April 7, 2013

Dinner at Marché

Good food with good accompanies concluded a happy night.

It has been a while since my last visit to Marché.
What I really like about this place is the ambiance, the market-style restaurant where you can go around and look at the menu and decide what you want to eat; from  Rosti to Grills to Seafood to Salad to Savoury Crepe. Marché also has a wide range of desserts ;)


Choose and pick. When you enter the restaurant, they'll give you a 'pass card' and they'll stamp your order. You will pay before you exit 'the market' based on the stamps on your pass card.

//Find empty table

//Rosti- Potato with sour cream, mint sauce & chilli sauce

//Savoury Crepe- mine with chicken and sauted mushroom filling.
Super YUMMEH!!

//Grilled Chicken with mashed potato

//Swiss Mocha!

//And you'll go home with full stomach feeling happier =D

Definitely will come back to eat here again!