September 16, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore & Legoland Malaysia

Along. Ira. Zahir. Zeze. Sham. These 5 people had been in a study group since Year 4. Occasionally Amal joined in. We all decided to go to different places for housemanship; never really planned to meet up every year although occasionally during end of posting break, we tried to meet up.

Last year we had Mini-Reunion Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Unanimously everyone agreed we just have to go to USS before we finish our housemanship, add JPO and Legoland while we're at that.

12th to 15th September, 2013
Almost semi-impromptu trip after short discussion via Whatsapp.
It was the time where people who knew each other so well gathered- where Along again was being bullied despite her age, Ira’s ‘tempurung’ came to light again, Sham’s non-stop chatter as always, Zeze’s childlike persona lashed out, Zahir being teased mercilessly and Amal’s diva-self appeared. And of course, Emmet joined in the party ;)

To make things easier, we stayed at Tune Hotel, Danga Bay where we also bought our shuttle tickets to Sentosa Singapore and Legoland from; convenience was more like it, places to eat are also nearby with walking distance away.

Met up on the 12th at Johor Premium Outlet, Kulaijaya while the lot waited for Emmet, Zeze & I to finish our shift at 4 p.m. Had dinner at George & Dragon. Nothing beats good food with good company. More so when you have things in common and many stories to exchange; where I don’t feel weird talking about work and people actually understand. Precious moment.

13th September- Universal Studio, Singapore!
To summarize it all, we took our own pace because of the Express Pass. But we did miss a lot of rides. Skipped Madagascar and Battleship Galactica totally, the later due to closed for technical purpose. And yet we still ran short of time for picturesque photos at the back of the NY alley and shopping. Later I realized it was because of the rain, the fact that we watched the B-Boyz’ performance twice and because we were wet most of the time, it was more tiring to move.... Energy drained too fast.

But it wasn't really what we did that mattered most, but who was there ;)

//Upon arrival

//Dry pod that's not working

//Purposely went on this first to get wet. Even with ponchos we were quite drenched!

//Disappointed that these roller coaster not working

//And got soaked again in Waterworld xD Our theme for the day was really "Wet"

//After it stopped raining

//I call them the dramatic lot

//Yup.... Tall enough to get in XP

//Went on this TWICE ;)

//Chocolate Monsters in NY, contemplating our future~

//Because they were awesome!

//Went on this TWICE too ;)

14th September- Legoland, Malaysia!
Emmet went back to KL so that left 8 of us. I read mix reviews about Legoland but the conclusion that the place is more for kids rather than adult holds true. Kids will definitely enjoy their time here with 'classes' and 'lessons' and shows, it was fun mixes with education.
I was also expecting hot sunny day but half of the time it was rather cloudy (we thought it was going to rain at any time). It's worthwhile to bring umbrellas and lots of water. I was expecting to find water coolers around but couldn't spot any.

But put the nice weather with a bunch of Chocolate Monsters who made fun out of the littlest things, yes, it was a fun day! We made up for the lack of photos in USS here. Scenery was awesome, except for lack of shades and trees. And music too. They also had 4-D movie show and one Rapid Adventure ride really soaked you well, just beware of it.
Some of the attendants/hosts could be more enthusiastic though, considering it was mostly kids who went on the rides. Exception, and many kudos for the staff in The Dragon and the staff who took our group photos for their energy!

We also heard that they will open the water theme-park in October and a hotel nearby by next year. Perhaps that will attract more grown-ups to come :)

//The ever-so-enthusiastic staff who took our pictures

//Yup, tall enough again to go in! ;)

//Dramatic lot on action...

//...As prisoners

//Had fun seeing Jester being bullied!

//The scenery from rotating tower. The site where water-themed park will be opened soon
//Looking at this, we knew we had to go on it. Totally didn't expect a wet ride but it was worth it! 

//Went on TWICE just to get wet evenly xD

//But at least the drying pods are working here

//Told you we are a bunch of dramatic lots...

//Who made fun out of nothing and littlest things!

//Magnificent Magic Show- where the boy stole the limelight and made the show his instead. Precious!

//We should go to the real KLCC and took the same shot and put this side by side

//Mini-Port Klang

//Was having tough-yet-fun-time to capture Amal 'touching' the tip of Taj Mahal

//So impressed with the detail of the structures reconstructed in MiniLand

//The Brainstormers

That night session was even more precious- Girls’ Gossip Session! Updated everyone on everyone else’ stories and planned for our next trip!

It was a short break- very tiring but worth every cent & moment. A short gate-away from work just to hang around people who mattered in your life. Really thankful that everyone could spend a little time and create some memories ♥