February 27, 2006

And I smile

I took my first blood with syringe this morning! *alhamdulillah*
My resident asked before went in to see the patient whether I've taken blood before
I think after did more than 20 in Freo, I considered myself as yes, I've done it before
But when I saw he was holding a syringe, I added 'only with butterfly and vacutainer though'

'That's alright. Just do the same with this, you'll get a flush back when you get into the vein' He reassured me.
And I got it on the first attempt too

It's a bit different compared when a phlebotomist was around to watch you doing it correctly
It's kinda unnerving too to have to decide whether it's really vein you felt underneath your gloved finger,
and then just push the needle in...
All by yourself
No phlebotomist anymore to confirm: yup, that's a good juicy, bouncy vein

It's time to be independent after much practice
(oh, I DO need more practice with this and other procedural skills)

February 26, 2006

Let Me Be

Life has ups and downs
One moment you're angry with someone, the next minute you won't anymore
Maybe you're too emotional,
Or maybe that's just a sign on how much your nafs amarah is still thick in your heart

Maybe you just need a willing ear to hear your rant
Or a wash of wudhu' to sooth your flame
Or understanding voice to guide your decision

Alhamdulillah, my family is my pillars of strength

-Give me a moment alone now
InsyaAllah I'll be alright in a bit

February 22, 2006

Arrival of new Pet scholars- Done
Helping to find house for new JPA scholars- hand over the job to Fhad
Briefing with our Student Advisor- Done
Hi-tea with YAB PM- Done

Now I can sit back and enjoy my Gen. Med. rotation
Oh, not exactly that- my Resident gave me heaps of readings to do!

-I'm tired, I need more sleep...

February 19, 2006

Snippets 2- I miss, I think

I miss Diana & Zura...
Korang, aku takde teman yg nak dengar aku membebel hari-hari ni...
Meh la sambung belajar kat sini! Sape nak teman aku lepas Alia balik next year??


I miss the times I spent in Tokyo...
Bila agaknya ade peluang nak ke sana lagi ye?


I think I made a few mistakes these past few weeks
Might have even hurt a few people's feelings
Wonder how can I amend things?


Sharing a house?

A couple of years ago, I was taken aback of the ideas of sharing a house-
of males and females
who are all Muslims,

Now I'm facing with those who didn't mind of the idea again
Even with an excuse of- desperate; just for a while, while looking for a seperate house
It will just be for one semester..
Besides, this is oversea- *rolls eyes*

I still find it unacceptable, inappropriate

For me, a female's most treasured thing is self respect- maruah
For someone's new oversea, one of most popular question is 'Duduk dekat mane? Dengan siapa?'
For a girl to answer, 'Oh, dekat ____ (a suburb or so)... dengan ____ (a guy friend's name)'

How do you think the person who asked would think?
How do you think the person who answered would feel?
How do you think the girl's parents' reaction would be?
How do you think the picture would look like?

Where does the girl's self respect stand now?

What do YOU think?

*Maybe it's the time Perth should have it's own Malaysian Hall???

February 17, 2006

First Rotation: Gen. Med.

The past month has been exciting... but also busy and tiring.
I got back home everyday finding myself really tired, that I slept as early as 8.30 pm sometimes.
Nevertheles, Intro term has been really interesting...

I mean, where else can you find interesring experience such as bathe the patients, make their bed, accompany them to tests, check their BP, oxygen sats & temp as well as give them insulin injection other than in Nursing Attachment?
Granted 2 out of the 4 days I felt very useless doing nothing, just standing at the ward corridor without any nurse willing to let medical students around them, but that's life of us I guess- we have to chase them.

Then there are useful tutes with our resident and registrars. Despite their busy time, they could still allocate some for us Really appriciate their effort.

And of course, nothing could beat the times I'm at Specimen Collection- becoming the 'day vampire', taking patients blood! That was awesome, especially when I was given the chance to come with a nurse to Psych Ward (and other wards) and took the patients' blood there.

Today's the last day I'll be here in Fremantle Hospital- learn to scrub, a tute and debriefing session. Next week I'm starting my first rotation in General Medicine. That should be more interesting.

'Ta Freo Hosp. RPH, here I come!

February 13, 2006

Snippets- Can I be sarcastic?

Muslims have lost their identity.
If you're not mixing/socializing around between boys and girls, then you are not modern.
Mixing is modernazation (read: 'westernization').
Socializing and mixing freely between both parties is a 'must' or else you're outdated, conventional, snobby.


Even in praying, male and female are being separated...

Boycott Denmark-made goods.
That's my freedom of speech.

Look at what freedom of speech/expressing has brought us today
I call that discrimination, racist and just blatantly rude.

Been in and seen debates many times,
interesting to see how one can divert many eyes and ears from the real issues!
Maybe that's how nowadays world politics are like

The issue here is the insults of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

But look at where the world is looking at now?



February 1, 2006

Berapa ramai suami yang boleh menjadi imam?

Found this at Fazz's weblog: Rise and Shine... Again!
Hopefully lepas ni bukan mak-mak sahaja yang sibuk bising suruh anak perempuan belajar memasak.. harapnya bapak-bapak pun bising la or sibuk-sibukkan lah diri mengajar anak lelaki menjadi imam

TAZKIRAH: Berapa ramai suami yang boleh jadi imam???

Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata okay saja. Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati.

"Apalah perempuan, tak pandai masak siapa nak kahwin dengan awak!" Begitulah kata rakan sejawat lelaki pada seorang anak dara, juga rakan sejawat kami. Maka jawaplah si gadis ayu itu yang dia tidak sempat belajar memasak sebab dari kecil tidak digalakkan keluarga sebaliknya di suruh menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran saja. Sementelah tinggal di asrama, peluang pulang ke rumah terhad dan tidak sempat turun ke dapurmembantu ibunya.

"Habis sekarang kenapa tidak belajar?" Tanya sang lelaki lagi dengan penuh semangat. "Sedang belajarlah ni tetapi selain sibuk dengan kerjaya saya juga sibuk belajar agama, jadi belajar memasak tetap tidak diutamakan!" Begitu jawab si gadis yang membuatkan lelaki tadi menggeleng-geleng kepala. Baginya tidak sempurna seorang wanita jika tidak tahu memasak.

Wanita sepatutnya buat begitu juga. Syarat utama menjadi suami mesti boleh menjadi imam. Walau ada yang kata, jika itu syaratnya bermakna makin ramai wanita yang hidup bujang seumur hidup.

Lelaki meletakkan kebolehan wanita di dapur sebagai perkara utama dan ungkapan hendak memikat suami, perlu pikat seleranya sering diguna pakai.Tidak kiralah jika wanita itu berpelajaran atau berjawatan tinggi dan penyumbang utama kewangan dalam rumah tangganya. Sekarang bukan asing lagi gaji isteri lebih tinggi daripada suami. Namun kedudukan suami sebagai raja tidak pernah dilupa walau dia tidak mengambil inisiatif mempelajari ilmu menjadi imam. Ilmu bermain video game dikomputer mereka rasa lebih perlu.

Kalau tidak tahu memasak disuruh belajar dan sesudah belajar perlu handal. Jika handal bukan setakat masak untuk keluarga sendiri, kalau bolehperlu boleh memasak untuk tiga pasukan bola. Begitulah standard yang telah ditetapkan. Bolehkah kita meletakkan undang-undang itu kepada lelaki juga. Kalau tidak pandai jadi imam, belajarlah. Mula-mula jadi imam kepada keluarga sendiri, sudah boleh mengimam satu taman perumahan juga.

"Sibuk suruh kita handal memasak, mereka tu bolehkah jadi imam?" Dengus teman wanita yang lain. Betul juga. Berapa kerat lelaki yangmenjadikan sembahyang jemaah di rumah bersama anak isteri sebagai agenda utama, selain keperluan memenuhi pelbagai seleranya? Maka bertanyalah wanita kini kepada beberapa lelaki tentangkebolehan yang satu ini.

Ternyata ramai yang menjawap tidak confident menjadi imam sebab takut bacaan al-Fatihah tidak sempurna, salah tajwid atau pun dia merasakan isterinya lebih handal. Ada yang kata lebih elok dia dan isteri sembahyang sendiri-sendiri. Ada juga menjawab, rasa kelakar pula apabila dirinya yang rugged menjadi imam.

Isu ini sepatutnya kita beratkan sepertimana masyarakat memberatkan wanita perlu pandai memasak jika mahu bersuami. Lelaki juga harus boleh menjadi imam supaya kewibawaan mereka sebagaiketua keluarga tidak goyah atau menjadi mangsa queen control. Kalau tidak pandai, belajarlah sekarang. Jika wanita disuruh belajar, apa salahnya lelaki!