March 29, 2010

Last Episode of 嵐の宿題くん

The last episode, number 178...
It took me a week plus to finally watch this one
Mainly because while I was checking it, I got teary so I thought I should take some time until I felt I could finally watch it
I cried a little anyway, especially during the last part ^.^;;

The one that pulled me into 嵐 fandom; the one that cheered me up when I was low;
The one that initiated the food experiment and food hunt,
The one that never fail to amaze me at how simple experiments turned fascinating,
The one that never fail to make me laugh, every time...
For just being the way you are, everyone involved in it, thank you very much!

But like the Mirror Man said, "Having it end makes me sad, but I also think that this is the beginning so I want to look forward and keep going."

I'm glad the last episode was as how it was.

March 20, 2010


Ima koko ni iru boku ga boku no subete
Sore dake wa kawaranai

Now that I am here, I am everything that I have
This be the only thing that will not change

Boku ga Boku no Subete (嵐/100+/Katou Yuusuke)

A Picture A Week: Week 11

Another round of past favourite shots =)

Image Hosted by
Taken in Perak (Le Tour de Perak) in 2007? 2008? It was the evening after medical check up and outdoor games done in the village. I hope the happiness was portrayed.

Image Hosted by
Taken down south in Albany, Great Southern region, Western Australia in 2006, I think... There was a platform at where I took this picture from, overlooking the.... err.... I'm not sure which ocean this is... Southern? Indian?
Somewhere along the coast is Cape Leeuwin, the most southern westerly tip of Australia; which is also a meetpoint of Indian and Southern Oceans.

p.s.- Please note that these photos are not editted

March 13, 2010


"Since when have I become this bitter person?..."

A Picture A Week: Week 10

Taken during my cousin's wedding in Bangi, early 2009. Wait.... hold on.... I think this is taken during my close friend's wedding in Cheras in 2008.... Errr.... yeah.... too many weddings.... I couldn't keep track when it comes to random pictures (without faces) like this ^^;

March 7, 2010

A Picture A Week: Week 9

Like I've mentioned, I haven't been taking any photo lately... so, until the camera is back, I'd upload photos I've taken in the past.

For this one, I like the colourful pens to be honest. Vibrant colours = Wani likes

Image Hosted by
Shot with NIKON D60 at the end of 2009

On the sidenote, we may not be able to travel to Hobart as planned. I'm (terribly) upset by this but I hope there'll be something good behind it, insyaAllah.

March 3, 2010

Ridiculously Happy

I am ridiculously happy. Statement below will explain it.

I took blood. Give and take around 10 this morning.
And successful at that =)

Once I'm confident I can do it with one hand, I'll practice with that too

(I suspect Troublemaker, The Making of has something to do with this too. The Making of Troublemaker = ♥)