November 27, 2004

Islam Hadhari

The 10 basic principles of Islam Hadhari:

  • Piety and faith in Allah
  • A just and trustworthy government
  • A free and independent people
  • The vigorous persuit and mastery in knowledge
  • Balance and comprehensive economic development
  • A good quality of life for the people
  • Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  • Cultural and moral integrity
  • Safeguarding natural resources and the environment
  • Strong defence capabilities

Taken from Explaining Islam Hadhari by Arman Ahmad, New Straits Time, Friday Nov. 26 2004, Page 14 under the section Prime News.

(sorry, no proper citation for this. I will if there's a request, but it'll be strictly Harvard's style 'cos I'm used to that :p )

The 11 basic principles/fundamentals of Islam:

5 Pillars of Islam (Rukun Islam)

  • The testification of faith "There is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah" (Mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah)
  • Performing the prayers (Solat)
  • Giving out zakat (Membayar zakat)
  • Observing the fast of Ramadhan (Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan)
  • Performing the pilgrimage (Menunaikan haji bagi yang mampu)

p/s- English text taken from The Fundamentals of Islam, Islamic Information Centre

6 beliefs/faiths of Islam (Rukun Iman)

  • Belief in Allah (Percaya kepada Allah)
  • Belief in His Angels (Percaya kepada Malaikat)
  • Belief in Devine Books (Percaya kepada Kitab)
  • Belief in His Prophets (Percaya kepada Nabi)
  • Belief in the Last Day (Percaya kepada Hari Kiamat)
  • Belief in the Devine Destiny (Percaya kepada Qada' dan Qadar)

p/s- English text taken from A Glimpse of The Islamic Faith, Islamic Information Centre

So, does this mean Islam Hadhari is different from the Islam that we know, belief and practice now that it has it's own principles?

Quiz for our brilliant mind:

What is ONE nation that no matter what they say about Islam, they are still Muslim/Islamic people? (Apa dia satu bangsa yang tak kira la apa2 sahaja yang mereka kata pasal Islam, mereka masih Islam?)

Answer: Malay (Bangsa Melayu)

p/s- Do I need to explain? Think about it. It happens everywhere with this 'bangsa'. Tolak hukum al-Quran pun still considered Islam, kutuk Nabi s.a.w pun still Islam, enggan ikut hadis dan sunnah Nabi s.a.w pun still Islam, mengagung-agungkan selain Allah pun masih Islam, buat/cipta hukum sendiri pun masih Islam... Hebat ya?

Wallahualam bissawab.

pp/s: I apologize to have to delay the Eid pictures until after I get back to Kerteh, which means after Dec 4th.

November 22, 2004

Home Sweet Home


Alhamdulillah I'm back at my house in Setapak KL now.
The past few days were very hectic, with packing and moving stuff to Mounts Bay Village.
And some of the stuff had to be put in one of the unit that's available now, and guess what, it's on the top floor, the fourth floor! And no lift, so we had to take the stairs!
Scratch that.
Not only that unit is on the top floor, but the rest of 3 units as well! Man, isn't it gonna be a good exercise next year? :p
Only mine and Alia's unit is not confirmed yet, till January.

Enough about that. As I said, yesterday was quite hectic, beginning with packing the rest of the stuff and sending them to Mounts Bay Village.
By one o'clock on me, Din and Gundat finished. Poor guys had to take the tvs and heavy computer stuff up to the fourth floor!

Then we reached Victoria Park's Recreation Centre a bit late, around 2.20 p.m. It was a Jamuan Raya by the Consulate of Malaysia in Perth. Luckily there was food because that afternoon, Currie Hall didn't provide any lunch!

When I reached the airport, it was a few minutes to 3 AND they only allowed passangers to go to the whole are of checking in. Usually there's an area where other people could wait while the passangers check in, but this time around, none anymore. I think it was because of the many people that's flying home. As a consequences, I didn't get to meet Ima and Hasni like planned! I'd like to apologize to them... :(

And then, when it was our turn, I had to repack because of overload. Luckily I checked in with Fauzan and Rizal, so I handed in the books into their places. That made us the LAST people to check in (and it was already final call and time to depart!) And we were being escorted to the gate :p The flight were delayed for more than half an hour due to some people hadn't board yet, namely us 3! :p

Barulah terasa apa yang dikatakan, kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan!

Fauzan and Rizal got to sit in the bussiness class though! Lucky chaps! At the airport, I met Fauzan's family and Rizal's mom and youngest brother... Very nice people ^_^

Pictures? Give me a few days, yeah? I'll upload them insyaAllah... Right now there are a few more things to be settled. (and get nasi lemak/roti canai for breakfast instead of just cereal and toasts! :D)


November 14, 2004



I was just about to record the song I love from and they changed the song to a raya nasyid!!!!!!!!!! And I was streaming it the whole afternoon and night yesterday! The ilham only came before I went to sleep... And I was like, 'ok, I'll record it tomorrow as my personal file in the comp'

And now... huhuhu.... my heart's shattered to million pieces! I'll be haunted by the song all my life!! Ok, maybe I'm exeggerating here.

Anyway, we went for Sunat Aidil Fitr prayer this morning in Kings Park, and later on dropped by Nazim's house in Fairway (next to uni) under his invitation. All the pictures would be up AFTER my last paper on Thursday because I still need to get it from Azura. She and Diana will be going back tomorrow morning.

And I'll continue with lecture notes and PBL now :)


Post-scriptum: Called Faizah in Ukraine last night... and for a 6 bucks value left in my Global Dial card, I could only talk for 10 minutes! How unfair is that? And I called my family in KL this afternoon too... Huhuhu... surprisingly my bros all voluntarily wanted to talk to me :p And keriuhan as the background voice when I was talking to my mum made anticipation to go back this coming Sunday greater. Everyone's gathering at my Pak Long's house in Bangi 'cos my nenek's there, tomorrow only they're going back to kampung in Kuala Selangor. :)

November 13, 2004


"Welcome to the club" Abadi said earlier when I told him that we're celebrating Eid in Perth instead of Malaysia.

I was on the computer when I heard the brothers were praying Maghrib prayer (jemaah). Let me tell you that here in Currie Hall, since Alia and I was occupying the double room, it's situated on the guys' wing, thus I'm stuck on the guys' wing as well. So everytime they pray together (or everytime someone turn on Juz Amma a bit loud in the morning or all day :) ), we could hear them. Then suddenly I heard they bertakbir. I was stunned for a moment... 'Oh yea... esok raye!' Then Alia came in, 'Wani, dengar tak?!' I was like nodding and smiling from one ear to the other end 'Mmm... raye...' 'So confirmed la raya esok?' 'Confirmla kot'

Sayu... When I heard that there was a tug in my heart. So this is how it felt to celebrate Eid away from your family. This must be how Huda, Abadi and Tini felt last year (second time for Abadi tho' last year). And this must be how my Angah Shaza and Along Faizah in UK and Ukraine feel too since this is the first time the three of us celebrate it apart from each other, and in different continent as well!

'And this must be how they feel as well' Getus kata hatiku... Only now you appriciate the value of family, huh?

My body's shaking now. I haven't had proper meal since breaking the fast last night and missing sahur this morning. Maybe I should cook the maggie left or the mushroom soup that I bought when I was sick last month...

ATTENTION: Dalam Kelam Readers!

I've changed the URL from to So if you view this page using Dalam Kelam URL, then you might want to change it to Wani-Z because you won't see latest entries using anymore. This would be the last entry you see.

I'm really really sorry for screwing this up, for I just found out about it. Obviously I need to do something to stop the confusion now. InsyaAllah, it'll be settled by the end of the year.

In the meanwhile, redirect this URL to
Thanks, I appriciate it very much. And sorry for any inconvinience (sp?)


'Idul-Fithri: Jump to...


Just visited one of the blogs that I love to visit.
Jump to
fatiha-penawarku to read about Eid and sambutan raya umat Islam.
A very informative article.

Also while you're there, read about Khaulah binti Azur and Saidatina Khadijah r.a.
Touching facts and history (especially about Ummul Mukminin... almost made me cry)

Ergh... I need to get back to my books now...

post-scriptum: I can't believe I miss sahur again this morning! And on the last day as well! And will miss tradisi makan jemput-jemput on second day raya kat kampung! Huhuhu... lagi 4 tahun tak dapat makan jemput2 ngan my beloved cousins and auties sambil borak2 pagi 2nd raya...


Ok, I don't know how many times in a day I want to post an entry.
This 'soothing' song I was talking about before really boost up my motivation to write something despite the amount of FCP lectures and Problem Based Learning Cases that I have to read in preparation for the paper on Monday!

I just wanted to state the obvious. I changed the URL of to and I deleted the temporary page of TWM on hiatus. I guess after more than a month, I'm ready to open up again. So no matter which address you used, be it dalam-kelam or wani-z, you'll still be directed to this page. *Edited: If you used Dalam Kelam add, you won't see latest entry of wani-z. Darn, I'm so screwed up now! How am I going to fix this?* So much for 'in distress'! I can't get away from writing... It's blend deep within me since I was 12, what can I say? And I sort of have an idea where I want TWM to go, so there you go, as a result, I'm blossoming up again! Heh!

Oh, I also want to take this opportunity to wish all of you Salam Eid al-Mubarak and Maaf Zahir Batin! I know there'd be very little people to read this since it's a couple of days day before Eid and who would sit in front of a comp a couple of days before Eid? *I know I did, on the day of Raya itself when I was 15 :p* No fancy banner though... have no time to make those...

Pray for my success in this exam!


November 12, 2004


I was using Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary when I was writing a fanfic a few weeks back. And it just came across my mind of what would Wani (as Japanese word) means. Guess what? It means crocodile.


Huhuhu... sounds very aggressive huh? Am I like that in characteristic? I sure hope not.
What I know, Al-Wani in Arabic means colourful.
And Hazwani means 'My gift'

Hmm... I sure hope that I have both characteristics though this time ;)


Rambling of an absent mind

Forgive me for this entry. For a few moments I'm feeling like my old self- when I was 15-18 (and maybe a bit of 19) Thus this entry will sound more like when I first started blogging in August last year.

I'm listening (streaming is more like it... mati la... sure my uni Netusage turun lagi banyak... dah la nak balik, so malas nak top up... ah, biar aa!) to a 'soothing' song from and I love it 'cos it's fully flute (or maybe some woodwind family instrument if not flute), guitar (acoustic I think) and violin. I can't resist the sound of violin and piano, makes me all sappy and melancholic! *rolleyes*

When I got back from school this morning, I was thinking it might be good to spill everything in my head into my private journal... When I looked up onto the laptop screen, I neglected that thought. And now hearing this music again, I feel like jotting it down somewhere.

Fear... fear of failing;and blaming myself for wasting a lot of time and energy. Yet, I've never learned, huh? One minute you're full with determination, and next you forget your vow. How many times do I have to keep on reminding myself to change my habit and attitude? What could be a driving force for that? Work? Busied yourself with uni's activity? I don't know, but at the moment I'm prepared to try just about anything so this could work out.

Different emotions ran through my mind today. Calm and happy... then panic and restless... then fear and paranoia... then I feel like shutting myself from everyone else... 'don't you DARE ask me any questions' That was what I was thinking if anyone I meet try to ask me the question.

Then as I read the news, I felt surge of anger from my heart. Luckily I'm not the person who's so easy to swear around.. my tongue was not trained to speak up the dirty language even though throughout this journey my ears and eyes often came across the words. Al-Fatihah to Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat... Semalam petang masa called Ima, I told her... 'Eii... kalaulah derang tu semut yg kecik2, dah lama aku pijak sume2 sampai mati... Buat sakit hati je kewujudan derang ni dlm dunia' (well, the last part I added just now :p)

Then I looked back all the emotions that crossed my mind today. Should I feel sad and regret over a few papers? 'Orang Islam tak bersedih' Kata Hasni. "...tidak ada kekhuatiran terhadap mereka, dan tidak (pula) pula mereka bersedih hati" Al-Baqarah ayat 62. 'Biar lah apa nak jadipun sekarang... aku redha... at least aku dah berusaha setakat mana yang aku rasa aku mampu' I thought after Zuhur.

Should I get angry over the news?
'Ketika masyarakat dunia mengucapkan takziah dan berkabung, Perdana Menteri Israel, Ariel Sharon dan Presiden Amerika, George W Bush, menyifatkan kematian Arafat sebagai titik tolak yang membuka lembaran baru terhadap sejarah Asia Barat.' (Source:
Arafat Meninggal (Berita Harian) )
What the hell?! Oops... sorry... terlepas... Realitinya, mereka bersorak seorang lagi pemimpin Muslim meninggal... Yes... I loath these people... keep on counting their fingers how many left and to be taken down.

Ok... enough rambling of my absent mind. Anyhow, if anyone happens to know the name of the song I was talking about... pls pls pls pls tell me, so I could hunt for it? I'm sort of addicted to it already!
Time for Asr prayer, then off to library to take a certain book. Tonight might be the last Tarawikh. The other day I was so sad it's the end of Ramadhan I almost cried. Hopefully I still live next year to see yet another Ramadhan huh?


Post-scriptum: I keep on going to Geng Jurnal and have a look around... Hmm... very magnetic attraction... Am I attracted to it? Haha! Dream on, girl!

November 11, 2004

Rain and Ramadhan

It's officially Spring now.
But it's raining like it's winter.
Cooling air and sprinkle of water...
Onto this Aussie Earth which always have water problem...
What more blessing can one ask?
In this blessed month Ramadhan al-Mubarak?

It's coming to an end, I'm so sad...
Yesterday I thought we still have 5 more days to go,
To grab and make full use of this Ramadhan,
It turned out to be just another 3 days left!
And excluding today, just 2 days left!
How fast can time fly?

Ramadhan slowly walks away from us...
Let us make full use of it by increasing our ibadah!
For next year, we may not live to see
Another month of blessed Ramadhan...

I'm having my first paper tomorrow... A bit nervous, hence this spur of a moment unplanned poem (which sounds funny to me) came to existance... Nevermind about the weirdness of the language, so long that you get my message! :)

Huhu... I'm thinking of changing my server to What do you think?


November 9, 2004


Hati ini menangis tatkala membaca berita ratusan lagi umat Islam dipijak dan dibunuh oleh kafir laknatullah! Timbul rasa marah, geram, dan benci melihatkan saudara-saudaraku dipijak, ditindas dan dibunuh... Adakah ini ujian buat umat Islam? Atau mungkin balasan yang hendak Allah tunjukkan akibat kita melalaikan suruhanNya dan tanggungjawab kita sebagai Khalifatullah di muka bumi? Apakah yang mampu kita lakukan? Dalam suasana di akhir Ramadhan, dan keseronokan umat Islam (contohnya Malaysia!) yang ghairah hendak meraikan Eid Mubarak, saudara kita berpuasa dalam debu peperangan, dan kita masih lagi boleh ketawa dalam gembira tatkala mereka berdepan dengan kematian?

"Dimana nilai kemanusiaan, sebagai hamba Tuhan? Hadirlah kedamaian, kami memerlukan" Lagu Kedamaian oleh Brothers.

Ayuh Bangun Semula oleh Alarm Me

Terpaksa merana
Jiwaku gelodak meronta
Derita insan teraniaya
Yang tak berdosa

Pilu melihat
Dirimu diruntun sengsara
Sayu kau hadapi
Ujian kehidupan

Suara itu semakin hilang
Ia tak lagi kedengaran
Cahaya harapan hanya khayalan
Di manakah keadilan

Ayuh bersama kita lenyapkan
Hapuskanlah segala penderitaan
Kembalikanlah kemanusiaan
Demi masa hadapan

Kita melangkah seiring bersama
Hentikan kezaliman di bumi tercinta
Janji teguh kan tersemat di jiwa
Yang benar pasti berjaya

Percaya tak akan
Tertutup mata hatiku
Jiwaku meronta
Kerna kebatilan yang nyata

Kubalut luka usah berduka
Menadah tangan pada Yang Kuasa
Gapai tanganku bersama yakin
Kita kan bangkit semula...

Fikirkanlah! Wallahualam bissawab

November 3, 2004

Kisah Semut

Kisah Semut.. [Di-copy and paste from Hakim's post in Friendster Bulletin Board. Ade jugak gunanya Bulletin Board ni... untuk menyebarkan peringatan kepada umat!]

Peringatan penulis: Cerita ni hanya rekaan semata-mata, tiada kena mengena dengan apa-apa yang wujud di alam ini sekalipun..cuma secebis kisah rekaan untuk peringatan kita semua...

Al kisah di satu bandar yang mewah tinggal seorang budak yg berasal dari keluarga yang berada. Rumahnya besar dan mempunyai tersangatlah banyak bilik.

Lalu budak ni pon mengambil satu bilik yang tidak digunakan dalam beribu-ribu bilik dirumahnya ni, lalu meletakkan dua ekor semut di dalamnya, dan berpesanlah budak itu kepada semut2 itu, katanya " tinggallah kamu di bilik ini dan ikutlah apa yg aku dah bagitau dan jauhilah larangan2 ku sehingga pintu bilik ini aku buka semula.
Lalu dikuncinya bilik itu rapat2. setiap tiga hari dia akan on lampu dalam bilik tu dan tiga hari laginya lampu akan di off, dan begitulah seterusnya.maka tinggallah dua ekor semut itu di dalam bilik itu...

Lalu beranak pinaklah dua ekor semut ini sehingga menjadi tersangat ramailah anaknya. Walaupon kedua ekor semut yang awal tadi pernah hidup di luar bilik, iaitu di dunia yang Maha Luas ini, tidaklah ia dapat menceritakan kesemua perihal dunia itu kepada anak2nya yang sangat ramai itu.

Lalu hiduplah semut2 yg ramai itu dengan pengetahuan yang dunia mereka hanyalah bilik itu, yg pada seekor semut, sangatlah besar bilik itu. Pada pandangan semut itu, apabila lampu di buka(tiga hari), adalah waktu siang dan apabila lampu ditutup (3 hari juge) adalah waktu malamnya.

Maka semut2 itu pon mencipta masa perkiraannya berdasarkan jangka waktu lampu2 itu di on dan di off.
Dan apabila semut2 itu menjumpa laptop didalam bilik itu, ramai di antara mereka akan berkata, ini terjadi dengan sendirinya, kerana tidaklah ia pernah melihat laptop itu dicipta oleh manusia. Walhal akan ada sekumpulan semut yang berfikir akan mengetahui yang tidak mungkin laptop ini akan terjadi dengan sendirinya...

Setelah hidup begitu lama, semut2 ini terasa perlunya panduan untuk hidup, lalu mereka mencipta satu ideologi dan pegangan yang boleh memandu hidup mereka. mereka menamakan ideologi ini sempena ketua-ketua puak mereka, pengasas ideologi mereka dan juga nama kaum semut yang memegang ideologi itu.
Dan mereka sangatlah berbangga kerana berjaya mencipta satu ideologi yang boleh mereka berpegang kepadanya.
Ketika ini hanya tinggal sedikit sahaja semut yang masih mengingati pesanan dua ekor semut yang mula2 tadi.

Lalu setelah sampai satu ketika, budak ini terasa yang semut2 ini telah terlalu rosak hidup mereka. Lalu ketika satu masa dimana semut2 lain tidak perasan, dia menculik seekor semut yang amat baik sifatnya ini, lalu dibawa keluar dari bilik itu.
Apabila melihat sendiri akan wujudnya dunia di luar bilik itu dan wujudnya budak itu serta wujudnya manusia, Keyakinan semut ini terhadap pesanan moyangnya bertambah kukuh. Ketika ini, semut ni sudah sedar akan kemampuan dan kehebatan manusia jika dibandingkan dengan semut2 di dalam bilik itu.
Lalu berpesanlah budak ini kepada semut itu, " Akulah tuan kamu dan tuan nenek moyang kamu, patuhilah arahanku dan jauhilah laranganku sehingga satu masa di mana aku akan membuka pintu ini. Ketika itu sapa yang mengikut arahan akan aku kurniakan nikmat yang tak pernah kamu merasainya (gula setinggi 8 meter), dan sapa yang melanggar arahan akan aku bakar dalam tempat barbeque."
Lalu diserahkan satu buku panduan kepada semut ini.
Didalam buku panduan ini terkandung arahan dan larangan serta perihal dunia luar dan kehebatan manusia2 yg hidup di dunia luar.
Semut ini telah berpeluang melihat gula setinggi 8 meter itu dan telahlah ia dapat melihat tempat barbeque tu. Maka yakinlah ia, kalau budak itu nak membakarnya, amatlah mudah ianya dapat dilakukan.

Lalu pulanglah semut ini kepada kaumnya. Sepulangnya kepada kaum semut itu, ia mulalah menyeru semut2 lain supaya mematuhi arahan2 budak tadi. Berceritalah semut ini perihal gula setinggi 8 meter dan perihal tempat barrbeque yang menanti mereka.
Tetapi bagi semut2 lain yang tidak dapat melihat benda2 itu, dikatakannya semut ini penipu, gila dan sebagainya.Mustahil kata mereka ada dunia selain dari bilik ini(kerana mereka tidak pernah melihatnya).
Hanya beberapa semut sahaja yang menuruti seruan semut tadi. Kerana keyakinan semut tadi terhadap dunia di luar bilik itu yang menantinya, dia pun beribadah siang dan malam, sentiasa melakukan kebaikan sebab dia tahu tuan dia ada letak kamera dalam bilik itu sentiasa memerhatikannya.

Dan berterusanlah dia menyeru semut2 lain kepada kebaikan dan melarang mereka berbuat kejahatan tetapi sedikit sekali mereka mendengarinya. Ada ketikanya, ketika seruannya tidak berhasil, menangislah semut ini kesendirian. Mase tu, budak tu dan rakan2 nya sedang melihat semut tadi melalui kamera tertutupnya.
Maka terasalah hibanya budak ini dan rakan2nya bagi pihak semut tadi dan turutlah menitis air mata mereka. Lalu budak ni mengirimkan sepucuk surat kecil, katanya " Janganlah kamu bersedih hati, sedangkan kamu tahu kamu dijalan yang benar, dan setiap sesuatu itu ada balasannya".
Mendengar janji tuannya ini, hilanglah hiba hati semut ini,, lalu teruslah ia berkerja menyeru semut2 yang lain ke arah kebenaran, tanpa sebarang keraguan dihatinya...

Sejam sebelum pintu bilik itu dibuka, semut tadi terus menyeru rakan2 nya supaya mengikut kata2 tuan tadi. tetapi tidaklah mereka mengikutinya.
Teruslah mereka menjalani hidup mereka yang sia2, menonton anime, bersembang2 tanpa mengetahui SEJAM lagi mereka akan dibakar didalam tempat barbeque tadi, sedangkan semut yang mereka anggap gila tadi akan dapat gula setinggi 8 meter.
Tidakkah sedih kita melihat semut2 ini? Sudah tentu dihati mereka, mereka bersangka mereka akan hidup selama-lamanya, sampai mereka mati.
Tapi kalau budak itu berkata dia nak buka bilik itu sejam lagi, siapa yang dapat menghalangnya? Kan bilik itu kepunyaannya?

1) Sebuah bilik itu adalah sangat insignificant bagi budak yg mempunyai beratus2 bilik dirumahnya.Jadi jika semut2 itu patuh atau tidak kepada arahannya, tidaklah ia rugi sesen pon. Bukankah budak itu terlalu amat kaya?

2) Sebagai manusia, kita akan berkata. Bodohlah semut2 yang mengatakan laptop itu wujud dengan sendirinya sedangkan kami (manusia) yang menciptanya. tidakkah begitu?

3) Apabila kita dibesarkan di dalam satu ruang, kita tidak akan dapat imagine ruang yang diluar ruang kita ini. Dapatkah semut2 tadi meng imagine taman tema sebesar sunway lagoon sedangkan seumur hidupnya, ia hanya bermalam dan siang di dalam bilik tadi sejak LAHIR???

4) Budak itu sentiasa memerhatikan semutnya melalu closed circuit camera yang dipasangnya. Maka beruntunglah semut yang mengikut arahannya. Dapatlah mereka makan gula sepuas puasnya. 8 meter. Byk Tuu... dan amat rugilah sapa yang berdegil.

5) Fikirkan. Siapa yang lebih bijak. Semut yang mengikut arahan tuannya OR semut2 yang mendustakan semut yang diculik tadi? Tidakkah bodoh memilih dibakar sedangkan mereka boleh berehat memakan gula setelah pintu itu dibuka nanti?

6) Bukankah sebab ceteknya ilmu semut tadi terhadap dunia luar bilik itu, adalah sebaiknya bagi mereka mengikuti semut yang diculik tadi dan mengkaji buku panduan itu habis-habisan? Tidakkah begitu?

Comel bukan cerita ini?
Cuba implikasikan cerita ini dengan kehidupan manusia.
Cuba bayangkan semut2 yang ramai itu adalah manusia di zaman ini yang agak2 ada lebih kurang 6 billion di atas bumi.
Cuba bayangkan bilik yang semut2 duduk itu adalah Al-Ardhu (bumi).
Cuba bayangkan ideologi2 semut sebagai ideologi2 manusia seperti 'capitalism', 'nationalism', 'darwinism' etc.
Cuba bayangkan, nikmat gula itu seperti syuga dan azab dibakar barbeque itu azab neraka.
Ah... Sungguh sama kehidupan manusia dengan kisah semut!

Hehe... Diri ini pun terasa bila disebutkan pasal anime... Nafsu anime masih lagi bertapak tebal dalam diri ini... "Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu yang lemah ini"

November 2, 2004

Iftar Pictures!

Alhamdulillah, I've downloaded the Iftars' pictures. Click the below links:

Iftar WAMSA:
Iftar WAMSA: 31 Oct 2004

Iftar Wapec, Msd, Jpa, Mara: 30 Oct 2004

Enjoy them! Ja!


Lirik Ababil oleh Raihan:

bagai gempa bumi yang menggegarkan
tentera bergajah Abrahah
ingin memusnahkan Kota Mekah
kerana dengki benci terhadap rumah Allah

tiada yang mampu untuk membantu
mukmin hanya berserah kepada yang empunya Kaabah
yakin dan berdoa Allah sendiri
yg akan menjaganya

Ababil kisah benar dari Al-Quran
Ababil bukan hanya kisah dongengan
Ababil satu bukti bantuan Tuhan
jika kita bertakwa dan bertawakal kepada Nya

burung-burung Ababil dikirim Allah
melemparkan batu yang panas, batu dari neraka
menghancurkan bala tentera Abrahah, tanda pembelaanya

Ababil kisah benar dari Al-Quran
Ababil bukan hanya kisah dongengan
Ababil satu bukti bantuan Tuhan
jika kita bertakwa dan bertawakal kepada Nya

persoalannya mengapakah kita di zaman ini
dipermainkan sesuka hati oleh musuh kita ?
TIADA pembelaan dari Tuhan untuk umat ini
kerna CINTA DUNIA DAN TAKUT MATI(al-wahan) x2
cubalah kita koreksi diri

Ababil kisah benar dari Al-Quran
Ababil bukan hanya kisah dongengan
Ababil satu bukti bantuan Tuhan
jika kita bertakwa dan bertawakal kepada Nya

senilagu & senikata: Abu Bakar. Hakcipta Raihan

I think the underlined text is the true message they wanted to convey.
And maybe that's true indeed, ne?

And just a point to ponder... this was what I thought when I was reading Berita Harian Online Konsert Mini Solo Hidangan Aidilfitri:
'Tatkala dunia meriah menyambut Ramadhan, dan dalam dua minggu lagi berebut-rebut hendakkan pahala puasa dan ibadahnya di bulan al-Mubarak ini sebelum ianya berakhir, suasana ramadhan di Malaysia di'meriahkan' dengan rakaman Variasi Fitri bagi 'meraikan' Aidil Fitri. Sebelum ini, mungkin aku rasa seronok, namun sekarang, terasa pelik apabila 'tradisi' Melayu Malaysia menyambut kedatangan Syawal dan permergian Ramadhan diteruskan dengan cara sebegini. Apakah iktibarnya? Adakah ia dapat menambahkan keimanan kita kepada Allah?'


Exam Timetable

Right, here's my exam timtable:

  • 12/11/04: 9 AM- Normal System 200
  • 15/11/04: 2 PM- Foundation of Clinical Practice
  • 18/11/01: 2.30 PM- Normal System 202

And on 21/11/04: 4.30 PM- Flight back to M'sia! ;) Will reach KL around 10 PM insyaAllah *happy*

I should really pay a visit to Wan, Zura and their son, Muiez, before I'm going back hey? Yeah... maybe I should do that...


November 1, 2004

Majlis Berbuka Puasa WAMSA / WAMSA's Iftar

[Malay Entry:]

Namanya pun bulan Ramadhan... Ramadhan al-Mubarak
Rezeki Allah itu ada di mana-mana...
Tapi makin bertambah di bulan rahmat ini
Di sebalik kehidupan di perantauan, jauh dari keluarga dan sahabat handai,
Buat masa ini, rasanya tak pernah kukeluh tiada makanan untuk bersahur atau berbuka

[Back to English:]

Ok, I felt a bit odd to write all-Malay entry... and sounded funny when I think in English and translated in Malay, it sounded very odd... pelik... tak kena
One committee member offered the iftar to be done in his house in Como,
A couple of other committee and volunteers helped to cook the food, which was good and reminded me much of home, I admit,
It was followed by Isya' and solat tarawikh later on

The host's family was here,
And thus, the female and male's side was seperated
I was relieved when I first stepped into the house
This might be something new here, but alhamdulillah and insyaAllah it's a good sign

The host's youngest sister's 9 years old
And truthfully everytime she smiled, it reminded me very much to my 2nd lil bro
How I missed home!

The pictures would be put up later on, insyaAllah, when I got them all from other people.

Now, I'm addicted to the nasyid 'Ababil' from Raihan's latest album, Allahu