May 25, 2008

Report 4: Aikido Grading

Aikido Grading
Date: April 20th, Sunday at 2 p.m.
Venue: Aikido Yoshinkan Shudokan Dojo, Mines

I was hoping that we paid some workers to clear the tents up so that I could go home early on the night of the Carnival. As it turned out, we had some complication and the results, as you could see is that we cleared up the whole area (Shah Alam Health Carnival) by ourselves.

Nevertheless, Grading was still Grading and tired or not, we still had to go through it. Alhamdulillah, despite some mistakes I did, we passed 8th Kyuu and 7th Kyuu. It was nerve wrecking, no doubt about that especially when sensei circled you after you ‘kamae’ and such and judge you, but it wasn’t so bad if you know what you were doing, were alert and had practiced.

In May, we had 2 demonstration- one for the CUCMS Foudation Programme May '08 intake's orientation (we were introducing Aikido Club to the juniors) and another was public demonstration in OneBangsar during the launching of Am Beautiful by Am Assurance. I never thought I'd be that serious in this martial arts...

//During demo in Am Beautiful launching

May 21, 2008

Back in SP


After one week delaying going home, I'm now back in Sg. Petani... Home Sweet Home

...though the bliss is about to be broken soon- GrrRrr! It felt as though I'm working... like... I'm on much-needed break (hence the reason going home) and suddenly a few phone calls asking me back to Cyber by next week... Mou! I want more break!

Anyhow, the reason we're having break (a.k.a. SWOT VAC if I'm still in Perth) is because we're having our First Professional Exam starting June 20th till June 24th... (ala-ala Professional Exam kat RCSI & Trimester/Normal System 200 Exam kat UWA)

For someone who had transferred credit straight into 2nd Year into CUCMS, I AM nervous about it...

Well.... more reports to come... next will be Aikido Grading (though that has nothing to do with our student activities per se, it's still an important event this semester)

Report 3: Shah Alam Health Carnival

YM 2: Shah Alam Health Carnival
Date: April 19th, Saturday (7 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Venue: Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam (behind PKNS/Library/Shah Alam Mosque)
More pictures at:

Perhaps I shall start by stating the reason behind the carnival. As part of Young Mercy syllabus, we are required to organize a Volunteer Awareness Programme (which basically meant a programme to create awareness in public) and at the same time making it a charity project to raise fund for our chosen organization/body. YM1 chose to donate part of their profit (and mind you they did raise quite an amount of money) to Pernim and the rest for their future project next year. We decided to use our profit for the 2 orphanages we visited in Perak earlier this year as part of our continuous effort with orphans. As for awareness programme, our Health Carnival centred around 3 most common modern ‘killers’ in Malaysia- Hypertension, Obesity and Diabetes.

And I’d firstly liked to thank and congratulate the higher committee of YM2 especially Eda and Anuar for their continuous and endless effort to make sure that the programme ran smoothly. It was indeed a huge success; with some members already at the site since Friday to set up the place and I myself went back to Cyber at 3 in the morning (and came back to Shah Alam at 7 a.m., a few hours after that for some rest/last minute job at home)

The day started with an aerobic session. What initially started off with only 30-40 people from an invited fitness group- 3 in 1 Fitness Group (who did weekly aerobic in Shah Alam) plus some of the YM members, turned out to be a mass aerobic session by mid-of-the session. We then had performances (gendang group, zapin, choral speaking, silat performance and nasyeeds) by invited schools around Shah Alam/KL. I think inviting schools to do their performances was a lot better than to invite/pay artists to come; for once, they’re on time and made no hassle...

Officiation by YB Halimah

Opening ceremony saw YB Dr. Halimah Ali, Selangor State Excutive Council Member officiated our carnival, followed by her speech and Prof. Ikram’s. Medical Check-Up (led by Zeti) had already began an hour before and so did the rest of the activities including Health Exhibition Booth (handled by Hannan, Randal and the gang); Aamir’s Khadani Boutique booth (and batik shows); booth selling foods/goods and promotional activities including Petronas Gas; basketball shooting trials & shooting football into goal; colouring contest and telematch for kids and open-participation treasure hunts (I know some Foundy, first year and silat people were enjoying themselves running around, looking for clues and whatnot). We also had health talk, CPR educational demonstration/training, lucky draw and AutoShow (run by Unimac?).

Special thanks to all our sponsors (MBSA, Petronas, An-Nur Specialist Hospital, Puteri Anwar Clinic, Syarikat Beras Faiza, Nestle, KPJ, Khadani Batik, Alam Flora (for cleaning up the area afterwards) and personal donors). Also another special thanks for the volunteers, our helpful first years in Medical Check-Up, kind volunteers from Medical Science Club from Management & Sciences University (MSU) and some of our dedicated colleagues from YM1. They really helped a lot. And not forgetting the doctors involved in Medical Check-Up consultations who would stay from morning till 6 in the evening!

Medical Check Up- doctor's consultation

I couldn’t even comment on every activities that were there because I myself was in charged of catering and multitasking with a bit of PC’s (Programme Coordinator) job… the ones that I got to go and try was a few food stalls, the batik-canting try and watched some performances. (I didn’t even get to see the cars displayed in AutoShow!)


But a few things for sure- the crowd was there, people were enjoying themselves (and I’m not just talking about us- the kids loved the colouring contest and telematch- I had parents coming asking where the booth was because their children wanted to participate), the autoshow was hot, medical check-up was full and BLS/CPR booth was swamped with people all the time.

Basic Life Support
Health Exhibition

However, I think the one memory that wasn’t simply replaceable was the moments after the Carnival- we stayed till 3 in the morning to dissemble the tents and sent everything back where they belonged (that means 3 trips to Seputeh from Shah Alam back and forth). The most touching part was that the commitment and voluntarism that YM1 members showed to us- that they stayed with us all the way till everything settled. The boys went home at 5 in the morning because they were the ones to follow the lorry to Seputeh.

The rest of the girls (and some boys) stayed to guard the rest of the stuff. Recalled I said that note how many tents YM1 had? Yeah, we had almost 15 tents- most were assembled by the boys themselves but at the end of it, we all stayed together till we formed the ‘human-chain’ in the middle of the road to load the tents on the lorry and cleaning up the area.

Cleaning up- Human Chain Series
Cleaning up- waiting for the lorry

Things were even a bit more complicated than it seemed because initially we had the whole road in the Dataran closed for ourselves but as night progressed, we were only left with one lane when cars started coming in and MBSA couldn’t do anything to stop the traffic.
In which then this astounded me a little as to the later the night sailed away, the more people seen around the Dataran. I guess for me, the confusing thing was they weren’t even doing anything except for parking their cars and sat by the road watching other people.

People could be weird when they wanted to, right?

May 18, 2008

Report 1 & 2

(I was thinking of writing it all in one go but that would definitely be a very long entry so I discarded the idea...)

1. Cyberjaya "Mesti Ambil Tahu" Carnival

Date: April 5th, Saturday

Venue: Community Club, Cyberjaya
Main activity organized:
Jogathon: Anuar & Eda (Person-in-charged)
Medical Check-Up: Nabil (Person-in-charged)

This was a side-project for us the Young Mercy Group 2 (YM2) apart from Minor Project (in college) to add income before our Major Project, the Shah Alam Health Carnival. Marshals and people for registration, traffic control and volunteers for Medical Check-Up were needed and we got some help from the first years and some YM1 members who voluntarily came to make this event a success. The whole carnival was organized by Cyberview but we were asked to handle the jogathon (yours truly was one of the traffic officer that morning) and in exchanged, we were given a room specifically for our free-service medical check-up. All budgets were sponsored by Cyberview.

I’d say the number of people participated (adults, teenagers and school children) were not too bad considering MMU was having a jogathon and event of their own and we were only given a week to promote the event and get as many people as possible.

Towards the end of the day, I got the first chance to do a corporate presentation about Young Mercy as a whole to Pharmaniaga- a nerve-wrecking experience initially but was one way for me to step forward another step in communication skills, I guess. But one thing for sure, we’ve cleared up any misconception about Young Mercy and in the end, that’s the most important thing.

Cyberview were quite happy with the event and our slot- that was good in spite the tiredness felt at the end of the day.

2. Young Mercy 1: Cyber-X
Date: April 6th, Sunday
Venue: Centaury Square, Cyberjaya
Main activities:
  • Booths selling food, clothing, jewelries etc.
  • Aman Palestine & Agensi Dadah Kebangsaan Booths & Presentation
  • Blood Donation
  • Futsal & Basketball Matches
  • K-9 Police demonstration
  • Paintball Shooting Range
  • Face-painting
  • Mini-concert by Altimet, Sky Juice Coffee etc.
Project Manager: Fizy

My sister was in YM1, so I came to help on the day. One would argue that this event wasn’t a real success. I wouldn’t agree to that I guess seeing at how most members were trying hard to make it a success- blood donation was a success, , the performance was awesome (Altimet was very cool & sporting!), the demo was educational and futsal competition was one of the main attractions despite the scorching hot day.

However, there were areas of improvement i.e. on the promotional side, the date and the chosen site. For someone whose first time to manage an event this big, Fizy and his ever-hardworking crew did a good job.

I enjoyed trying my best at the paintball shooting range (though my sister was obviously better than me), had fun letting Hannan’s sister, Bashirah painted my cheek, endlessly ate the ABC done by K.I and his crew, didn’t mind standing under the sun with my cousin to watch Altimet & the rest’s live performance and a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t donate my blood on that particular day.

YM1 borrowed most their tents for free from two places in Seputeh & Salak Selatan (I think); for that they had to load and return the equipments themselves. MPS had kindly lent their lorry so at the end of the day, all of us that were still there during the cleaning up dissembled the tents and later, some who were still there to help around sent them back to Seputeh.

Take note that YM1 borrowed 4 tents and to unload the metal bars and whatnot and kept them away in the storage place it took us (roughly around 12 people) till midnight to finish up the job. Even then, 2 cars went back after the first place which meant only 2 cars left to do the rest of the job. Regretfully our car took the wrong turn on the way to the second storage place, so we headed back to Cyberjaya afterwards.

//Blood donation

//Officiation by Tan Sri Johari Mat, CUCMS president, accompanied by Prof. Ikram, YM Coordinator

//Futsal Match


//Performance- Altimet's Cantik

//Aman Palestine Booth

//Cleaning up- dissembling the tents

//Group picture time!

//And off to work again- the beginning of human-chain-tents-dissembling series

It was a good thing that the next day was the starting of our one-week mid-semester break.
... Though it wasn’t a break for some of us in YM2 as we were back and forth from Cyberjaya/KL/PJ to Shah Alam and vice versa to do promotional and misc jobs for our own YM Volunteer Awareness & Fund-Raising Programme. Again I got the chance to do corporate presentation & introduce Young Mercy to Yayasan Kasih Sayang Malaysia.

May 7, 2008


Last Saturday's InterMedical Games 2008, first attempt of its kind organized by CUMCS marked the last activities by us the 2nd batch (2006 batch). As soon as it was over, I sighed a relief sigh- SWOT Vac i.e. study vacation starting next week would be the time to fully concentrate for our 1st Professional Exam.

Heart to Heart was also handed down to the juniors temporarily until we finish our exam; in which reconstruction to prepare them to take over the project would be done then.

I only have another programme- the May intake of Foundation 2008 students which will commence this Thursday up till Sunday and then my sister and I was thinking of going home for a week before coming back and start 'nerding' =P

Past 2 months saw us having programme/projects/student activities every weekend. We've proven we could do it and now it's time to prove that we excel in our studies too.

Please wait for another week when I'll list down all our activities for the past 2 months, yeah? *wink*

Visit to Air Disaster Unit in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as part of our learning issues in Disaster and Relief Medicine