August 13, 2010

Gift <ギフト>

Double meaning:
- It's one of the touching songs I found on 僕の見ている風景 Yup, my copy has arrived~ ^.^
- It's half an hour before the date changes and my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, this year, I haven't decided what to give to her yet, nor do I have anything at all in my hand as a present... not even birthday card >.<  How bad is that? I'm starting to wonder if I'm that busy?

Today, we decided to come home to catch the break fast with our family, especially since our parents are going back to KT tomorrow noon. It was a nice surprise to know that our younger brother who's studying in Johor is also around. So tomorrow morning, during sahur, everyone (except that brat who's still overseas ^^;) will be here too ♥ 
After 3 days of fasting, finally today while breaking fast only I feel like how fasting in the past was like. It was nostalgic.
Umm... we have to head out early, back to CyberJ though... for class at 8 a.m. =P

But in summary, I'm happy. By the week before Eid, our youngest brother will be home as well, so then the family is complete =)