February 27, 2010

Layout Change

I was bored of the previous layout, it's time to change! =)
I like this one. Gonna stick to this for now... Until I got bored again xD

2 pending upcoming posts:
- Marché
- (Wani)Gator in Troublemaker PV

A Picture A Week: Week 8

I haven't been taking any photos lately. The last one being Wanigator Jr. that I post previously. OH! Regarding that, we discovered something interesting while viewing 's short PV of Troublemaker! =P I'll probably post that later when I have time.

Week 8:

Taken at the end of 2009- because I thought I'd show Mom this plant. I haven't showed her this yet ^^;;;;

And one more from my past collection- taken back in 2005 or 2006, during Spring break- a one day trip at Araluen, Western Australia. This is one of my favourite photo, even up until now =)

February 22, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 7

This arrived 2-3 weeks back
It always make me laugh because it can't go in straight line =P
The name? Wanigator Jr. xD

p/s- click for larger image

February 18, 2010

Through the glasses...

"The eyes won't see what the brain doesn't know"
Just sharing what our profs always say =)

We went to listen for a talk given by Dr.Basil Alshaikh, a senior professor at King Faisal University entitled, Medical Ethics- An Islamic View. It was a beautiful talk. I have to thank the lecturers who organized it and the rep for informing us.

Related link: http://wamy.my/v3/

February 16, 2010


You know, if you don't want to go, or don't want something, please don't ask "do we have to?"
It will make everyone's life easier if you just admit it

It comes to a point where it's annoying
(and I clearly don't want my inbox full of those)

Excuses... Excuses

That's how I see it
[because that's how I've been 'warned' once. It was a wake-up call]

February 14, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 6

Durian pancake @ Sweet Chat
[Taken with mobile phone]

If you're sweet-tooth and love sweet desserts, I do recommend this place. Durian pancake is just one of the many yummy desserts that they have like Sago Pudding, Yam Cake, Soy Bean Jelly and Strawberry etc.
Oh, they also have meal set and a la carte; western and eastern dishes
Well, if you aren't durian fan, you can always choose other desserts ♥

I believe you can find the outlet pretty easily. We usually go to the one in Mines Shopping Mall. There're also outlets in Berjaya Time Square and Midvalley Megamall

February 3, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 5

Week 5, 2010:

Taken during Diana & Din's Reception in KL
Date: 23rd January 2010

The rest of reception photos: D&D's KL RECEPTION '10

"Errr... yeah.... we conquered the stage (pelamin set) first for photography session before the bride and the groom came up for pictures xD"