March 29, 2006

Touched- to the core of my heart

I smiled, I grinned, I cried
Watching a 24 mins video- "Turning Muslim in Texas. People Reverting to Islam in Texas"
Watch it- you may understand how I feel

Can be found at:
Visit the original site:

Authoress note: Asma' my sis, jazakillah for the link!

March 28, 2006

Sister's Gath & Annual All Ladies Formal

(Click on the pictures to see enlarged version of the 'em)

Selalu tengok Abadi dan Huda mempromosikan aktiviti-aktiviti in Eire... Dari dulu teringin nak letak those kinds of adds dlm blog... And now my wish comes true!

Sister's Gathering
"The Challange of Being a Muslim Woman in the West"
Talk by Sr. Aminah Mah, followed by a group discussion, prayer and then lunch
Date: April 1st 2006
Time: 10 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.
Vanue: Social Science Seminar Room 2.02 (opposite Oak Lawn), UWA
Organized by UWA Muslim Student Association

Above: Annual All Ladies Formal Special: Breaking Down The Barriers.
Date: April 19th 2006 (Wednesday, after Easter Break)
Vanue: Willow Pond Reception Centre, Canning Vale
Time: 5-10 p.m.
Cost: $45 (MWSC members) & $47.50 (non-members)
*Bookings essential. Tickets available until Monday 10th April
Organized by MWSC Youth SubCommittee

So, if you're in Perth, come and join us!

March 26, 2006


Just when I need to talk to my mom, she's gone to Penang with my sis!!!
I'm sad...

Mom, if u r reading this,
"I'm restless."

March 23, 2006

"Better than you"

I saw a patient to take a comprehensive history from her.
Had to come twice due to classes in between
Second time I came, we ended up talking about Sweet Valley High,
and about how some men can cook better than women!

"Sorry to interrupt you ladies, but you better keep this conversation just between the two of you", a male nurse who were making the next bed popped his head

The patient and I looked at each other.
We laughed.

So, not all men want women to know that some do a better job at cooking eh??

March 18, 2006

Entry For Last Weekend

Last Saturday, Fhad and I joined International Student Service (ISS) with their trip to Pinnicles and Lancelin (for sandboarding)
If you are international student studying in UWA, and you think that AUD 25 that we charged was too expensive, then I'm sorry to say that that's the cheapest rate you can get. Normal price with other tour agents is around AUD 160.

Plus, ours include lunch! And halal one too... (ISS has two Muslim committee members this year- Din n myself) Here are some pictures:

The ISS team
Pinnicles-looks like the desert kan??
Sandboarding at Lancelin

Then, on Sunday, WA Petronas Club (WAPEC) held a BBQ for undergrads sponsored scholars i.e JPA, MARA & Renung at Mill Point, a spot next to Swan River.
The turnout was quite good actually. They planned to have games after the lunch.

Suddenly, "I apologize to non-Petronas scholars, but this game is only for Petronas scholars. For non-Petronas scholar, maybe you can sit at the side and cheer for us."
That was... rude! (sape la punya idea ni...)

And hence the non-Pet scholars decided to go home early (some girls went to the city to get some bubble tea). Ye la... what's the point on staying kan?? Nak suruh jadi pom-pom girls??

So, jangan la melenting lepas ni kalau orang kata Pet scholars ni sombong, ye???

Fortunately I have to leave early to go to the hospital.
Met these girls while waiting for the ferry- to get back to the city.

"Wani, kitorg decide nan tubuhkan 'Non-Petronas Scholars Club' la lepas ni." Said Miss T (nama terpaksa dirahsiakan), one of the girls.

Gelak. "Buat la, buat la! Pastu jgn lupa invite Wani. Anggap la Wani ni bukan Pet scholar"

Authoress note: More pictures on

March 10, 2006

Port Zaman Kanak-kanak Riang

Baca entri-entri untuk tugasan 1 JURING II untuk ahli geng ganjil.
That made me remember this:

Teringat zaman 3 tahun terakhir sekolah rendah. Masa tu my mom still worked; 2 orang adik paling kecil dihantar ke nursery. Aku, Angah and Apit (yang join kami bila dah cukup besar) dah pandai jaga diri di rumah menjelang cuti sekolah panjang.

Bosan di rumah- tak tahu nak buat apa. Al-maklum la, tak de playstation or sega game kat rumah masa zaman tu. Tapi anak-anak melayu zaman aku masih lagi kreatif- dalam cara kami sendiri.

Kebetulan kanak-kanak ribena zaman tu around age aku jugak. Neighbour sebelah kami ni, bapaknya kerja di RTM. So kami bukak port kanak-kanak riang di living room rumah aku- tayangan free cerita-cerita Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee and series cartoon Casper. Kami siap tutup langsir sliding door depan and tingkap pagi untuk menimbulkan suasana dalam 'wayang'.

Waktu tu la phrases like "Siapa kau?!" "Aku King!" "King apa?" "King Kong" amat popular among kami para pe'mimic' terkemuka.

Bila parents aku balik satu petang, depa terkejut tengok ramai budak-budak dalam rumah. Ada la dalam 20 orang kanak-kanak riang depan tv depa.

Season wayang habis. The next day, kami terpaksa moved the port outside the house- repercussion dari insiden the day before. Tapi takpe, budak-budak zaman aku masih lagi kreatif and innovatif. Porch rumah aku jadi port macam-macam outdoor aktiviti- especially end of year bila musim hujan bermula, semua berkumpul rumah aku.

Sebab rumah aku was the only rumah on that street at that time yang awning-nya penuh, menutupi the whole porch.

Season paling lama is season getah- every year mesti ada. Aku antara 'emak' yang paling popular. Eh, dah nama pemain expert- mesti la jadi leader kan?
Another most popular season is 'rounders'. Outdoor game ala-ala baseball. Takde kayu besball, cari kayu panjang ala-ala besball pun jadi. Aku pun tak tahu dari mana kayu tu datang sebenarnya. Portnya bukan di porch aku, tapi depan rumah aku.

One year, season rollerblade ambil alih season getah. Tiba-tiba semua budak around rumah aku ada rollerblade! Port kanak-kanak riang beralih ke rumah neighbour aku yang lain sebab porch rumah dia was on the higher ground- turun bukit la konon. Tapi tak ramai yang ber-port kat situ sebab only budak-budak 'advanced' yang pandai control speed and break je dibenarkan ke sana.

Kami mengamalkan safe outdoor activity.

Akibatnya, semua still lagi berkumpul di porch and jalan depan rumah aku! Lagipun 'bukit' depan rumah aku tak se-steep 'bukit' porch neighbour aku. Ke-steep-annye dalam 0.01% je.

Bila dah masuk sekolah menengah, port kanak-kanak riang tiba-tiba menghilang. Aku dah masuk satu alam di mana aku start 'malu' depan budak lelaki.
Sekarang ni, everytime aku bediri di porch rumahku or di jalan depan rumah ku, terbayang-bayang suasana meriah zaman kanak-kanak ribena kami.

Word count: 444 (yg warna biru aje). Oleh sebab aku bukan contestant JURING II, aku dibenarkan melanggar any peraturan yang JURING II ade...

March 8, 2006


March 8
Birthday of 3 special people

Oh, ex-special that is

March 7, 2006

Labour Day

March 6 '06. Labour Day. Public Holiday.

Enthusiastic to get to RPH early- got out of the house earlier than usual.
No usual traffic on the road
Oh right. Labour Day.
Not CAT service around- had to walk. 20 minutes to get to the hospital.
-Morning excercise, I'd call it

Even in hospital, there were not as many people.
Finished ward round at 11
Went to UWA afterwards- ISS matter in the afternoon
'Lepaking' at Fhad's place to finish up my PBL
When that's done- it was dinner time: had dinner there
Yum- it was Intan's turn to cook
We ate. We chat. We share stories.
Looked at the time- almost 9 p.m.
.... Right... wonder what time is the last bus?
Online- check the Transperth timetable
Last bus: 9.08 p.m.
March 6 '06. Monday. Labour Day.
Public Holiday
Bus timetable is as on Sunday- not as frequent
Didn't think I'd make it in time for the bus stop now.

-Great job, Wani! (in sarcastic tone)

March 4, 2006

Saturday Morning Mail

My routine waking up time is around 5 a.m. nowadays
Consequesntly, my routine sleeping time is around 10 p.m. nowadays
So when I called home at 8 a.m., Mom was like "Ape hal telepon pagi-pagi buta ni?"
Huhu.. Sorry... it's starting to get brighter at around 6,
So 8 a.m. is like 10 a.m. in M'sia.

Nothing big happened this week to be reported to Mom
I just felt like calling home 'pagi-pagi buta'
When Dad wanted to go out for breakfast, we ended our call
"Ma, makankan roti canai untuk along!"
So we said goodbyes..

After a while, I just remembered why I called her early in the morning
I want some opinion on my next rotation's placement- which hospital should I choose
Crap... have to call home again

Oil price in Malaysia has gone up again.
Dad said now the journey to KL from Sg. Petani back and forth uses RM 15-20 dollars more.
Meaning... won't be going back to KL that often anymore, huh?

Hmm... it's not like I'm in M'sia at the moment though....