September 22, 2013

Emergency & Trauma = ETD

When I first started this posting, I was terrified- first responder, first person to clerk the patients and manage them before referring them to respective department or discharge. What if we missed clues? What if we managed wrongly?

However by the time we came to the end of this posting, I can only say that I had a blast in ETD- most of my colleagues were final posters, those whom we’ve worked with before in previous postings which of course made things easier as we knew our capabilities and limits; the MOs were superb, not only were they our superiors, but they acted more like friends so it was easy to consult and communicate. The specialist was awesome, someone admirable and well-respected. The staffs were team-players- from SNs, to MAs to PPKs... well, I can’t say everything or everyone’s perfect but you get the overall picture.

Lately I’ve been reading comments, reviews and articles perhaps about how patients were treated in ETD and how ETD was being over-abused by patients.

Please note that this is just my two-cents, I may be right but I may be wrong as well. 

4 months isn’t a long time in ETD but at least we know what is considered ‘emergencies’. Initially I thought that this only happen in the district where I was working but upon discussion with friends from different places, I know that this happens elsewhere as well.

My night shifts in Green Zone after Eid were pretty much no-sleep shift; colleagues who were with me could pretty much testify how J I was. Saying that, I still couldn’t understand why people would go over the troubles to come at 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning when they noticed their child has a fever starting at 2 a.m. It would perhaps be more beneficial to give paracetamol to your child and let them sleep the fever off and go to clinic the next morning if fever still persists rather than waking them up and make them feel groggy freezing under the aircond at the waiting area.

I also still couldn’t fathom the idea of patients insisted on imaging even after assessment, they don’t need one; perhaps were more willing to be radiated by the x-ray radiation? If so, then be it. And if you think 166/92 is so high of a BP, then tell me how does 202/120 sounds to you?

Seeing varieties of cases, I can sometimes understand parents/grandparent’s worries if there’s no stock of medicine for their children/grandchildren at home. Sometimes being woken up at night due to intense pain, continuous retching, difficulties in breathing etc; or complaint that has been for weeks or years like whole body itchiness for one year, right knee pain for 6 months, back pain for 2 weeks etc- these are all the things that public considered as ‘emergencies’- they don’t read medicine so it’s fair enough.

But while public think it’s emergency enough to come to hospital at that particular time, we have procedure called ‘triage’. If clinically you look well enough and your vital signs are stable, then you’ll be triage as ‘green’- non-critical cases and even in green, there are priority cases to be seen first.

If you are sick enough to be triage as yellow (semi-critical) or red (critical), we would really appreciate it if you or family members could provide us with information enough for us to pinpoint the main issues and manage accordingly. It’s a little frustrating when people come and expect medical personnel to know exactly what’s wrong just by one look and on examination only. No, we need history too.

The point is, while you think your condition is serious enough to come to ETD, we will assess and re-assess your condition according to priority. What you may assume as emergency may not be emergency enough for us to attend there and then, and we will make way to those cases that are real emergencies.

So while we can understand your concern for your ‘medical emergencies’, please, PLEASE do understand that we are doing our best based on what we’ve learned to attend to critical, semi-critical and non-critical cases according to priorities.

If fast lane is what you’re looking for or VIP treatment, it’s perhaps the best to go to private sector where you don’t have to wait for hours and every basic investigation are done.
If MCs is what you’re looking for, know that if you’re well enough to wait for hours and then be discharged with stable vital signs and no fever, then know that you are well enough to work... we’ve had colleagues who’s temperature 39 or keep on purging and couldn’t afford the luxury of MCs because of pending works....

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Hope this will at least give some overview of what's going on 'behind the scene'.
I guess the bottom line in the end lies on public education.

September 16, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore & Legoland Malaysia

Along. Ira. Zahir. Zeze. Sham. These 5 people had been in a study group since Year 4. Occasionally Amal joined in. We all decided to go to different places for housemanship; never really planned to meet up every year although occasionally during end of posting break, we tried to meet up.

Last year we had Mini-Reunion Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Unanimously everyone agreed we just have to go to USS before we finish our housemanship, add JPO and Legoland while we're at that.

12th to 15th September, 2013
Almost semi-impromptu trip after short discussion via Whatsapp.
It was the time where people who knew each other so well gathered- where Along again was being bullied despite her age, Ira’s ‘tempurung’ came to light again, Sham’s non-stop chatter as always, Zeze’s childlike persona lashed out, Zahir being teased mercilessly and Amal’s diva-self appeared. And of course, Emmet joined in the party ;)

To make things easier, we stayed at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay where we also bought our shuttle tickets to Sentosa Singapore and Legoland from; convenience was more like it, places to eat are also nearby with walking distance away.

Met up on the 12th at Johor Premium Outlet, Kulaijaya while the lot waited for Emmet, Zeze & I to finish our shift at 4 p.m. Had dinner at George & Dragon. Nothing beats good food with good company. More so when you have things in common and many stories to exchange; where I don’t feel weird talking about work and people actually understand. Precious moment.

13th September- Universal Studio, Singapore!
To summarize it all, we took our own pace because of the Express Pass. But we did miss a lot of rides. Skipped Madagascar and Battleship Galactica totally, the later due to closed for technical purpose. And yet we still ran short of time for picturesque photos at the back of the NY alley and shopping. Later I realized it was because of the rain, the fact that we watched the B-Boyz’ performance twice and because we were wet most of the time, it was more tiring to move.... Energy drained too fast.

But it wasn't really what we did that mattered most, but who was there ;)

//Upon arrival

//Dry pod that's not working

//Purposely went on this first to get wet. Even with ponchos we were quite drenched!

//Disappointed that these roller coaster not working

//And got soaked again in Waterworld xD Our theme for the day was really "Wet"

//After it stopped raining

//I call them the dramatic lot

//Yup.... Tall enough to get in XP

//Went on this TWICE ;)

//Chocolate Monsters in NY, contemplating our future~

//Because they were awesome!

//Went on this TWICE too ;)

14th September- Legoland, Malaysia!
Emmet went back to KL so that left 8 of us. I read mix reviews about Legoland but the conclusion that the place is more for kids rather than adult holds true. Kids will definitely enjoy their time here with 'classes' and 'lessons' and shows, it was fun mixes with education.
I was also expecting hot sunny day but half of the time it was rather cloudy (we thought it was going to rain at any time). It's worthwhile to bring umbrellas and lots of water. I was expecting to find water coolers around but couldn't spot any.

But put the nice weather with a bunch of Chocolate Monsters who made fun out of the littlest things, yes, it was a fun day! We made up for the lack of photos in USS here. Scenery was awesome, except for lack of shades and trees. And music too. They also had 4-D movie show and one Rapid Adventure ride really soaked you well, just beware of it.
Some of the attendants/hosts could be more enthusiastic though, considering it was mostly kids who went on the rides. Exception, and many kudos for the staff in The Dragon and the staff who took our group photos for their energy!

We also heard that they will open the water theme-park in October and a hotel nearby by next year. Perhaps that will attract more grown-ups to come :)

//The ever-so-enthusiastic staff who took our pictures

//Yup, tall enough again to go in! ;)

//Dramatic lot on action...

//...As prisoners

//Had fun seeing Jester being bullied!

//The scenery from rotating tower. The site where water-themed park will be opened soon
//Looking at this, we knew we had to go on it. Totally didn't expect a wet ride but it was worth it! 

//Went on TWICE just to get wet evenly xD

//But at least the drying pods are working here

//Told you we are a bunch of dramatic lots...

//Who made fun out of nothing and littlest things!

//Magnificent Magic Show- where the boy stole the limelight and made the show his instead. Precious!

//We should go to the real KLCC and took the same shot and put this side by side

//Mini-Port Klang

//Was having tough-yet-fun-time to capture Amal 'touching' the tip of Taj Mahal

//So impressed with the detail of the structures reconstructed in MiniLand

//The Brainstormers

That night session was even more precious- Girls’ Gossip Session! Updated everyone on everyone else’ stories and planned for our next trip!

It was a short break- very tiring but worth every cent & moment. A short gate-away from work just to hang around people who mattered in your life. Really thankful that everyone could spend a little time and create some memories ♥

September 7, 2013

Note to Self

This is for myself, a reminder, so I won't astray:

“Say, ‘Indeed, my prayer, my service of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds.’” (6:162)

Redirect to: Fall in Love with the Real Thing

There are bigger goals to achieve, sweeter end to attain, insyaAllah,

July 31, 2013

Mengejar Lailatul Qadar

22 Ramadhan 1413.

Where are we now?
What have we achieve?
Are we chasing 'the night better than 1000 months'?
Or are we still at the same spot when we enter madrasah Ramadhan?
Or are we still the same person prior to this holy month?
Have we changed?

This is a reminder,
especially for yours truly.
Wallahu'alam bissawab.

July 5, 2013


ˈmänəˌkrōm (n.) A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color

People have weakness. I have them too. Everyday I'm learning. Everyone does, consciously or unconsciously. Given, sometimes mistakes are made. We are not perfect. I mean, to err is human, no?

Personally, I don't like talking bad about other people; mainly because of the negative emotions attached to it. If I happen to listen to it, I'd rather keep my mouth shut than joining to 'pour oil to the flame'. Of course, hoping that in return people won't talk bad things about you behind your back is a little too hopeful, I guess. People talk and you can't stop them *shrugs*

Somehow, I find that in each posting I go through, there's always a 'theme', depending on my own feelings towards the specialty and my surrounding. Somehow, for me A&E is a place where 'fear and anxiety meets excitement'. I have mixed feelings with this specialty- most of the time because of the unknown, 'raw from scratch' or fresh cases that we receive everyday and wondering what kind of people will we meet today- patient-wise as well as colleague-wise.

I find this time around, the longer I am here, the more I find myself not knowing things.
How little my knowledge is.... that's how I feel almost everyday.

Despite that, of course, you will try your best to do what you can at that point, and as fast as you can. So give and take, I know I'd make mistakes somewhere.

However, I'd appreciate it very much if mistakes were done, I'd be told straight to my face- correction, constructive criticism, or even if you want to scold me, if it is my mistake, I'd accept it.
What I do not appreciate is talking about it behind my back and never correct me, thank you.

I think everyone feels the same. What do you gain from doing that anyway? Isn't it more negativism in your heart?


On the other note, it's nearing Ramadhan. I think it's not too early to wish everyone Ramadhan Kareem!

言葉少なに重なる足跡が モノクロの世界で踊る
めんどくさい駆け引きは もうここらへんでヤメてそばに来たらいいさ
Our few words overlap with the sounds of footsteps They dance in a monochrome world
How about you give those bothersome tactics a rest and come by my side?
[Monokuro (モノクロ)- from Single Endless Game by Arashi]

June 28, 2013

Endless Game

The Not-so-Crazy Escapism 2013 #4: Home
(and good food plus good COFFEE)

Another 4 months and it will be exactly 2 years I'm in Batu Pahat, as a houseman. We've entered the final posting: Emergency and Trauma Department; a posting that I initially had palpitation (and perhaps still do from time to time) when I first received my logbook.

Time flies- when you enjoy what you are doing, has colleagues and friends who walk alongside you and encouraging and friendly environment to be in.

That said, of course there are ups and downs.

One of the ways I deal with pressure/stress is- no surprise- to go home.

Just to be in the familiar comfort of your surrounding and family, even for a day is good enough. And surprisingly, a walk-through crowded shopping mall somehow makes you feel like you have no other worries in your life.

Although stress isn't really the reason to come home this week- more of the intention of having lunch with old friend, some-kind of a half-cooked plan on my behalf. 
Deactivating my fb was perhaps one of the best thing I've done in my opinion for now but the downside is I kind of lost touch of what's happening with some friends. So the other option is to meet up =)

And I'm just glad that some things and some people just never change. Maybe we have, in many ways, but the old 'us' are still there. I long to meet the rest though... Although to be honest, I perhaps have not much update from my side... Haha...

Crazy Escapism perhaps will end up becoming "Short Trip Home" *sweats*

June 8, 2013


Demam dah kebah, alhamdulillah.
Starting tomorrow I'm in the shift in A&E,
semoga dipermudahkan, Ameen.

May 4, 2013

Letter To Myself

Dear Me,
This is just a little reminder for us...

I am still taking baby-steps in the working field; even more baby-steps in the medical fraternity. Sometimes when you are going through minor bumps while working, some hurdles to get through and during tough times, you would forget why you chose this line in the first place.

What started as an interest in medical turned into something much more meaningful as I went through student life. Choosing to work in this field is no longer just because I’m interested in medical line, but rather to find His blessings and to work as His tool on Earth. And because as time we learned new things and go through different things, every day I remind myself for what am I working today?

If the answer is because of God Almighty, no matter how tough the day goes, insyaAllah, things somehow are easier. There will be small joy somewhere and you go home with satisfaction and you work with lighter heart. Online, sometimes I come across links that I thought would be interesting read or videos to watch. Today I re-open the links and was brought to this page: "Accepting Fate"

 It somehow left me deep impression and without realizing it, tears flowed.

Whatever challenges that I thought I had gone through, the tests that Allah gave this chap was heavier. Whatever hurdles and bumps that I stumbled upon seemed nothing compared to his. I can’t describe how fortunate we are to be able to work in our chosen field; and I’m ashamed to admit that even with that sometimes I have a lot of complaints.

Reading an overview of this young lad’s journey made me humble, really really humble. I am living some of my dreams, it would shameful if me as healthy as I am not putting my all towards my work and my life, not using every second towards something beneficial for myself and others and for my share in the hereafter. How fortunate are we to be given good health and time?

It is true that you appreciate life more when you remember death.

How can I spread the little message towards those in similar journey as mine to treasure what we have, work as best as we can to find God’s blessing and stop complaining and finding excuses?
How can I send the little message for us to be thankful everyday and to be positive and optimist in whatever situation that befalls us?
How can we remind each other of this everyday?


April 7, 2013

Dinner at Marché

Good food with good accompanies concluded a happy night.

It has been a while since my last visit to Marché.
What I really like about this place is the ambiance, the market-style restaurant where you can go around and look at the menu and decide what you want to eat; from  Rosti to Grills to Seafood to Salad to Savoury Crepe. Marché also has a wide range of desserts ;)


Choose and pick. When you enter the restaurant, they'll give you a 'pass card' and they'll stamp your order. You will pay before you exit 'the market' based on the stamps on your pass card.

//Find empty table

//Rosti- Potato with sour cream, mint sauce & chilli sauce

//Savoury Crepe- mine with chicken and sauted mushroom filling.
Super YUMMEH!!

//Grilled Chicken with mashed potato

//Swiss Mocha!

//And you'll go home with full stomach feeling happier =D

Definitely will come back to eat here again!

March 8, 2013


Different people relieve their stress differently. I try to try different things to ease some burden off my mind (and shoulder), be it emotionally, spiritually & physically. To top it off, I'm definitely Type A personality which mean I'm no risk taker, I play by the book, I follow rules, guarded and 'skema' most of the time.
So most of the time on my day off, it means doing laundry, house chores, top up food, sleep & rest, watching a little videos.... and study. Once in a while if I have friends to hang around with, we'll spend the day doing stuff like shopping, eating or bowling. What I decide to do on my day-off will depend on what I'll have the days coming and how tired I am and I was.

So it is very rare that I'd do something crazy like what I did today.

I call it 'Crazy Escapism 2013 #1'

I don't watch many movies in theatres, unless I deem it's worth it. Lately it's more of 'I don't have that much time to spend time in movie theatre- I'd rather do something else. Like sleeping.' But there's one particular movie that I wanted to watch- Ruroni Kenshin, live action. Admittedly I've watched it on my laptop -a few times- but, it's a wish I had since it came out last year- to watch it in cinema, even if I'm alone ^^;
For me, the casts, the cinematography, the swordsmanship, the OST- EVERYTHING about this movie is perfect and hence VERY VERY worthwhile to watch it in the cinema.And no, I'm not biased because I've watched the anime & read the manga since I was young, no..... XP Plus, Take-pon was in the movie so hey! 8D

Unfortunately for me there are only a few places showing it, and even more unfortunate, by today -which is my off-day- only two places in Malaysia are still showing it- MidValley & Penang.

And it's called Crazy Escapism because I drove to KL (which is 300km away from where I'm working) at 7 a.m., reached MidValley around 10 a.m.

Bought the ticket for 11 a.m. show, for me and Mom by the way. Yes, Mom actually accompanied me watching this movie xD

Had quick breakfast at Pancake House

Then went to watch the movie and soon after that, dropped by at IT exhibition (which answered my question the morning when I arrived as to why were there so many people waiting outside the exhibition hall) and had lunch and quick-update with Mom at Chilli's before heading back to Batu Pahat at 4 p.m. Reached home at around 7 p.m.

So yeah.... my conclusion is, day trip to KL IS possible! However, next time I'm doing this kind of Crazy Escapism, I'm not driving alone... Working 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. the day before THEN driving 600km alone is... VERY tiring. I'm just ready to crash any moment now... Plus, I'm on-call tomorrow... so yeah...

On the other note, one of our Geng Makan is going very soon... =(
While we got closer as friends and colleagues, we were very much aware that in the end, most of us are leaving- to go back home, further studies & doing masters or just being transferred out... Still, we do hope that the friendship doesn't end here...

Half of us at the farewell lunch, sponsored by the one leaving. Who knows, next time we meet, it will be outside Batu Pahat already xD