December 22, 2011

7-Years Post Tsunami [Part 4]

The team and medical check up (Part 2)

Coming back from meeting the whole batch, I'm homesick now =(

December 19, 2011

CUCMS 2nd Convocation

Frontiers, Congratulations!

It's good to see familiar faces again.
From the first day, everyone has been updating each other on their lives. 
At time like this, I'm pretty sure that most, if not everyone would want time to freeze.
Reality is, time waits for no man. It'll tick away whether we like it or not.

We still have to move on.

May next time we meet, we'll be better persons with more experiences to share.
May next time we meet, it'll be full of barakah.
May next time we meet, it's to give back.

All the best, Frontiers!

7-Years Post Tsunami [Part 3]

The team & medical check up (part 1)

August 14, 2011

7-Years Post Tsunami [Part 1]

Last month we had the chance to organize the last batch's community work- medical check up and sunathon.
In Acheh, Indonesia.
7 years after tsunami.
I'd let the pictures speak for themselves...