June 28, 2013

Endless Game

The Not-so-Crazy Escapism 2013 #4: Home
(and good food plus good COFFEE)

Another 4 months and it will be exactly 2 years I'm in Batu Pahat, as a houseman. We've entered the final posting: Emergency and Trauma Department; a posting that I initially had palpitation (and perhaps still do from time to time) when I first received my logbook.

Time flies- when you enjoy what you are doing, has colleagues and friends who walk alongside you and encouraging and friendly environment to be in.

That said, of course there are ups and downs.

One of the ways I deal with pressure/stress is- no surprise- to go home.

Just to be in the familiar comfort of your surrounding and family, even for a day is good enough. And surprisingly, a walk-through crowded shopping mall somehow makes you feel like you have no other worries in your life.

Although stress isn't really the reason to come home this week- more of the intention of having lunch with old friend, some-kind of a half-cooked plan on my behalf. 
Deactivating my fb was perhaps one of the best thing I've done in my opinion for now but the downside is I kind of lost touch of what's happening with some friends. So the other option is to meet up =)

And I'm just glad that some things and some people just never change. Maybe we have, in many ways, but the old 'us' are still there. I long to meet the rest though... Although to be honest, I perhaps have not much update from my side... Haha...

Crazy Escapism perhaps will end up becoming "Short Trip Home" *sweats*

June 8, 2013


Demam dah kebah, alhamdulillah.
Starting tomorrow I'm in the shift in A&E,
semoga dipermudahkan, Ameen.