May 10, 2015

Sunday Post

Haven't been writing entries for such a long time! My fingers itch to type something here... Originally I thought of posting entries about our adventure in Japan- my friends and I went there in April. However, the bulk of photos we took using my sister's camera were in a file that somehow got corrupted in my external drive. The whole file is worth of 10.5G of pictures and my sister is the only one with another copy and guess where is she right now? Yup, back in Sabah... and since she'll only be back at end of May, we have to wait until then before I post the entries, okay?

Although, to be honest, the entries are more for my future reference..... Hahaha... ^.^;

That aside, I'd like to congratulate a good friend of mine, for her engagement! I wouldn't exactly say, "Finally!". That's saved for a more special occasion =P But the (her) family gathering during the day was more like Raya celebration!

Many special thanks to my sister-in-law, Ras (IG) for helping us out with outrageously last minute request for the hand-bouquet! And she managed to use specifically requested flowers too, despite the long weekends (and the possibility that the flower shops were closed >.< )
Pssssttt! She takes orders too, so you can visit her instagram :-)

//Beautiful, ain't it? =D

And next! the Solemnization and Reception of this girl in pink below ;-) Looking forward for the event in early June \(^o^)/

And while we are at that (posting up pictures, because I deactivated my fb acc), Happy Belated Birthday, J! (my F4 sister from different parents!) Hope you like the surprise present =D
Let's plan for Japan trip together!
//Jules played along with my request of lepak-ing at 2 different places for coffee (though, we didn't have coffee at the later place) on my post-call day =P

**Sneak peak of upcoming entries:
~7 in Japan~
April 8th - 18th, 2015

Ija (The mastermind)
Nik (Ija's colleague, The mastermind)
Wani (The tag-along)
Izzat (Ija's friend)
Zira (Wani's sis)
Zeze (Wani & Zira's friend)
Sham (Wani & Zira's friend)

Why 7 in Japan?
Because all 7 of us are from different backgrounds- haphazardly connected by work, Arashi, medicine, college & the need for a break.

Places of interest:
Universal Studio Japan

There will be tonnes and tonnes of photo in the entries, some information of visited places, informal way of writing, flailing-for-some-reason, and probably things that don't make sense. You've been warned.