June 17, 2011

Regress of Progress

And so we waited for the release of the temporary result transcripts since morning and did what was told to be done and changed what was told to be changed and again did what was demanded for us to do- which included a trip by our rep down to another office in the neighbouring area.

And off the letter was sent to the recipient but still we couldn't collect our results. So we waited.
Because it seemed that everyone was in the meeting and the results couldn't be released because everyone was in the meeting. So we waited again.

And waited and soon it was passed 5 p.m.

Oh well. The SPA interview would be at 8 a.m. and I guess we could just say that they refused to release our temporary transcript. It was fine with me. Nothing beats the truth anyway.

But hola! At 7 p.m. we were told that our results were in our colleague's hands. By the time the transcript got into my hands, guess what? My name (and not just mine, mind you) was WRONGLY SPELT.


What was the point of me personally went up to the office to correct my name if it's still wrongly printed on the transcript? What was the point of us re-checking our names EVERY TIME before the Professional Exams just to get our names wrong AGAIN?

Seriously, don't they have a system for this?
Do I have to make a big deal out of this?

Even if they want to pull something like holding our transcripts until we do what they wanted us to do, please make sure that the names on the temporary scripts were correct. AT LEAST.
Especially since the copies were to be given to SPA.

And since it was released after office hour and my interview (as well as some of those whose names were incorrect) was on the next day, that left no room to correct it, yes?

Brilliant, yeah?