January 6, 2011

A Picture A Day: Week 48-52 + 2

This is the reason why I was reluctant to start any photo project... It's January 2011 and I still lag 5 photos to complete 52 weeks. I did have fun however. This year, though I'm not planning on any photo project, I think I'll just post up some photos occasionally when I can get a hold of the camera. 365 Project looks interesting and I have a friend who does this but I don't think it's possible for me at this point. Alphabet challenge also looks interesting, I'll keep that for later when I'm a bit more free (a.k.a. hopefully in 6 months time?)

I went to a dear friend's wedding in Ipoh on January 1st, had a sleepover in the sleepy town of Ipoh with Perth ex-colleagues/friends, which was very refreshing. Then I joined my friends for a short trip in Manjung-Ipoh and came back to KL on Monday night. That trip in itself deserves another separate post- some recommended places to eat, Kelly's castle and some random shots =P

So as to close last year's A Photo A Week project, here are the remaining 5 pictures that I shot past one week:

 2010 closed with all of us passing Professional 2 Exams. Congrats, Frontiers!

 Addition to the Lamp Series? This chandelier was shot at the wedding dinner

 Badminton enthusiast~ Clearly not mine xD

 Bunga kenanga or ylang flowers a.k.a. Cananga odorata

 Wedding favours... Err.. pardon the box all crumpled up (>.<)

 Nadhirah & Fozzil, 1.1.11

Monday Morning~

So, what's your new year resolution?