May 4, 2013

Letter To Myself

Dear Me,
This is just a little reminder for us...

I am still taking baby-steps in the working field; even more baby-steps in the medical fraternity. Sometimes when you are going through minor bumps while working, some hurdles to get through and during tough times, you would forget why you chose this line in the first place.

What started as an interest in medical turned into something much more meaningful as I went through student life. Choosing to work in this field is no longer just because I’m interested in medical line, but rather to find His blessings and to work as His tool on Earth. And because as time we learned new things and go through different things, every day I remind myself for what am I working today?

If the answer is because of God Almighty, no matter how tough the day goes, insyaAllah, things somehow are easier. There will be small joy somewhere and you go home with satisfaction and you work with lighter heart. Online, sometimes I come across links that I thought would be interesting read or videos to watch. Today I re-open the links and was brought to this page: "Accepting Fate"

 It somehow left me deep impression and without realizing it, tears flowed.

Whatever challenges that I thought I had gone through, the tests that Allah gave this chap was heavier. Whatever hurdles and bumps that I stumbled upon seemed nothing compared to his. I can’t describe how fortunate we are to be able to work in our chosen field; and I’m ashamed to admit that even with that sometimes I have a lot of complaints.

Reading an overview of this young lad’s journey made me humble, really really humble. I am living some of my dreams, it would shameful if me as healthy as I am not putting my all towards my work and my life, not using every second towards something beneficial for myself and others and for my share in the hereafter. How fortunate are we to be given good health and time?

It is true that you appreciate life more when you remember death.

How can I spread the little message towards those in similar journey as mine to treasure what we have, work as best as we can to find God’s blessing and stop complaining and finding excuses?
How can I send the little message for us to be thankful everyday and to be positive and optimist in whatever situation that befalls us?
How can we remind each other of this everyday?