November 28, 2009

Cameron: Part 2

I just got the photos of our family trip to Cameron Highland (in which, that's my SECOND time going there THIS year). Most of the pictures were taken by my brothers. And since I posted the first set of Cameron with lots of flower micro shot, I present to you the drool-worthy reasons to visit Cameron Highland!

I took this photo because of the bee inside the flower. Can you see it?

This wasn't taken by me. But I loved this shot. It would probably have been nicer if I enhance the green in photoshop. But I'm tired of using photoshop for one whole day already =/

Hello, Mr. err... Fried Crab. Found in the famous Night Market in Brinchang. Trust me, this guy wasn't alive anymore.

Brownies @ Cameron Bharat Tea. Two main tea plantations that you HAVE to go: Boh and Bharat. Boh Tea plantations are situated at 3 places; choose one but I loved the one in Gunung Brinchang- the scenery was exquisite. Bharat's situated alongside the road from Ringlet to Tanah Rata. Okay! I'll stop promoting that place now =/

Steawberries and more strawberries!!

The rest of Cameron Part 2: Family Trip is here

We have started new posting. I'm doing Specialty posting at the moment. It include 4 disciplines- Anaesthesiology, Ophthalmology (I'm doing both at the same time for a month now); ENT and Radiology (for the rest one month left). I've done Ophthalmology before. Anaesthesiology is something new and I was really looking forward to it.

What surprised me though is, I found that I like being in the OT (operating theatre). It doesn't matter if I'm on the surgical side or the anaesthetist side, I just like OT's atmosphere. I'm interested in anaes at the moment, probably because I'm intrigued and confused about the drugs. But intubation excites me; and I wanna get the chance to mask and bag and intubate too. Okay. I'll stop before I bore everyone to death.

I got 2 wedding invitations on December 12- one in Semenyih and one in Klang; one of childhood friend, and one of high school friend. And 12th is also my best friend's (of 18 years) birthday (and I still have no present >.< ). PLUS, I will probably be just arriving from Sungai Petani Kedah, that morning, depending on if we're driving, taking the flight or bus (in which, I have to reconfirm with the partner in crime).
I hate dilemma.

November 18, 2009

Favourite Shots of the Moment

Since this has been neglected, I present to you some of my favourite shots at the moment. These were taken in Melaka while we had our Psychiatry posting and had our Mental Health Community Project.

I liked the background, how it turned that way after a colleague suggested to change the setting, so i snapped this (above) and this (below):

and I'm still not too happy with it =( I wanted to experiment more but I planned to take pictures of the rest of the group there too so I delayed it (the experiment). Unfortunately, it rained soon after. That was the only free early evening that we had in that one week, sadly.

Don't you just love the coulourful pens? It's my laptop's wallpaper at the moment =P

Just because.

This week is Week 8 of Psychiatry. I liked this posting, had lots of interesting encounters and it did change some of my misconceptions (even though I did Psychiatry in Perth already). And 2009 is almost at the end as well. Interestingly, I met lots of lovely new people, traveled TWICE to Cameron Highland, had a blast in food-hunting (I fear that it will not stop even though Psychiatry is finishing soon) and attended International Humanitarian Conference at PWTC last weekend.
My cousin gave birth 2 days ago, I have a couple of wedding invitation before this year ends AND there's still Le Tour de Kedah that I want to join.

And something to look forward to this weekend! Something similar to this:
I haven't met the girls for a while now, I hope it would be fun meeting them again ^^

P/s- I've learned one definition of 'sleeping early' yesterday- yes, indeed, 1 a.m. is early.
Please note the sarcastic remarks in there

I promised I'd post something about food shukudai here, right? >.< will do that this weekend, I hope.