April 30, 2010


Every now and then, it would give me goosebumps
And whatever worries I might have, it makes me forget them for a while

And for that 嵐
Likewise, thank you for just being there

A perfect distraction? Maybe xP

April 28, 2010

Time Is Suddenly Moving So Slow

You know... when I set the group as what it was the first time, I had good reasons for doing so
I didn't anticipate any event but I had 'worse case scenario' in my mind
So now that it has come to this, guess who's being ridiculously selfish? =/

And tell me, the people who complained, felt dissatisfied/unfair and seeked for justification, do you even care at this point?

Let's be honest.

If I say what I'm gonna say now, people will start saying I'm being emotional; but the fact is, people who think that they are better than anyone else and yet fail (or more like ignorant) to see their own weakness/faults, admit and reflect on them and try to better themselves.......

Let me just keep the feelings to myself for the moment.

But because it's totally not worth thinking about too much, and I refuse to let it make me upset, do whatever you want; I couldn't care less. It's totally not worth getting upset about something so trivial like that *shrugs*

My life is definitely better without thinking about it or letting it get to me, thank you.

April 10, 2010

Marche & Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

As promised.

Last February I went out to meet some friends because it's been months since our last get-together and we need a good excuse to eat at Marche (The Curve, Damansara)  xD
(I've been wanting to go there since I watched the Shukudai-kun episode with cheese fondue and Mel mentioning that Marche has it... sadly, it's not there anymore. Nevertheless! It's still a recommended place! ♥)

I personally love the ambiance, it was like choosing your food in a morning market, except it's cooked. You're given a card and when your order is done and you take your food, they're gonna stamp the card. You will pay on your way out based on the stamps.

Here are some photos. I didn't bring my camera so all the photos credit to Melisa Muhd ♥


//Mixed fritter

//Roasted chicken and strawberry... err... juice?

(I can't remember the name of this dish, but it's basically mushroom topped with cheese and some fillings. Yes, it's the cheese that made me choose this xD)

Mel didn't take a picture of the dessert I ate but I tried sweet crepe with mascarpone cheese and it was seriously yummy!!!

After going to the bookstore, we decided to make another stop before calling it a day- Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

// Waffles

//Fruit platter chocolate fondue. Shukudai-kunnnn again~~~~ =D

Mel didn't take the picture of the latte too, but it's the strongest latte I've ever tasted in my life ^.^

And yes, like Marche, I've been to Theobroma twice xD

April 1, 2010

Left Out. As Usual.

I felt appreciated. And remembered.
Thank you very much.

(Please read this in sarcastic tone)