July 5, 2013


ˈmänəˌkrōm (n.) A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color

People have weakness. I have them too. Everyday I'm learning. Everyone does, consciously or unconsciously. Given, sometimes mistakes are made. We are not perfect. I mean, to err is human, no?

Personally, I don't like talking bad about other people; mainly because of the negative emotions attached to it. If I happen to listen to it, I'd rather keep my mouth shut than joining to 'pour oil to the flame'. Of course, hoping that in return people won't talk bad things about you behind your back is a little too hopeful, I guess. People talk and you can't stop them *shrugs*

Somehow, I find that in each posting I go through, there's always a 'theme', depending on my own feelings towards the specialty and my surrounding. Somehow, for me A&E is a place where 'fear and anxiety meets excitement'. I have mixed feelings with this specialty- most of the time because of the unknown, 'raw from scratch' or fresh cases that we receive everyday and wondering what kind of people will we meet today- patient-wise as well as colleague-wise.

I find this time around, the longer I am here, the more I find myself not knowing things.
How little my knowledge is.... that's how I feel almost everyday.

Despite that, of course, you will try your best to do what you can at that point, and as fast as you can. So give and take, I know I'd make mistakes somewhere.

However, I'd appreciate it very much if mistakes were done, I'd be told straight to my face- correction, constructive criticism, or even if you want to scold me, if it is my mistake, I'd accept it.
What I do not appreciate is talking about it behind my back and never correct me, thank you.

I think everyone feels the same. What do you gain from doing that anyway? Isn't it more negativism in your heart?


On the other note, it's nearing Ramadhan. I think it's not too early to wish everyone Ramadhan Kareem!

言葉少なに重なる足跡が モノクロの世界で踊る
めんどくさい駆け引きは もうここらへんでヤメてそばに来たらいいさ
Our few words overlap with the sounds of footsteps They dance in a monochrome world
How about you give those bothersome tactics a rest and come by my side?
[Monokuro (モノクロ)- from Single Endless Game by Arashi]