January 25, 2008

Le Tour de Perak

I'm going for Perak until Monday- for some medical check-ups, community services and a lil bit of fun.

Until then, don't miss me!

P/s- we spent a week having classes with our new friends who came to visit us from National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan. When I got a hold of some pictures, I'll tell you the tale, yeah? ;)

January 21, 2008


At times like this, I wondered why I volunteered in many different things that would only make me feel more tired and have a lot more work than I have. But then, the answer is always the same- I want to give back what I know.

No, that philosophy of mine does not come from Petronas' brand essence (Energy Received, Energy Returned, Aspiring People Everywhere), rather it's something that I wanted to do even while I was back in Perth. It's just that, I didn't get the chance to actually do something about it. Now that I see many opportunities to do so, I simply grab the chances.

Maybe it's something that I enjoy doing; or perhaps it's one way for me to test if I've really understand something but teaching other people is something that I think a two-way partnership, not only the other party get something out of it but it's also for my banefits.

Anyhow, only one week before semester break! I've a few plans to execute, couple of promises to fulfil and a number of mission to accomplished. Pray for me yeah?

Memory bites

They came home in December, yet we couldn't find a common date when all of us could sit down and chat all day long. Just for around half an hour in the morning with Yan and then about 45 minutes in the evening with Fhad; both in two different places- a bus station and an airport, yet those less than an hour meeting were ones I would really remember want to cherish for the rest of the year, until the time we can meet face to face again.

There were so many things to talk about, yet so little time. Believe it or not, it's been a year since I last stepped my feet in Perth. Things moved on and changed- and so am I; yet the friendship and trust we have in each other are still the same.

Let's pray it stays like that for the rest of our lives, insyaAllah...

Guys, I'll still be here when the time comes for you guys to come home, yeah?

January 1, 2008

Priceless Rewards

Last weekend was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. We went to PD on Friday afternoon; two busses with the whole lot of us 2nd year- except for some like Nabil and Ummu Salamah- they had their basic life support training. Where I had mine, I had no cert to prove it because mine was done under UWA. Nevertheless, it was good to be reminded again on how to do CPR and correct technique of first aid.

Though it was fun, the real eye-opening experience on the weekend had to be going on Mercy's banjir relief mission after we got back from PD. Initially we were supposed to go to Bera, Pahang but the place changed afterward to Klinik Desa, Kertau, Maran, Pahang. We reached Maran's Kompleks Rakan Muda around 10.30 p.m on Saturday and were briefed about tomorrow’s mission and that the whole Pahang’s water supply was cut since banjir time and that we were to meet in the car park area at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

I supposed it was a good training for us, as part of Young Mercy in CUCMS and as a volunteers ourselves. On the way to Kertau, which took almost an hour from Maran town itself, we could see the devastating left-trail of the flood- the muddy colour of the flood covered half of the trees by the side of the road and washed the paddy field in murky brown. Even judging by the level of the water, it could cover up our cars and more! Being a city girl, I've never been in a place where it flooded and it just made me humbled by how powerless we are as human. When we reached Pusat Kesihatan Kertau (situated right by the river bank) –where we were to clean the area- we were saddened by the thick mud that covered the floor of the buildings; everyone agreed that if we feel heavy-hearted seeing the disaster, what more with the people who actually lived there. On our way, we could see people were washing and cleaning their houses for those who had return from temporary flood relief centre.

Mercy had gotten 2 truckload of water supply and we began work promptly. UEM's volunteers were also there and Dr. Jamilah herself were there with us. By the end of the day, we were all sweaty and tired but CUCMS students being CUCMS students, we headed for the nearest waterfall- Air Terjun Teladas before heading back to Cyberjaya.

That was my first volunteering experience and seeing how small contribution if combined and united would make even a slightest difference, my sister and I determined to join more if we could in the future.

It's tiring and the next day your body would be aching in many places, yes, but the experience itself, the unseen rewards in your heart- it's priceless!