March 8, 2013


Different people relieve their stress differently. I try to try different things to ease some burden off my mind (and shoulder), be it emotionally, spiritually & physically. To top it off, I'm definitely Type A personality which mean I'm no risk taker, I play by the book, I follow rules, guarded and 'skema' most of the time.
So most of the time on my day off, it means doing laundry, house chores, top up food, sleep & rest, watching a little videos.... and study. Once in a while if I have friends to hang around with, we'll spend the day doing stuff like shopping, eating or bowling. What I decide to do on my day-off will depend on what I'll have the days coming and how tired I am and I was.

So it is very rare that I'd do something crazy like what I did today.

I call it 'Crazy Escapism 2013 #1'

I don't watch many movies in theatres, unless I deem it's worth it. Lately it's more of 'I don't have that much time to spend time in movie theatre- I'd rather do something else. Like sleeping.' But there's one particular movie that I wanted to watch- Ruroni Kenshin, live action. Admittedly I've watched it on my laptop -a few times- but, it's a wish I had since it came out last year- to watch it in cinema, even if I'm alone ^^;
For me, the casts, the cinematography, the swordsmanship, the OST- EVERYTHING about this movie is perfect and hence VERY VERY worthwhile to watch it in the cinema.And no, I'm not biased because I've watched the anime & read the manga since I was young, no..... XP Plus, Take-pon was in the movie so hey! 8D

Unfortunately for me there are only a few places showing it, and even more unfortunate, by today -which is my off-day- only two places in Malaysia are still showing it- MidValley & Penang.

And it's called Crazy Escapism because I drove to KL (which is 300km away from where I'm working) at 7 a.m., reached MidValley around 10 a.m.

Bought the ticket for 11 a.m. show, for me and Mom by the way. Yes, Mom actually accompanied me watching this movie xD

Had quick breakfast at Pancake House

Then went to watch the movie and soon after that, dropped by at IT exhibition (which answered my question the morning when I arrived as to why were there so many people waiting outside the exhibition hall) and had lunch and quick-update with Mom at Chilli's before heading back to Batu Pahat at 4 p.m. Reached home at around 7 p.m.

So yeah.... my conclusion is, day trip to KL IS possible! However, next time I'm doing this kind of Crazy Escapism, I'm not driving alone... Working 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. the day before THEN driving 600km alone is... VERY tiring. I'm just ready to crash any moment now... Plus, I'm on-call tomorrow... so yeah...

On the other note, one of our Geng Makan is going very soon... =(
While we got closer as friends and colleagues, we were very much aware that in the end, most of us are leaving- to go back home, further studies & doing masters or just being transferred out... Still, we do hope that the friendship doesn't end here...

Half of us at the farewell lunch, sponsored by the one leaving. Who knows, next time we meet, it will be outside Batu Pahat already xD