September 16, 2015

[ Digitalian : One Step ]

雨が上がり また歩き出す 昨日と少し 違う気持ちで
Hey 全てに意味があるさ
The rain stops and we start walking again, feeling slightly different than yesterday
Hey Everything has a meaning

Day 8, April 15th: The Handsome Kyoto

We set off to go to Inari first via the Nara Line & took pictures at the Fushimi Inari Shrine (Stop at Inari Station). 

Out of the train station and you'll see this

At the entrance

The Map

I think by the end of the whole trip, we were pretty good with selfies XD

Watching the students prayed for their success

The must-picture under the Tori gates!

Souvenir-shopping on the way back

Of course, we didn’t climb all the way up to the main shrine, but head to Kyoto soon afterwards instead. Honestly for Kyoto you will need maybe 2 to 3 days to actually cover the whole city and appreciate the beauty of it. One day trip to Kyoto didn’t do a justice, although I have to say, even with 1 day trip, it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! And my dream of visiting this place was finally realized! :D Thankfully it did not rain!

Kyoto Station

We bought Kyoto 1-day Bus card and Kyoto Subway 1-day card. Took the bus from Kyoto station and stopped at Kiyomizu-michi stop then walked to the temple. I have to say, after days of travelling, going up-hill was VERY challenging... But when we were nearing the temple, it was just sooooo pretty! The roads, buildings and everything! There were lots of girls walking around Yukata and they were all so gorgeous! You can rent the Yukata for the whole day. 

The uphill slope going to the temple, with souvenir shops at the sides

Upon reaching the temple

View from above 

Underneath the sakura tree

Part of the temple area

Another street to go up/down the temple
Honestly, pictures don’t do justice Kyoto's beauty. We even got a picture with the geishas!!

From the temple, we walked to Maruyama Park and then took the bus to Higashiyama station to board the train to Teramachi Street and Nishiki market, bought some oden-on-a-stick and strawberries.

Walking to find Teramachi Street only to find out that we were walking towards the opposite side....

But since the scenery was picturesque we didn't mind much XP

And finally we found it, YATTA!

And a kind local took photo for us, he greeted us in Indonesian language, he was working there for quite a number of years apparently :)

We then split into two groups- Zeze and Sham went to meet Sham’s friend, and the rest of us headed to Kinkakuji before rushing to Gion for Miyako Odori to watch the Geisha performance. The journey to Kinkakuji surprisingly took longer than anticipated, we were late 20 minutes and to be honest, we didn’t think that they would let us in... but they did! Although half of the time I had no clue what the exactly performance was all about, we sort of could guess the rough plot in a few of the performances..


In front of the theatre

The entrance

Walking back to the station

Miyako Odori sign along the way
Met up with Zeze and Sham at Kyoto station before heading back to Osaka. Tonight, we decided to dine at one of the halal-friendly restaurant suggested in the pamphlet taken at the Osaka station. We went to a tempura restaurant and the hostess taught us how to properly eat the tempura- it was yummy indeed, freshly cooked tempura that the cook brought to us himself ^.^v

Waiting for the Shinkansen

And it's here!

Next: Arashi! Arashi! For~ Dreeeaaaammm~! Errr... I mean.... Arashiyama & Nara XD