December 29, 2010

A Day In Our Life

Results will be announced tomorrow.
Earliest, at 6 p.m.
I don't remember being this nervous to receive exam results


Watching Freeter, Ie Wo Kau at the moment. I LOVE IT!! Not because of who are in it, nope, not bias at all *coughsNinocoughs* but because the of the heart warming scenes of the family, the progress of the characters that make you smile and some conflicts that make you frown and make you angry as well. It’s a good family drama~ ♥
Oh! Oh! I want the OST, please! Piano-based background music is ♥

To you three who came along with me to the batting cage today, thank you ♥

Paddington House of Pancake is off the list of 'Places to Eat', and now is on the list of 'Favourite Dessert Places' along with Theobroma Chocolate Lounge~

December 24, 2010


Hey you~
You who invented & popularized,
Happy Birthday! ^_^


Pro-2 starts today. Pray for us to pass to proceed to final semester!
Dear Frontiers, ALL THE BEST!

December 16, 2010


People said laughter is the best medicine
But what if you can't stop the laughter?

I think we've been cooped up in the 'mini aquarium' for too long in a day XP

December 7, 2010


Went swimming after a looooooooooooong time...
It's refreshing!

It's also a relaxing group outing session~ Thank you for coming, Dr. & fellow mentee-mates <- is there such word? xD

p/s- I feel heavy.... XP

December 6, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 45-46 [Reflection]

Since tomorrow is Awal Muharram, it's time to do some reflection before the year end and think of how we can improve ourselves, don't you think?

Yup, we'll take a better version of this shot next time, okay?