June 18, 2012

Post-Call Rambles

One of the 'downside' of staying away from near Klang Valley area is you perhaps tend to miss these kind of activities; unless you plan way ahead. And being a junior officer with the 'Flexi Hour' system, basically weekends is normal working days unless it's your day-off/post-call day; or unless you've planned way ahead to take leave on the said day.

I can't describe how much I want to join this event; especially when the speakers are our profs. When you are staying away from home, there will be time when  you need some boost of motivation like this.
However, on this particular date, I'll be doing post-call. Looking at the last 3 on-calls I've done in Medical, I was in no state at all to do 2-3 hours of driving.

Any ideas?

Also, I actually bumped into a friend in high school when I was on-call yesterday. Actually, she was the one who recognized me and actually greeted me- and even remembered my name! xD
Apparently her husband’s uncle was my patient. She was kind of shocked to know that I’m working so far away from home; if only she knows of my tales going from KL-Kerteh-Sungai Petani-Perth-Cyberjaya/Putrajaya-and now Batu Pahat =P

But still, it was a pleasant surprise to know that someone from SMKTM actually remembered me despite the fact that I was quiet during my lower high school time in KL. Usually people remember more of the time during Form 4 and Form 5 and I moved away from KL when I was in Form 4, so I didn't expect that many people to remember me anymore apart from those who were really close to me back then 


Oh! By the way, June 17th = Nino's Day; so to you who celebrated your Birthday on yesterday, Happy "17th" Birthday! Please stay just as how you are now ^.^