June 21, 2005

Quick Note

Just a note stating that I might not update anything until I've come back from Tokyo in late June. Till then, for those who are having breaks as well, enjoy your break. Fill it in with beneficial activities. For those who are still having exam, all the best!


June 20, 2005

In the end... Divert to [Roslan SMS Corner] Afterwards

I pushed aside the lecture notes, head a bit blurry when I looked around the house. 15 to twelve. Should I wait for Zuhur or should I make a go for Currie Hall now? These hands fast rearranging the stuff I want to bring to Currie while judging the pros and cons of leaving now.

At last, I decided to go ahead. If I wait, I might be rushing to drop by Currie Hall, and I hate rushing. So, I packed the fried rice I made in the morning for my lunch and in I went into the bathroom to make wudhu'. On the way to busport, I called Intan to inform her I was on my way.
It's been quite a while having lunch in Currie. I kind of miss the dining hall. At one point while we were chatting and teasing each other in the presence of Ruby, Yan looked at me worriedly."What?" One eyebrow quirked. "Wani doesn't look like she's having a paper today. You look so rilex."

"Uh? Am I? Actually I'm having a headache now" True, the left side of my head felt a bit throbbing. I think I slept too much... or read too much in a short time, if that's possible.
"Woman, drop by my place after you finish your paper. I made some bread," Ruby nudged me.
"Demi roti, I will!" I vowed and smiled widely, forgetting my plan to drop by the city after the last paper.

On the way to the exam hall, I bumped into Varun, another international med student, from Zambia I think. We talked while walking to the Arts building when I saw Wina, "Good luck!" she said. I nodded and wished her the same.

Then I saw Zainab, doing her last minute cramming. "Assalamualaikum," I greeted her. "Waalaikumussalam." I peeped over and saw her notes on Clinical Trial Phases. We studied them togther when Afaf passed by. Soon, she joined us and only then she knew that I'll be flying tomorrow to head for Japan.
"I was thinking for a little party for me and Wani after the paper, but my dad is picking me up, so..." Afaf said. "Party? I can't! I still have Forensic paper at 9 tomorrow!" Zainab exclaimed. Afaf laughed, "That's why I said me and Wani. We finish today."

We talked a bit on how Zainab will be in Jordan this winter and I'll be at home afterwards, and Afaf will be alone here in Perth. Somehow, it made me a bit sad, not being able to see them during the break.
"Wani, don't go straight home after the exam. Wait for us." I nodded before went to the room I was supposed to take the exam. I was feeling a bit dizzy and blurry before that, but after seeing my two sisters, I felt better.

After farewell hugs with Afaf and Zainab, I went to the musalla to pray Asr. 2 years back, I felt lonely when I was the only Muslim girl in my batch. Allah's helps came soon and I felt like no matter where I am, I'll never be alone anymore. He always replaces someone I lost with somebody else. Someone equals, if not better. Syukur alhamdulillah...

Dropped by Currie Hall again after praying. Ruby introduced me to her little fishes while I helped myself to her home-made buns *yuMm* One of the little guy's name is Hanamichi, how cute is that? :p Intan and Yan came in later...

Ended up staying at Ruby's room until 15 past five (with her and Intan insistently persuading me to read up new mangas, well, more like Ruby did). "Nanti la... I don't have time!" I wonder how these people have time in the world to read all these mangas??!

In the end, I have to cancel the plan to the city, I mean the shops are closed by now... Yup, shops are closed at 5, don't be surprise, so wipe out that shock expression.

Guess I have to go to the city tomorrow huh?

In the meanwhile, while you're still reading this, I had an email via one yahoogroup:

"Sebaik sahaja Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah di Kuantan menjatuhkan hukuman sebat 6 kali dan denda RM5000 tiap-tiap seorang ke atas 2 orang peminum arak yang didapati bersalah, seluruh akhbar media perdana sebagaimana biasa mensasikan keputusan tersebut...

Yang paling menarik adalah ulasan Sisters in Islam. Menurut pengurus programnya Masjaliza Hamzah sebagaimana yang dilaporkan di dalam THE STAR:..."

Head to Roslan SMS Corner under the heading Apabila Si Jahil Turut Berbicara Tentang Islam (June 16, 2005) to read more. I can only roll my eyes (till they hurt) with this 'Sisters in Islam'. And that's a sarcasm, if you didn't notice... that's why it's in italic...

June 17, 2005

Jump to [Budak Sekolah]

Anda antara mereka yang akan datang ke Australia untuk belajar?

Jump to [Budak Sekolah]: Persedian Ke Australia untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut :)

June 16, 2005

Jump to [Esprit De Corps]

Bercita-cita nak melihat Islam kembali memerintah dunia!
Maka wahai kawan-kawanku, marilah kita teruskan usaha dan mengatur langkah seterusnya!
"...sesungguhnya Allah sekali-kali tidak akan merubah sesuatu nikmat yang telah dianugerahkanNya kepada sesuatu kaum, sehingga kaum itu merubah apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri..." [Al-Anfaal (8):53]

And, untuk meng'quote' kata-kata seorang penganalisa, 'Never Give Up On a Dream' (referring to the entry: teringat the Oprah Winfrey Show yg selalu memaparkan cerita-cerita sebegini... <- this is directed towards mom).

Moga kita dapat iktibar dr cerita berikut:
"Kalau nak berjaya, baik dalam apa bidang pun, kita kena baiki vision kita. Pandangan kita bukan sekadar 'sight' tapi mesti ada 'vision'. Mari kita kongsi cerita di bawah.

Di sebuah negeri yang dinamakan negeri Pinang Sebatang, maka Tuanku Sultan berkenan untuk memberikan tender projek bekalan air. Lalu, Bendahara merangkap Menteri Kewangan pun..."

Jump to [Esprit De Corps]: Vision... apa tu? untuk membaca sambungannya.

Need to get back to my pathology stuff... Doakan kejayaan saya, yeah?

June 14, 2005

Just been thinking...

It's getting colder now. I think this year is even colder than last year. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE winter... Of course, winter in Perth is a perfect winter weather for me. I don't think I can stand it if it's colder than this. But I think we still have lack of raining. I'm still waiting for heavy rains and thunderstorms; despite the hailstorm reported in a few places (and I missed those... darn)

We need more rain. Australia needs more rain! It's funny to think how a country that's considered as a developed country, loose in fight against nature. Just as how the US cannot fight against countless of tornados and snow-storms at different times. How weak these 'powerful' countries are against nature's force... Against the Lord's power that is...
And yet, they can still snobbingly branded themselves as the Leaders of the world...

But that's not the point of this story... yet. What I'd like to point is WA (or Australia for that matter) still needs more rain. Back in Currie Hall, for the past two years, one of the favourite topics between me and Nura during our Breakfast Delight time (especially when the season changes) was the weather. And we noted how the weather's a bit unpredictable everywhere over the past few years...

Same goes here... It's supposed to be rainy season in winter here- yet we still haven't had enough rain to fill up the dried reservoirs. I know one of the favourite places during this season is under the warm-nearly hot showers. Heck, I love to spend longer time under warm water as well, just for the sake of to keep myself warm (another reason was because I can't stand heater- makes me have headache and feel a bit sick even though we have the wonderful reverse-cycle-aircond-heater here in Mounts Bay).

I was blessed with a chance to live with an Australian foster family when I first came here. And one of their favourite tv shows during dinner was Australian Current Affair of channel 9. And since then I know water is a BIG problem here.

So I'm calling ALL (M'sian) students who are currently residing in Australia (especially Perth) and I would like to tell you (yes, YOU) that PLEASE, PLEASE be CONSIDERATE when you're using the water! Other people need to use them as well and we don't have lots of them to be wasted.

Got my message now? DO NOT WASTE WATER- we don't have that much!
I've been thinking a lot about life and the future lately, that it scared me so much. I blame it partly on the exam where it had my head actively ticks. Then there was a talk with an old friend over the net the other day too...

Oh, how we've all change over the years. About 7 years ago, I chilled out with different people… and the changes occur almost every year since then when I moved to Kerteh, then 2 years after that I came to Perth. Even after that, the crowd keeps changing.
During my first year I hang around with new crowd, then in second year it was more towards college-based freinds. This year? The circle moves again and at times I'm almost afraid I'll never reach a stagnant phase.
Suddenly my thought moved to the future. While it's well known that Zura’s finishing this year, next year will be the final year for the rest of the engineering students from my batch. And also Shu. After that?
I’ll be alone… from my batch that is. And the thought almost left me helpless.

Oh, don't get me wrong; I love and enjoy the new crowd, namely the MARA med students in Currie. And of course, there’s Afaf and Zainab. But it still will never be the same... I'll loose the friends whom I could freely confide my problems and excitements in... Guess I just have to learn to find new ones, huh?

During early January 2004, I just couldn’t imagine having different friends to hang out with when the new semester started. Well, a year has gone by and I completely understand it now. It's like, when you loose the older crowd, you’re replaced with a new one.
After next year, it'll be almost the same situation. Heck, I won't even know what will happen next year. Or next semester even. I remember Zainab asking me about my future after I graduate. I said I'll be going back home. A shock on her face- 'but, what about us? Your friends here…?'
At that moment I could only shrugged. Home is still home, and I have no intention of residing here in Perth, no matter how much people said it's a better environment compared to home.
But now I almost ask myself on the same situation: You guys are just going to leave me?

Oh, grow up, Wani!

When I first learned about moving and changing of friends, I got quite upset. It took me 6 months to settle in Kerteh. I was never good with changes. And I remember always asking my mom, how can someone cope with changing of friends and adapting to new environment?
And guess what? I learnt to adapt to different friends and different environment. And at the moment, the situation is every year.
I changed from someone who used to be a person who MUST have friends around her to someone who doesn’t mind staying alone for quite some time.
I changed from someone who used to be ridden by her over-emotional side, to someone who'll said, 'ok hold on, now look at things from different perspective before judging something'.
And I wonder how much changes can occur?

Then the thoughts travelled to my relationships with my little rascals at home… Well, not so rascal anymore since everyone has gotten older… and wiser I hope.
3 brothers; each with different attitudes and characters. I realized I can bond well with the youngest. I know I still need more time and effort to penetrate the second one. And I realized with horror and sinking feelings that it’s harder to reach for the first one lately.
I remembered queuing up with him in TGV, KLCC last 2 years (I think) for Lord of the Ring 3 ticket and had casual chatting with him about his life, his studies, his goals and everything. I can’t seem to conjure up that moment again. He’s walking away from me; and his friends seem to be more influential rather than his family.

I may sound like a control-freak sister now. But the fact is I love my brothers. I love when I can bond well with them; like how I enjoy connecting with my only sister now, more so than ever. I love to have casual chat with them (my brothers) and I love to keep on reminding their responsibilities on the family…
I think I can do that easily with the youngest one. I’m still trying to find way to break through the icy barrier of the second one (mirror of Sasuke, I nick-named him once with mom).
But I’m struggling to just even keep the bond steady with the first one now.

If I feel this burden as the eldest now, I wonder how much burden do my parents feel in keeping us 5 to grow up wonderfully? Must be heavy- the responsibility of parents, huh?

I asked Zura the other day: How do you communicate with a younger brother who seems to feel more connected with his friends rather than his family?

Do YOU have any ideas? If you do, I'd appriciate it very much if can share it with me! *grins*

June 11, 2005

Nota terima kasih

Dalam ketenangan 'winter', diri ini tidak percaya sekali lagi dia 'restless'...
Beberapa panggilan telefon dibuat... let's see... 3 mungkin tak banyak, tapi jika satu tu ke Malaysia, boleh kira big issue tak?
Namun akhirnya segala-galanya menjadi tenang selepas Maghrib... Ayat 24 surah al-Anbiyaa (21) menjadi penenang setelah berulang kali meng'absorb' maksudnya. Ianya datang secara spontan, MasyaAllah...

Ku ingin mengirimkan nota terima kasih kepada 'Asma' kerana 'instinct' nuraninya yang tergerak untuk bertanyakan khabar diri ini... Syukran, ya ukhtie... uhubbuki fillah!

Nota: Weblog ini mungkin tidak akan di-update sehingga exam tamat, melainkan ada hal-hal/announcement penting, Wallahualam...

June 8, 2005

Anxious- Are we?

Kalau online YM or MSN around this time,mesti nampak a lot of side messeges about exam- ada yang wish good luck, ada yang reminded on exam is nearer and not forgetting those who are anxious for the upcoming papers.

The same goes for some bloggers.

One that attracted my attention was anxiousness, fearfulness, 'cuak'ness, nervousness and all those along that line… True, as we come near to the dreadful dates, we realized that we haven’t study enough and we need more time to prepare.

Then I came across these ayahs in the Quran:

"Telah dekat kepada manusia hari menghisab segala amalan mereka, sedang mereka berada dalam kelalaian lagi berpaling (daripadanya).

Tidak datang kepada mereka satu ayat Al-Quran pun yang baru (diturunkan) dari Tuhan mereka, melainkan mereka mendengarnya, sedang mereka bermain-main

(lagi) hati mereka dalam keadaan lalai." [Al-Anbiyaa’ (21): 1-3]

We can feel the fear as exam is nearer and we study even harder, burning the midnight oil and having loads of coffee to stay up. At this time, our ability to do the best is seen.

But then, when I came across those ayahs, suddenly I was asking myself: I'm so anxious of the coming papers, but have I no fear to the coming days that Allah has promised?

How come we do NOT have the same fear?

Sedangkan, hari yang dijanjikan itu semakin hampir. Malahan kita tak pernah tahu bila exactly hari itu akan tiba. Bukankah kita sepatutnya bekerja lebih keras untuk menghadapi Hari Kiamat sebab kita tak tahu bila ianya akan datang?

I mean, it can come in a few more moments; it can come tomorrow, or next year. But the point is, we have absolutely NO idea when it will come, thus we have to prepare ourselves ALL the time… right?

Bayangkan, hari ni kita ada lecture pukul dua, lepas common lunch hour. Tiba-tiba dalam kelas, lecturer kita dengan riangnya meng-announce 'We have a test today!' Siapa tak cuak? I mean if only the lecturer told us even BEFORE the lunch hour started, AT LEAST we have one hour to prepare, right? But no, we were relaxing, munching our lunch while chatted happily with our friends.

And that looked EXACTLY the same as how surah Al-Anbiyaa’ (1-3) described us…

If the above situation happens to us, we’ll feel angry towards our lecturer, right? Now, should the lecturer told us even about a few hours earlier, or the day earlier, we could prepare ourselves right?

The thing is, Allah has reminded us in the Quran that we're nearing As-Saah (Kiamat)- yet, why are we being ignorant?

Are we not afraid just as how we’re on exam papers?

June 7, 2005

Buang tebiat...


What is your style of 'hijab'? (for ladies only)
brought to you by Quizilla

//Really have nothing else to do (refer to the quiz above) after I've FINISHED my essay! At last! I'm really glad that now it's out of the way, I could concentrate on studying for the exam! *Yay*

Homer tone: need sleep~ Slept at (Whining tone:) 4 a.m. on Monday and had only then woke at 5 a.m. this morning to finish up the essay... Oh wait, I can't.. (irritated tone now) Have to go to uni and submit the essay then finish up SDL (Self Directed Learning) in Pharmacology Lab... (tired tone:) Then have to go to the city to pick up the visa and buy some stuff!

In conclusion, I am very tired and in so much need of sleep, so please don't irritate me today :p Oh... a friend slept over last night- at least that boost up my morale to continue working on the essay last night ;) Then Dini called, asking some question on biology... I realized that maybe I need to revise some of my Normal System (basic anatomy, histology and physiology) stuff... :p

June 5, 2005

Jump to: [Nahnu Du'at, Laa Qudhat]

An interesting short story based on a true experience:

'Pada suatu pagi di awal musim salju.. 4 sekawan sedang study di library.. ana, sorang muslim brother, ngan 2 org Chinese. Dua2 org Chinese tu beragama kristian.. tapi sorang ni sgt kuat pegangan agamanya.

Tetibe, krsitian ni cite pasal documentary yg dia tgk kat tv smalam.. about an Afghanistan girl, yg berumur 11 thn..

Pengarah dokumentari tu bg komen pasal kisah tu.. Katanya, "If only the girl was born in other countries" Mungkin dia rasa budak tu takkan sedegil tu kalau dia lahir kat tempat lain.. mungkin dia akan jadi moderate muslim macam kebanyakan muslims sekarang..'

Jump to The Truth Will Remain As The Truth to read the full story.

June 2, 2005

Saudara jauh!


I've always wonder if I have any long lost relatives here in Perth... Hah! And guess what?

Bangun dari tidur petang (which I rarely do), duduk depan lap top sebentar sebelum sambung revising nota Infectious Diseases, tiba-tiba ada phone call. Terkejut juga pada mulanya... rupa-rupanya dia pangkat Wan (nenek) saya... And it turns out that her daughter is doing first year in UWA as well :p

'Umm... habis tu saya nak panggil apa?' 'Wan Long la... sebab your atuk dengan I are cousin'

Hehe.... Family belah Kapar... tu la... masa raya tak pergi ziarah unlike family Ummie... sekarang tak kenal, salah siapa?? Hmm... Mama, kita pernah pergi rumah depa ke??


Hey hey! What do we have here? Click!

June 1, 2005

FiLailati Minallayaali...

For the past few weeks (or month I think), some of us were looking around for the lyric and nasyeed called FiLailati Minallaayali... And a few sites put up the sources...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
#Not exactly a picture of the night, but... oh well...
(Filailati Minallayali=In one of the nights)

For those who want the meaning of the Arabic song in English, you can get it from here: My New Life: Filailaty Minallayaali [English Version]. You can also download the song from this site.

For those who want the Arabic lyric (as well as 'preview' of the song), head to: Navigation Log: Lirik Lagu Fi Lailati Minal Layali

Hope that helps.

P/s-Listen to the song, and understand the lyric thoroughly...