August 16, 2007

Second step


Just to let you know that alhamdulillah, I'm in CUCMS, starting 2nd Year (2nd batch) starting last Monday.

If you're to ask me how is it like (or how am I coping- please don't ask me this question...) I have to say it's very different from UWA or even Perth for that matter. And just to answer your question, alhamdulillah I'm coping ok... It's a lie if I say it's not stressfull at the moment but the people here, lecturers and staffs included, are really nice and in a way that eases a lot of things.

SCTL, weekly assessment and reflection (as well as affective domain assessment) are pretty foreign for me. Consequently my routine and sleeping pattern change a lot even though it has only been one week.

And that's not to say I'm complaining or going to complain. In fact, I promised myself that I'll make full use of whatever chances and opportunity I can get here.

Pray for our success...

With that in mind, and with this first entry after a long time, I'll start writing again, insyaAllah, when time permits. This time however, my journey won't be as a foreigner and a student overseas, but as a new local student, trying to fit in and make sense of life journey.