August 30, 2015

[ Digitalian : GUTS! ]

目まぐるしく回る 迷い掻き分けて
確かな答えなんて 見つかるはずもなくて
夢を見ることも 容易くはないさ
耳を澄ましてみれば 心が騒めいてた
Push your way through the dizzying uncertainties in your mind
You won't find anything like the “right answer” to them
Having a dream is not an easy thing to do
If you try listening closely, your heart is whispering to you

Day 5, April 12th: Sets off To Osaka

We left the apartment early, after saying goodbye to Kotatsu-san.
Our host left us some gifts: origami papers 

Us and beloved kotatsu  We also left some thank you message as well
By around 7.30 a.m., we were already at Tokyo Station to board the Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka. The journey took about 3-hours and we were lucky enough to catch Fuji-san after Odawara Station! As somone who takes the train to work on daily basis, I really, really love the Shinkansen ride: super smooth, clean and very convenient. We had breakfast-on-the-go in the train and slept the remaining of the journey.

With Shinkansen that has just arrived :)
Reaching Shin-Osaka, we bought the Osaka Visitor’s Ticket (1-day unlimited subway pass, ¥550) and made our way to Osaka station to take Yotsubashi line (subway) to Higo-bashi Station and leave our bag at the hotel, Rihga Nakanoshima Inn Osaka- which is just a walking distance from the train station.

Just outside the hotel
Osaka Station City
Lighter and easier to move, we headed to Osaka Station back and walked to HEP 5 building to ride the Ferris wheel:

Then we went to Osakajokoen station via the Osaka Loop Line (ala Yamanote Line in Tokyo) to go to Osaka Castle. Because of the time, we didn’t enter the castle, instead took pictures and enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding the castle

It was Sunday, so apparently there were a lot of hanami (read: flower viewing) since there were still some sakura blooming. People were having picnic and there were some sort of festival going on; we stopped by to buy some ika (squid), crepe and takoyaki to fill in our hungry stomach.

It was almost 6 p.m. and we hadn’t prayed yet so we headed back to the hotel to check in, pray and rest a little before heading out again after Maghrib to Dotonbori, in search of the famous Glicoman. Yeah, you should see our reaction when we actually find him- even though Nik and Ija had warned us beforehand. But for Ija, me and Izzat, Glicoman didn’t matter much, Nino’s add did xD

Figuring out the map and road we were supposed to take to go to Dotonbori

And found this interesting-but-weird-looking pillars of a hotel

ALAS! A MUST-picture with THE Glicoman! XD

And a must-picture with our ichiban too! XD
We walked around the Shin-Sai Bashi Suji area (go to: ) - a covered shopping street at north side of Dotonbori, which was so lively at night. Found ourselves buying Crepe Ojisan because they looked SOOOO tempting and seriously, it was SUPER YUMMY!

My happy face with super delicious crepes!

The lively street
Another round of takoyaki~
The shops closes at around 9 pm so we had a extra time to rest that night before the next adventure at another theme park- yes, you guessed it right, Universal Studio Japan!

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