons prompting me to write this,
is 5x10
I believe it has made a few people I know cried
For me it's just simply nostalgic, memorable and full of love
The rythm is just simply beautiful
And the lyrics... they make me smile each time I read every word

When I was listening to it, I remember these 2 kind people among the many people that have made great impacts in my life.

For that, thank you~

July 27, 2009

Black Canyon (Monday Night Post)

There's nothing nicer than a good dinner with a group of friends (and good coffee :P)

According to sis, a friend asked when will be our next group outing... I guessed the last one was that awesome caving and that was like half a year ago? Where shall we go this time? Cameron again? An island? National park? Fishing? XDD


We're learning Research and Evidence Based Medicine (R&EBM) at the moment. Classes are held in college (the Street Mall campus); morning usually would be SCTL/Lecture and afternoon would be workshop. The first week concentrated on critical and lateral thinking. The second week focused on EBM itself and experimental research; the main focus was for us to be able to critically appraised a journal.

This week we are attending a course called Good Clinical Practice; in which it is a certified course, where if in the future we want to conduct a research, we're already GCP-trained (provided we pass the test on Friday) and would be able to conduct one.

Somehow, R&EBM inspired me, strengthen the long-term goals I have in my mind since I entered CUCMS and aspire me to learn more. And, the fact that it takes my mind off a lot of disturbing/painful stuff in my head, I'm thankful too. A welcome distraction XD

On the other hand, I found myself to somewhat easily angered/irritated lately. Fortunately I realize this early and everytime it happens, I find myself rationalizing over the what-ever ridiculous excuse that annoys me...

P/s- those I met in Shogun, it was really nice meeting you girls again! ^.^V
PP/s- Yes, Disney Sea is still a dream to be realized some when in the future... that's a promise between me and my cousin, no matter how old we get, we'll go there one day =^^=

July 18, 2009


I know I've been taking things for granted
I realized that... and if it will make things worse, I'll cut it off...

But let me be selfish for one last time
Just one last time, then I'll stop it already

For putting up with me, thank you
For making you angry, I apologize

July 14, 2009

Back in College

Ahhh~ Good to know that this and other weblog sites are not blocked by college...

First day of school (we're officially in Year 4 now, believe it or not) and I was already so stressed yesterday.

Wonder what's in store for the rest of the week.
Wonder what's in store for the rest of this unit and the whole year too T________T

On the side note, we have a new housemate <3
(We need to get the internet fixed asap *sighs*)

July 12, 2009

Photos: Cake

Theme: Cake- Different Perspectives
Venue: Cousin's Reception, Damansara
Date: 14th June 2009

This took longer than I thought to upload. Sorry about that.
Some previews:

The whole collection is here:

These aren't great... I'm stil learning, so please be nice. Yoroshiku, ne? ^^

July 10, 2009



Should I say it's all coming back to me now?

I really don't know what to do.

At times like this, trying to be fair to everyone, I feel like running away again.
Unfortunately the 'house of salvation' that I had in Perth is still in Perth.

Edited: I sort of have a resolution after last night... after that, I'll lay low. After all, it's only right; felt like I've been invading the space for quite some time. It's time for me to stop pretending I'm one of them.

July 4, 2009

Buried dreams

Since this is not read, I feel safe jotting this down here

What I thought has left me, at least I thought for a while longer,
turned out to be only deeply buried and left forgotten
Or maybe just unconsciously being ignored instead of forgotten

But past few days, I found myself of wanting it again
and having at least one of my own...

Yeah, having most of my friends married and have child/children
did that to me

*bats the weird feeling and this post away*

June 23, 2009


Temporary layout
For now; until I make a new one

Because I'm bored with the last one

I'm not happy with this one tho... I may change into a new layout once I find a suitable one

June 21, 2009

New House

Got to Kuala Terengganu late evening...
I slept most of the way to KT, in the bus... which was.... not me at all.
There was a strange, excited feeling, one close to "tadaima" as we passed by Kerteh
that shows how much I looked at Kerteh as home despite only spent 2 years fully there,
and despite the fact that we have no house there...
Even school doesn't look the same from afar

Reached the new house...
I was speechless... Lotsa work to be done till this looks like a house
Okay, I'm exaggerating
Still, it needs a lot of re-arranging
But I like it. I like the new house *Yay!*

Contact her; might just as well meet up while she's here
InsyaAllah tonight? ^^
Thank you for wanting to meet up :)

June 18, 2009

June 17th

1 day
2 places
3 desserts
4 girls

To you who go by the names of Ai, Aimee and Ija,
Thank you very much for such a lovely day
On June 17th, 2009

June 17, 2009

Photos: Cameron- Flowers and Tea

Theme: Flowers and Tea
Venue: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (a great holiday place if you want somewhere not hot with great scenery;D )
Date: 12th June 2009

Due to the number of shots I took, I uploaded the whole 34 photos in my flickr account. Please head here to see the rest of the photos. These are taken when we (Yegies) went to Cameron straight after our last paper.

Some previews:

The rest:

On a smaller not: Happy 26th Birthday to you who were born on this date 26 years ago ^^

June 15, 2009

I Miss... (2)

I almost cried reading sb's history just now...
Like, literally tears gathered in my eyes.

Gwendy, if somehow you ended up here and reading this, I missed you! *hugs*

Monday Morning Post

I haven't write this kinda post for quite some time! XD

On Yegies
Yegies is a name Azy came up with for our group in Year 3 (derived from Y3G1 -Year 3 Group 1). Our group's dynamic was... interesting... at least for me... We're okay since the beginning no major fight and things like that... But by Public Health, I believe we've become closer to the point that it's sad to break up next year. For our last group outing (we didn't have many until after Paediatrics), every one agreed to go to Cameron, straight after exam. Cameron was love... Unfortunately Azy couldn't come with us.

Next time I mentioned Yegies, it will refer to us: K.I, Amal, Aamir, Naj, Mosh, Shahril, Tikah, Syak, Ima, Keenah, Meena, Kew, Ama, Azy and I
Photos will be uploaded later~

On Batch's Final (Grand) Dinner
There were lots of 'why's' during the planning (not by our group) and lots of disagreements I guess... The dinner itself was... okay... but the vids were awesome ^^ Awesome in a sense that each group will remember their vid the most. There were lots of picture-taking session; but I had my gastric in the middle of the dinner- that dampened my mood.

Our batch can't handle buffet. Period.

On Discussion and Understanding (Ramble)
Sometimes things don't go as planned... And you have to let go of some things because of priority. At times role changes and responsibilities are hand over to other party; in this case I guess communication is vital. Some people might not care much about certain things, but to some, because it is precious and meaningful, it's sensitive and in the end it leads to being upset. At times like this, understanding it from the other party's point of view is important, or else anger and miscommunication will keep on brewing and simmering.

I'm not siding with anyone; nor would I feel upset because I'm no key person. But I'll be glad to lend ears or hands.

June 6, 2009

Letting Go

I'm having issue with... letting go *headdesk*
If someone has a cure, or some solutions/suggestions, let me know
I'll be thankful...

June 3, 2009

One Week Plus

A little more than a week... then we're gonna have one month break before EBM class starts and Elective posting marks our 4th Year in August...

And within this a little more than a week, there are still reports and presentations to be prepared... on weekdays, I'm still stuck in Sepang... Things to do before break starts:
- help the specialists move
- revise because...
- EXAMS coming!
- Yegies' Final Outing ? -> Cameron?
- Engagement party
- Batch Dinner at D'Tasik
- Cousin's Reception

I want to go (back) to Kuala Terengganu since there would be more un-packing to be done (and because I missed the sea? XD) but mom wants us to clear up the boxes in KL first...

On the other note, was the launching of Health Intervention Programme a success last Sunday? I don't know... but somehow, unexpectedly, our programme (and picture) came up on Monday's Sinar paper (even on the coloumn of 41% too!) XD

Pictures? Maybe later when I'm free...

May 30, 2009

Today's Memory

Stress will either make me run away from that place, write or doing something impromptu..
In this case, I vented out by drawing using something that I've never used before- chalk pastel :P (The flower comes from a PV- Ashita no Kioku)

Memory of Today

And this is my new toy chalk pastel XDD I used them on the mounting board (the black board)


May 29, 2009


Every adult has child-like and childish character
No matter how hard they try to pretend not to
It's there


I want to write... I want to continue Escape... a sequal, or make it an ongoing one...
I think the stress in PH made me feel like writing
It has always been like that... stress => writing
I just don't have time to spend the entire night writing!

I want to go home. Sunday is HIP but I think I'll go home tonight- haven't been back for 3 weeks and I'm homesick already
Even for one night
(and borrow my bro's D60 for the programme)

On the side-note, we're moving to Kuala Terengganu! *Yay!*

May 21, 2009

Lunch @ Bayou

This entry is inspired by Arashi no Shukudai-kun's food segment (I think the food in there actually pushed me to do this)[Until there's an official page of where I can report my own food 'shukudai', I'll do it here]
Last Friday, Amal and I decided to try the food in Bayou (we've been eying the Mushroom Fettuccine for quite a while)
I'm not sure where else they have Bayou... but the one in Alamanda is love ^^

Bayou Veggies of the day
Somehow, the veggies of the day had some parts burnt a bit... this one is saute and sprinkled with salt and pepper

Mushroom Fetuccini Poached Peach
Left: Mushroom Fettuccine... A bit dry, but there are a lot of mushroom and that itself made us happy.
Right: Dessert- Poached Peach... Sorbet-like dessert with vanilla ice-cream. The ice-cream actually soothes the acidic taste of the peach... somehow, if that makes sense

Coffee = Bayou@Alamanda
And what can I do without lovely coffee?? XDD

May 14, 2009


First episode of Smile shocked me...
I found myself looking forward to it now more so compared to The Quiz Show
(it was the other way round just a few weeks ago)

And I like the background music in Smile too.

Maybe I'm not in the mood of watching mysterious/thriller at the moment?

May 13, 2009


It came, slowly building in...
Reached the highest peak at one point and the bubble was burst with happiness
A few moments later, after huge sparkle spreading amidst the darkness like 'hanabi' on the dark night sky
... everything was lost...

Now it's empty...
Like wave crashing down, smashing the white sand away,
Disrupting the harmony of the once peaceful pattern...

Now... confusion set in...
Behind the mask was hurt... Penetrated deep,
Like it was not worth it
Especially when the feeling is like being left out

To leave or not to leave?
To open door and and give in to being soft-hearted?
There's a small voice, asking for a second chance
But the hurt that remains is still quite painful

That's how it feels now~

May 11, 2009

To write again

I guess I've been on hiatus for too long
I missed writing
Being in Sepang, it's almost feel like isolation... except, I have another 14 people with me
Maybe Public Health is just not an area of medicine for me...

Sleeping at 3 a.m. almost everyday?
Isn't that normal now?
A friend asked how do I function... truthfully, I don't know... :P

In any way, I'll probably start writing here again...
It will probably sound different this time around... I think
And I'm thinking of revamping the whole layout too... or maybe that can wait... till I can find some time to really sit down and concentrate on this. At the moment, I have mountains of work, pending... and it's giving me headache already...

The new title? It's aspired from (or more like direct translation of) 'Ashita no Kioku'
I like it... So I think I'll stick with that for a while...
(But I hate the current banner... I'm changing that later on too)


February 13, 2009

“Please do not stop making doa for us”

I haven't been writing in here due to the hectic schedule of Paediatrics. Alhamdulillah we now have finished one more posting and next to come is Obstetric and Gynaecology.

I sat in front of my laptop,
Reading the experience of one of the doctors who was able to get into Gaza,
With 'We Will Not Go Down' playing in the background,
I sobbed like a child...

" Everytime we asked “what can we do for you?" The answer would be;
"Please do not stop making doa for us." "

I thought I'd share that piece from his experience...