January 29, 2011

Ashita ni Mukatte

means 'face tomorrow'...

Personally... after 8+ years, I don't think another one month would make much difference *shrugs*

But coming from a different point, I can probably understand why it's such a big deal, especially if it effects your future.

Saying that who knows what hikmah there is behind it, yes?
Recently the two most unexpected things actually gave me some strength and motivation, it's almost ironic. So I guess, rather than looking at it as a disadvantage, let's make the best out of it.

January 25, 2011

29th: Troublemaker

That doesn't really fit your character. In fact it's the total opposite, isn't it? ^^

Anyway, I almost forgot! You who turn 29 today, Happy Birthday!

And Kuks, Happy 18th Birthday!!

January 20, 2011

Pictures Archive 1: Unsorted

Moving and archiving pictures here. More to come later. Afterward I'm publishing pictures in tumblr, will put the link later here.

//Eid Lunch, Kemensah, Kuala Lumpur, 2008

January 8, 2011

Hadashi no Mirai

Literally means barefoot future
Don't ask me why is the title of the song is that... the lyric is quite motivational.

Of different topic... shall I congratulate you for succeeding in breaking my spirit?

Clearly emo+pms+notsohappynews isn't good for my mental health =/ I obviously need some time off. Maybe something to hit. Or being out of the box. And a lot of prayers, definitely. Definitely.

January 6, 2011

A Picture A Day: Week 48-52 + 2

This is the reason why I was reluctant to start any photo project... It's January 2011 and I still lag 5 photos to complete 52 weeks. I did have fun however. This year, though I'm not planning on any photo project, I think I'll just post up some photos occasionally when I can get a hold of the camera. 365 Project looks interesting and I have a friend who does this but I don't think it's possible for me at this point. Alphabet challenge also looks interesting, I'll keep that for later when I'm a bit more free (a.k.a. hopefully in 6 months time?)

I went to a dear friend's wedding in Ipoh on January 1st, had a sleepover in the sleepy town of Ipoh with Perth ex-colleagues/friends, which was very refreshing. Then I joined my friends for a short trip in Manjung-Ipoh and came back to KL on Monday night. That trip in itself deserves another separate post- some recommended places to eat, Kelly's castle and some random shots =P

So as to close last year's A Photo A Week project, here are the remaining 5 pictures that I shot past one week:

 2010 closed with all of us passing Professional 2 Exams. Congrats, Frontiers!

 Addition to the Lamp Series? This chandelier was shot at the wedding dinner

 Badminton enthusiast~ Clearly not mine xD

 Bunga kenanga or ylang flowers a.k.a. Cananga odorata

 Wedding favours... Err.. pardon the box all crumpled up (>.<)

 Nadhirah & Fozzil, 1.1.11

Monday Morning~

So, what's your new year resolution?