March 15, 2011

Be With You

We're having a one-week-mid-semester-break and I find myself to turn into NHK World TV Live in the morning before starting some house chores.

You can watch it here via below links, both showing the same news for English-version:
Please take note it's a streaming site so it'll depend on your connection.

A few events/incidents are happening throughout the world, and for some of us, locally and specifically as well. And it's only March of 2011. It makes me wonder how will the rest of the year go?

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, even if it's a small prayer I'm sure it'll give some strength to those who are affected, directly and indirectly. And stories like these here only make your heart warmer and touched at how amazing people can be at time like this.

I have no ideas who come and read my entries here but I thought I'd help along to promote some efforts from the people I know in a fandom in trying to help out:
  • Fundraising for Japan- Arashi-fans style!
  • Malaysia no Arashi Fundraising for Japan