June 23, 2009


Temporary layout
For now; until I make a new one

Because I'm bored with the last one

I'm not happy with this one tho... I may change into a new layout once I find a suitable one

June 21, 2009

New House

Got to Kuala Terengganu late evening...
I slept most of the way to KT, in the bus... which was.... not me at all.
There was a strange, excited feeling, one close to "tadaima" as we passed by Kerteh
that shows how much I looked at Kerteh as home despite only spent 2 years fully there,
and despite the fact that we have no house there...
Even school doesn't look the same from afar

Reached the new house...
I was speechless... Lotsa work to be done till this looks like a house
Okay, I'm exaggerating
Still, it needs a lot of re-arranging
But I like it. I like the new house *Yay!*

Contact her; might just as well meet up while she's here
InsyaAllah tonight? ^^
Thank you for wanting to meet up :)

June 18, 2009

June 17th

1 day
2 places
3 desserts
4 girls

To you who go by the names of Ai, Aimee and Ija,
Thank you very much for such a lovely day
On June 17th, 2009

June 17, 2009

Photos: Cameron- Flowers and Tea

Theme: Flowers and Tea
Venue: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (a great holiday place if you want somewhere not hot with great scenery;D )
Date: 12th June 2009

Due to the number of shots I took, I uploaded the whole 34 photos in my flickr account. Please head here to see the rest of the photos. These are taken when we (Yegies) went to Cameron straight after our last paper.

Some previews:

The rest: www.flickr.com/photos/hazwani/sets/72157619843755404/

On a smaller not: Happy 26th Birthday to you who were born on this date 26 years ago ^^

June 15, 2009

I Miss... (2)

I almost cried reading sb's history just now...
Like, literally tears gathered in my eyes.

Gwendy, if somehow you ended up here and reading this, I missed you! *hugs*

Monday Morning Post

I haven't write this kinda post for quite some time! XD

On Yegies
Yegies is a name Azy came up with for our group in Year 3 (derived from Y3G1 -Year 3 Group 1). Our group's dynamic was... interesting... at least for me... We're okay since the beginning no major fight and things like that... But by Public Health, I believe we've become closer to the point that it's sad to break up next year. For our last group outing (we didn't have many until after Paediatrics), every one agreed to go to Cameron, straight after exam. Cameron was love... Unfortunately Azy couldn't come with us.

Next time I mentioned Yegies, it will refer to us: K.I, Amal, Aamir, Naj, Mosh, Shahril, Tikah, Syak, Ima, Keenah, Meena, Kew, Ama, Azy and I
Photos will be uploaded later~

On Batch's Final (Grand) Dinner
There were lots of 'why's' during the planning (not by our group) and lots of disagreements I guess... The dinner itself was... okay... but the vids were awesome ^^ Awesome in a sense that each group will remember their vid the most. There were lots of picture-taking session; but I had my gastric in the middle of the dinner- that dampened my mood.

Our batch can't handle buffet. Period.

On Discussion and Understanding (Ramble)
Sometimes things don't go as planned... And you have to let go of some things because of priority. At times role changes and responsibilities are hand over to other party; in this case I guess communication is vital. Some people might not care much about certain things, but to some, because it is precious and meaningful, it's sensitive and in the end it leads to being upset. At times like this, understanding it from the other party's point of view is important, or else anger and miscommunication will keep on brewing and simmering.

I'm not siding with anyone; nor would I feel upset because I'm no key person. But I'll be glad to lend ears or hands.

June 6, 2009

Letting Go

I'm having issue with... letting go *headdesk*
If someone has a cure, or some solutions/suggestions, let me know
I'll be thankful...

June 3, 2009

One Week Plus

A little more than a week... then we're gonna have one month break before EBM class starts and Elective posting marks our 4th Year in August...

And within this a little more than a week, there are still reports and presentations to be prepared... on weekdays, I'm still stuck in Sepang... Things to do before break starts:
- help the specialists move
- revise because...
- EXAMS coming!
- Yegies' Final Outing ? -> Cameron?
- Engagement party
- Batch Dinner at D'Tasik
- Cousin's Reception

I want to go (back) to Kuala Terengganu since there would be more un-packing to be done (and because I missed the sea? XD) but mom wants us to clear up the boxes in KL first...

On the other note, was the launching of Health Intervention Programme a success last Sunday? I don't know... but somehow, unexpectedly, our programme (and picture) came up on Monday's Sinar paper (even on the coloumn of 41% too!) XD

Pictures? Maybe later when I'm free...